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1Barog station
Barog station

Barog Railway Station is located immediately after the tunnel. The Barog Tunnel is the most linear tunnel in the world.

Fun fact: The Baroh tunnel is said to be haunted by the ghost of Colonel Barog who was incharge of the digging of the hotel.

Diven Bajaj: Suryavilas is an amazing and relaxing place to stay. The food is awesome. My family enjoyed the stay and even my children had quite enough activities to do. This place is for all types of people, that's what I like about this place compared to other places.


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Manish bhatnagar

Manish bhatnagar4.6/5

50 reviews

Amazing place to go

We passed Barog while going to Shimla, and we stayed for a day while returning from Shimla. Barig is an excellent hill city small but very beautiful with beautiful valleys and hills. The place is good for trekking ans you will find many excellent sports to trek.

Amit Biswas

Amit Biswas5.0/5

9 reviews

Visit to Barog

I had visited Barog, Himachal Pradesh on may 2-3, 2015. This is between kalka and shimla railway. This is a hill station. The Barog Railway station is very beautiful. Lots of flowers there. The biggest tunnel is Barog tunnel in the shimla-kalka railways.

All the trains between kalka and shimla stop here for foods. Cutlet is very famous.

Accommodation is also available in Barog Railway Station through irctc.Co.In

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Barog Overview

Located at a height of 6000 ft, Barog is a small village in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh. Settlement in the region started in early 20th century, during the time of construction of the narrow gauge Kalka-Shimla Railway. The village was named after the engineer, Barog, who was involved in construction of this railway track.

He ordered the digging of the tunnel from both sides of the mountain in order to speed up the construction. Soon, it was found that the ends of tunnel did not meet. Due to his wrong calculations, he was fined by the British government and the humiliation forced him to commit suicide. His dead body was buried near the same tunnel and the village was named after him.

Later, the tunnel was completed by H.S. Harrington, who was the Chief Engineer in Railways. The length of the tunnel is around 1143.61metres, which makes it the longest tunnel, out of the 103 operational tunnels on the route of Kalka-Shimla Railway. Barog tunnel is also renowned as one of the straightest tunnels in the World.

Located 60 km away from Chandigarh on the Kalka-Shimla highway, Barog is a popular stopover for the tourists on the way to Shimla. The main attraction among the tourists visiting Barog is the Choor Chandni, which is popularly known as the mountain of the silver bangle. Other tourist attractions in the destination are ancient church at Dagshai, Vishal Shiva Temple at Jatoli, Dolanji Bon Monastery and Renuka Lake.

Tourists visiting the destination can also visit Solan, which is renowned for attractions like Shoolini Devi temple, Children park, Mohan park, Jawahar Park and a mini zoo. Other major attractions in Solan are Central State Library, Lower and Upper Bazaar, Mall road, Durga Temple, Sanatan Dharm Mandir, Hari and Narsingh Mandir.

Barog is the only hill station in India, which has a registered camping site, where tourists can camp overnight. Chandigarh and Shimla airports are the nearest airports that can be used to reach the destination. Shimla Airport is connected to Delhi and Kulu by flights, whereas the Chandigarh airport serves flights from Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

By train, tourists can reach Barog from Barog Railway Station, which is situated on the Kalka-Barog-Shimla narrow gauge. Barog can easily be accessed by buses from Delhi, Chandigarh, Chail, Kasauli, Solan and Shimla. The best time to visit the destination is from April through September.

Photos of Barog

Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by

Nidhi Ghosh

Barog, Himachal Pradesh
Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by

Nidhi Ghosh

Barog, Himachal Pradesh
Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by

Nidhi Ghosh

Barog, Himachal Pradesh
Barog, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by

Nidhi Ghosh

Barog, Himachal Pradesh

There is so much to see in Barog.

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