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Kuldiha forest

Kuldiha forest  Video Review

Kuldiha Wild Life Santuary

Sangita Sasmal
5th Nov 17

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

Dipanwita Das
1st Aug 17

Awesome place

Awesome place  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

Ranadeep Das
1st Aug 17

Panchalingeswar most beautiful tourist place

Panchalingeswar most beautiful tourist place  Video Review


Kumaresh mohapatra
14th Jan 18

Panchalingeswar - Great temple

Panchalingeswar - Great temple  Video Review


Sangita Sasmal
5th Nov 17

nice location

nice location  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

Sangita Sasmal
4th Nov 17

An excellent beach

An excellent beach  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

Dilip das
1st Aug 17

Cool beach

Cool beach  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

Ranjita das
30th Jul 17

Very good place to enjoy

Very good place to enjoy  Video Review

Kharasahapur Beach

25th Dec 17

Very beautiful beach

Very beautiful beach  Video Review

Chandipur Beach

8th Jan 18

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Reasons to go to Balasore

1Chandipur Beach
Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach also called the ‘Hide and Seek Beach', is famous for one unique phenomenon. The waters here recede 1-5 km during the low tides, making the sea disappear and then reappear during the high tides. Dancing waves, sand dunes and a lack of tourists add to the charm.

How to get there: 3 km from Balasore railway station

HolidayIQ traveller Anand Shishir shares, “It's a very quiet beach away from the city of Balasore. One can only hear the music of waves, no noises or crowd. The waves are strong enough to thrill you. Lots of sea shells, one can collect here, lots of good resorts near the beach to have fun. ”


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Reviews (18)

Sourangshu bhattacharjee

Sourangshu bhattacharjee2.9/5

3 reviews


A simple town not very loved by the Government.. Flyovers which had been seen incomplete last year are incomplete this year too.. Swachh mission abhiyan is unheard of in this part of India. The city has purportedly done off with smoking in public places but drinking is staple and the late evening roads are unthinkable without drunkards some of whom often appear as tourist friendly with obvious motives in their minds.

Take a car from your hotel to roam about in the city after sunset. A must go is the Jagannath temple built by the Emami group at Mitrapur a 30 mins drive from the city and Chandipur a rare beach resort again a 30 mins drive from the city which houses the much coveted DRDO with the memories of the Late APJ Abdul Kalam and his dreams.

And of course Kuldiha wildlife range and Panchalingeswar again a less than 1 hour drive from Balasore where the presence of wild elephants can be felt even during the day time.

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Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchi3.6/5

266 reviews

A Trip to Balasore

I had been to Balasore by road in the month of June 2016. Balasore is a must-visit in the tourism circuit of modern Odisha. The must-visit attractions around Balasore include the Chandipur Beach and Panchalingeswar. Chandipur is located near Balasore. This beach is famous for its lush greenery, sand dunes and water sports. This majestic location is surrounded by pine and coconut trees. Panchalingeswar is named after the five lingas of Lord Shiva. This place is surrounded by small hills and an added attraction to this beautiful place is the existence of natural springs.

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Recommended Duration in Balasore

Number of days to spend in Balasore as recommended by our travellers.

3 days


Balasore Overview

History of Balasore

Balasore is a coastal city located in the state of Orissa, in the south-eastern region of India. It is the administrative headquarters of the Balasore District and is known for the Chandipur Beach. It is situated 194 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar. The city covers an area of 3076 km square km. It is surrounded by West Bengal in the north and the Bay of Bengal in the east. The city is known as the 'city of sand' for comprising a large coastal area and an inner alluvial belt. Forests and mines also cover its large area. The Budhabalanga River and the Mahagiri Mountain in Balasore are its main attractions. The city is also the centre of the Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Program’s test range. There is also a rocket-launching site situated in Chandipur, near the Bay of Bengal. Balasore was originally a part of ancient Kalinga from where it later became the territory of Toshala or Utkal. It was possessed by the Mughals in 1568 and remained under their rule till the middle of the 18th century. Balasore was under the Danish rule in 1763 during which it was governed by Tranquebar. The Danish gave away Balasore to the British in 1845 after which it became a part of British India. The city enjoys a strategic position since the beginning of the 20th century. There is an English settlement at Balasore that was formed in 1642 and has been an early trading port for British, French and Dutch ships.

The district of Balasore contains crisscrossed patterns of perennial and estuarine rivers due to close proximity with the sea. Two important rivers here include the Budhabalanga and Subarnarekha that flow from west to east to finally meet in the Bay of Bengal.

People and Culture of Balasore

The Bhujakhia Pir located in the middle of the city is a popular tourist attraction. This Pir is the tomb of the Sufi Saint Asthana Sharif Hazrat. Along with this, there is also a shrine of Baba Bhujakhira Pir which is present here as a symbol of harmony and peace between Hindus and Muslims. There is huge crowd of devotees that visit this Pir during the occasion of Urs. The Khirachora Gopinatha Temple built by the Great King Langula Narasimha Dev who also constructed the Konark Temple, is situated 7 km from Balasore at Remuna.

Things To Do in Balasore

Some other popular temples of the region include the Biranchinarayan Temple, Palia, 'Asta Durga' and 'Bhudhar Chandi'. Chandipur-on-sea is among the most popular sea resorts known for mile long shallow beaches. Panchalingeswar is a famous scenic spot on a mountain located at a distance of 30 km south-west of the city.

Photos of Balasore

Kuldiha Wild Life Santuary, Balasore

Photo by

Subhash Saha

Inside the jungle
Kuldiha Wild Life Santuary, Balasore

Photo by

Subhash Saha

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary
Talshari, Balasore

Photo by

Bhaskar kr. Das

Talshari, Balasore

There is so much to see in Balasore.

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