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1Sea water wholesome experience
Sea water wholesome experience

HolidayIQ Reviewer M R PANDEYA adds, “Paradise on Earth Offers numerous adventure activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing beside white sand beaches, a calm lagoon and a sparkling, clear coral reef. It's a lifetime experience one should not miss as the water here is as clear as normal water. Besides never harm yourself without a pair of good swimsuits or a scuba diving dress. They usually give it on rent if you are passionate get a pair for yourself as it is going to be durable and staying lifelong. plus no worries about size its freeze” 


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M r Pandeya

M r Pandeya5.0/5

18 reviews

Paradise on earth

. WOW let me tell you about this Island, the largest island in the atoll, with a land surface of 2. 3 km. There is a long brackish pond in the center of the island fringed by screwpine and coconut palms. Bangaram Island Resort is located on this island which was formerly uninhabited . Tinnakara, another large island in the atoll. It is almost as large as Bangaram, and also located 1. 5 miles (2. 4 km) East-Northeast of Bangaram island, at the edge of the lagoon basin . Parali 1, Parali 2 and Parali 3 are three small islets at the eastern fringe of the reef. Serene setting. Numerous species of tropical birds are found on the island.

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Nirbhay Kularia

Nirbhay Kularia5.0/5

3 reviews

Best and awesome

Island Resorts in Lakshadweep. Experiential Resort from CGH offering cottage style layout spread over 30 acres at 20 minutes speed boat ride from Agatti offering white sand beaches and recommended for honeymooners, Scuba divers and experiential getaways (Resort is Currently not operational).

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4 days


Bangaram Overview

Bangaram is one of the islands in the smallest Union Territory of India, Lakshadweep Islands. The island is surrounded by a shallow lagoon, which is enclosed by coral reef. Sprawling over a land area of 2.30 sq km, the island is in the shape of a tear drop. Situated between 10°56’ North Latitude and 72°17’ East Longitude, the island of Bangaram is also known as the Jewel of Lakshadweep.

Sparsely populated, this island is known for its coral formation, especially black coral formation, coral reefs and turquoise blue lagoons. With its beautiful beaches and reefs, travellers can engage in plenty of activities. The major attraction of this beautiful island is the exploration of underwater world, where divers can spot variety of coral fish such as clown, angel, surgeon and butterfly. Along with these, manta rays, sharks, turtles and sting rays, moray eels can also be spotted.

There are various types of flora and fauna, which can be explored in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. With its warm waters, swimming is a popular activity in Bangaram. In addition, the island is one of the ideal locations for deep sea big game fishing.

Ranked among the best getaways of the world, Bangaram can be reached by flights and boats. Flights are available to Agatti Airport, which is the nearest airport. However, the major international airport serving the destination is Cochin International Airport. Cruises are also available from Cochin Harbour. Bangaram Island has a pleasant temperature throughout the year and hence, is a year round destination.

Photos of Bangaram

Bangaram, Lakshadweep

Photo by

Sanjay Kaviraj

Resting in Bangaram
Bangaram Island, Bangaram

Photo by

Venugopalan Balagopal

The beauty of the beach
Bangaram Island, Bangaram

Photo by

Venugopalan Balagopal

The quite sea with its transparency

There is so much to see in Bangaram.

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