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Vikrant Singh

Vikrant Singh4.3/5

4 reviews

Delicious food

I recommend everyone to visit here with one's family. The area is inhabited with all types of restaurants, hotels and shops. I had also visited the fare and enjoyed very much with my wife and children. I specially enjoyed food of Haryana. It was a quite a nice trip.

Raj Mehta

Raj Mehta3.9/5

1 review

bestest place for food lovers

A place to visit Temples. Some best shops are Sanjay Mithai vala or Jaal vala, visit them if you are a foodie. Grest Lassi - couldn't even drink full glass. The place is called Small kashi also because of Number of temples, it has.

Bhiwani Overview

Bhiwani is a small town located in the state of Haryana. Bhiwani is located near the Thar Desert. Watered by a tributary of River Ganga, it is a popular tourist place and a major spiritual centre. Created in 1972, the city comprises of 442 villages and is spread over an area of about 5,100 sq km

The city, it is believed, was founded by a Rajput named Neem after his wife Bhani. The name Bhani later changed to Bhiyani and then to Bhiwani. The city finds mention in the Ain-e-Akbari and has been a prominent centre of commerce since the time of the Mughals. Bhiwani is known for its numerous temples and therefore is also called ‘small Kashi’.

The city played an important role in the country's struggle for independence. It was the centre of a number of discussions and speeches that were led by prominent leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Vallabhbhai Patel, Ghaffar Khan, etc. Apart from this, the place has been the home to several freedom fighters and social reformers.

There are various reasons why people tour the town of Bhiwani. The Bhiwani Darshan Sports Complex is India's premier boxing centre. Bhiwani came in the limelight in 2008 as four of the five boxers who represented India at the 2008 Summer Olympics were from Bhiwani.

The Sports Authority of India coach and boxer, late Captain Hawa Singh has been credited with making the Bhiwani Boxing Club or BBC as it is known locally, a powerhouse of Indian Boxing. He established the boxing academy and was a world renowned boxer; two time Asian Games gold medalist and 11 time national champion.

The main tourist attraction of Bhiwani is considered to be ‘Prithviraj ki Kutchery’ where the great Rajput ruler Prithvi Raj Chuhan held his ‘durbar’. It is also known by the name Baradari. Other places worth exploring are some of the shrines, a Harappan mound, tombs, etc. The shrines of Lohar Pir, Khera Baba are present here. The tomb of ruler Khetri, Todar Singh and many others are other sightseeing options.

Bhiwani is well connected by a good road network from Delhi and other neighbouring cities. Delhi is the most convenient airport to Bhiwani. From the Delhi Airport, one can take a taxi or a bus to Bhiwani.

Bhiwani’s weather is typical to that of Northern India. It experiences summer from April to June, monsoons from July to August and winters from December to February. The best times to visit Bhiwani are the months of September, October, November and March.

Photos of Bhiwani

Tomb of Raja Khetri, Bhiwani

Photo by

Ram mehar nagal

This was so interesting place where am travelled.
Bhiwani, Haryana

Photo by

Mahesh Kasera

Awesome view of mandir at night

There is so much to see in Bhiwani.

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