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The beautiful island of Androth is the biggest island of Lakshadweep, spread over a land area of 4.90 sq km and is at a distance of 293 km from Cochin. The island reflects a rich heritage of yesteryears along with religious legacy. Architectural testaments and scenic surroundings have made Androth one of the major tourist attractions in the southern part of India.

The architectural works in Androth exhibit the testimony of creative engineering skills and craftsmanship of olden days. Turquoise water, beautiful lagoons and sandy beaches with corals, shells and fishes attract tourists in large numbers. The red-lettered event in the history of the island was the inhabitation of Saint Ubaidullah. His preaching was a mass movement and as a result, Islam was adopted by many.

Jumaat Mosque is a marvel that houses the tomb of Saint Ubaidullah. A huge tower with search lights is a chief attraction of the destination. The lighthouse was built during the British regime so that ships plying to the region can conveniently locate the island. The inhabitants are engaged in fishing along with making of coir and copra. Androth is a major trade centre, as the location is a gateway for ships travelling to the city.

Travellers can reach the island either by air or sea routes. Agatti Airport is the nearest airport to the destination. Flights from international destinations operate on Cochin International Airport. Visitors reaching Androth through sea can board cruises from Cochin Harbour. A moderate climate prevails throughout the year, which makes Androth a year round destination.

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