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Sani Sarkar

Sani Sarkar4.3/5

2 reviews

Nice town

Pretty nice town with nice accommodation

Food, sight-seeing and shopping: International tourist spot 40 km from the town take an auto rickshaw. Reserve it.

Activities & things to do: Walk around without fear of being lost, all roads and streets meet at the straight high way.

Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Do not stay out after 8 in the night.

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Barpeta Overview

Located in the state of Assam, Barpeta is an administrative district, whose headquarters is based at the town called Barpeta. Covering an area of 3245 sq. km, Barpeta comprises of mainly two sub-divisions, namely Barpeta and Bajali. The district shares its border with Bongaigaon District in the west and Nalbari District in the east. In south, the district is bounded by Kamrup and Goalpara District, while in the north it is surrounded by Bhutan Hills.

The district is a characteristic of diverse landscape, which ranges from low-lying plains to the highlands in the south-west corner. Highlands comprise of several hillocks, which include Baghbar, Fulora and Chatala.

River Brahmaputra flows across the southern part of the district, along with its tributaries like Beki, Manah, Pohumara, Kaldia, Palla, Nakhanda, Marachaulkhowa and Bhelengi. Near Barpeta town, Pohumara and Kaldia rivers join to form river Nakhanda. Palla and Beki rivers also join Nakhanda to form Chaulkhowa River.

Over several eras, Barpeta was ruled by the different dynasties, including Varmans (380-654), the Salasthamas (655-985), the Palas (985-1260), the Kamatas (1260-1509) and the Koches from 1509. Later in 1841, the region became a civil sub-division, which was administrated by John Batlor. Due to the policy of exploitation, land revenue rates soared significantly, which caused unrest among farmers from 1893 to 1894. In July 1983, this district was carved out of the Kamrup District of Assam.

The foundation of Assamese culture and heritage in the district was laid by Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva. Satras, which are the cultural institutions or monasteries, are an integral part of the culture of this region. These were established for the propagation of Vaishnavite faith, however over the course of time, these have been transformed into open universities that teach education, music, dance, sculpture and drama. Cultural art forms like borgeet, ankiya geet, holi geet and loka geet are typical of this district.

Dance forms like Devadasi nritya, Jhumura nritya, Sali nritya, Sutradhari nritya, Gopi nritya and Raja nritya, to name a few, are also the integral part of culture of this region. The district is also famous for its traditional crafts like pottery, wooden crafts, masks, gold ornaments and ivory carvings. The household bell and brass-metal industry of town of Sarthebari in this district, is renowned worldwide.

Besides the culture and traditional craft, sightseeing places like Barpeta Satra, Chinpara-Vithi, Sundaridiya Satra, Patbaushi Satra and Ganakkuchi Satra, are major attractions. Additionally, Barpeta serves as a gateway to Manas National Park, which is one of the largest forests of Assam and one of the few tiger reserves of India.

Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is also known as Guwahati airport, is the nearest airport. This airport serves direct flights from major Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad, among others. Nearest railway station, which can be used to reach the district is Barpeta Road. By bus service, Barpeta is connected to Guwahati, which is just 3 hours drive away from the destination. Best time to visit Barpeta is during the months of October and November.

Photos of Barpeta

Manas National Park, Barpeta

Photo by

Abdullah Al-amin

Manas National Park nearby lake
Manas National Park, Barpeta

Photo by

Abdullah Al-amin

Manas National Park nearby lake

There is so much to see in Barpeta.

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