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Karan Goyal

Karan Goyal4.3/5

1 review

Bhatinda city, a must go place

We recently had been to Bhatinda in the month of December. We specially went to enjoy the winter vacation. It is so good destination. Some of the palaces was looking like must visited by everyone. We shouldn't miss it all our lives. There were some some of chaats, momos, and so on. We loved there in street bazaar. There were many good activities taken by our family members. I advised everyone to visit once in their lives on such beautiful destination.

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Kamal Dahiya

Kamal Dahiya3.6/5

111 reviews

Beautiful place to visit

I visited yesterday there. This city is beautiful and many places to visit and many place near this city like Qilla mubarak, Bhatinda fort, Bhatinda lake, Pir Baba Haji Rattan, every place has its story and every story is amazing. And most amazing story about Pir hazi ratan. This place share wall with Gurudwara.

Bhatinda Overview

Located at an altitude of 210 metres, Bhatinda city falls under the district of Bhatinda in Southern Punjab. Bhatinda is known for its historical and religious significance. This is the city where Guru Gobind Singhji fought against the Mughals. The people of Bhatinda had also stood up several times in the past against the princely rulers and the British.

There is evidence of human habitat and development of townships dating back to 7000 BC in and around Bhatinda. However modern Bhatinda was established by Bala Rao Bhatti - a Bhati Rajput king in 965 AD.

This city offers many destinations for pilgrimage and tours. There is a Gurudwara situated in the centre of the Lakhi jungle. Other places tourists might visit are the Zoological Garden, which is at a distance of 6 km from the city centre, Dhobhi Bazaar, Chetak Park and the Mazhaar of Peer Haji Rattan, which is a very popular pilgrimage spot.

Qila Mubarak or the Bhatinda Fort is the place where Empress Razia Sultana was held captive and is also connected with Guru Gobind Singhji. Tourists can visit this tall structure constructed of small bricks.

Other places to see in Bhatinda are Rose Garden, Maiser Khana Temple, which is located 29 km from Bhatinda and Damdama Sahib. Bahia Fort is another place where travellers can go, which was made around the 1930s and now is transformed into a hotel.

Bhatinda is known for its contribution in the agricultural market, cotton, handloom weaving and thermal power plants. Bhatinda is famous for having one of the largest railway junctions in India and one of the biggest cotton and food-grain markets in India. The Sarovars or tanks are also popular sites for picnics. The best time to visit Bhatinda is between October and March.

Photos of Bhatinda

Rose Garden, Bhatinda

Photo by

Bipin vaidya Vaidya

Rose Garden, Bhatinda
Rose Garden, Bhatinda

Photo by

Bipin vaidya Vaidya

Rose Garden, Bhatinda
Qila Mubarak 	, Bhatinda

Photo by

Ajay Sharda

Qila Mubarak , Bhatinda
Rose Garden, Bhatinda

Photo by

Bipin vaidya Vaidya

Rose Garden, Bhatinda

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