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Gorgeous cave temples

Gorgeous cave temples  Video Review

Cave Temples Of Badami

Vibhooti Mangal tiwari
24th Jan 17


Masterpieces  Video Review

Cave Temples Of Badami

Snehal Raibole
23rd Jan 17

Badami fort

Badami fort  Video Review

Badami Fort

Mahadev Hiremath
27th Jan 18

Nice place to visit

Nice place to visit  Video Review

Kotilinga Temple

Ranganatha Gowda
7th Aug 16

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Worth all the time spent in Exploring Badami

Badami, which is approx. 475 kms from Bangalore, 120 kms from Hubli, is must Visit Heritage site. Worth all the time spent to explore Badami was the Capital of Chalukayas. Temples, Caved, monuments. Just amazing. The Cave temples are marvel of 5th Century. There are 4 Cave temples which are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Jainism. Fused Images, Relief Artwork, Fresco painting are just marvel to watch. There is a Lake near Cave temple called Agastya lake which surrounds Bhootnatha temple. Badami Fort is also must Visit place. Also one can trek along the rock peak and visit Upper Shivalaya and Lower shivala temple which are situated opp. To cave temple some 500 meters away. Banashankari Shakthi Peetha which is 7 kms from Badami is Must visit place. There will crowd, one need to have sufficient time to visit Banashankari temple All tourist attraction places are very well maintained. There are few Good hotels for Boarding and Loading which are around 1-2 kms away from Badami cave temple One can reach Badami by Bus, train or Flight. Nearest Railway station is Badami Railway station. There are Many trains to Badami from Gadag. There are only few trains to Badami from Bangalore. There many and Private owned direct Buses to Badami from Bangalore. One can take flight to Hubli from Bangalore or Mumbai and can reach Badami by buses ftom Hubli or Cab facilities are also available.

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Ajith G a

Ajith G a5.0/5

110 reviews

Different World Altogether !!!

Badami is a small town in Bagalkot district Its famous because of the Cave temples & Aihole & Statical The sightseeing places are maintained wonderfully . There are a lot of options to stay based on your budget Good bus facility to reach the places nearby For food, there are multiple option from small eateries to big hotels . Must Try items:. Jolada Roti (Jowar Roti). Girmit. Mirchi Mandakki. Good place for a 2-3 day trip.

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  • Different World Altogether !!!
  • Different World Altogether !!!
  • Different World Altogether !!!
  • Different World Altogether !!!

Badami Overview

Badami is a small town located in Karnataka. It is known for rock sculpture and temple architecture. The town was originally known as Vatapi and was the seat of government of the Badami Chalukyas in the 6th century AD. The name Vatapi has its origins in a mythological tale of the Ramayana.

History of BadamiAccording to mythology, Vatapi and Ilvala were two demons. They used to eat beggars alive by tricking them. Vatapi would pose as red meat which Ilvala then offered to the beggars. Before the beggars could digest the meat, Ilavala would call out Vatapi’s name and he would rip through the beggars’ body.
Ilvala had a boon of calling back people from anywhere by just calling out their name. However, once, Sage Agastya ate and digested Vatapi before his elder brother could call out his name. Thus, Vatapi’s life was brought to an end.
Historically speaking, Badami was the Chalukya Dynasty’s capital from the 6th to 8th century AD. The city was founded by a Chlukya ruler named Pulakesi in the 6th century. The Chalukyas are credited with building many cave temples here between the 6th and the 8th centuries.
After the Chalukyas, the city was taken over by the Pallavas and the Hoysalas in the 8th and the 10th century respectively. The city is known for many inscriptions, some of which hold historic significance. A total of 18 inscriptions have been identified so far in Badami. It includes an inscription in Sanskrit using the old Kannada script, which dates back to the 6th century.
There is also an inscription of Kannada poetry which has been identified in Badami. Tourism is the main source of revenue of the region. Badami attracts a lot of tourists every year for its cave temples and its architecture.

Things to do in Badami

Badami houses historical monuments which are very well preserved.A few tourist places of interest in Badami include the Badami Fort, a Buddhist Cave, an archaeological museum and a series of four cave temples built by the Chalukyas. Badami is also known for its high stone cliffs, which find favour among the sports enthusiasts.
Characterised by high humidity and warm to hot temperatures throughout the year, the city attracts most of the travellers during the months of November to March.The Banashankari Temple Festival during January and February attracts lot of pilgrims from different parts of India.

Travelling to Badami

The closest airport to Badami is at Belgaum, which lies 150 km away. Badami also has a railway station which serves direct trains from most of the important Indian cities.KSRTC buses that ply to Hubli and Bijapur pass through Badami. There is a direct bus from Bangalore to Badami on daily basis.

Travelling within Badami

Tourists can board auto rickshaws to travel within Badami as it is not a huge town and all the places can be reached in a short while. Also, tourists who are interested in cycling can rent out a cycle to roam around the town

Accommodation options in Badami

As Badami is not a huge town, accommodation option in Badami ranges from mid-range to budget properties. Luxury properties are limited in Badami.

Photos of Badami

Cave Temples of Badami, Badami

Photo by

Snehal Raibole

Cave Temples of Badami, Badami
Cave Temples of Badami, Badami

Photo by

Snehal Raibole

Cave Temples of Badami, Badami
Cave Temples of Badami, Badami

Photo by

Snehal Raibole

Cave Temples of Badami, Badami

There is so much to see in Badami.

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