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Murtaza Haji

Murtaza Haji2.9/5

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A good place to visit

Burhanpur is situated in the southwestern border of Madhya Pradesh near the banks of Tapti River. Burhanpur is connected by bhusaval, which is major railway junction . . Places of Visit : Dargah E Haakimi, is our piligrim place, where our Syedna Abdul Kadir hakimuddin is lying in peace, The tomb is full of marbles, surrounded by mosque & world class garden with various design In burhanpur, we stay only @ Dargah E Haakimi accommodation, which is world class maintained, There are villas & flats, with AC & Non AC rooms, which are provided at very nominal rates to all our dawoodi bohra community. Further 3 times food is also included which is not actually in fares of rooms, But these food are provided to all free of cost to all visitors. These foods are blessing of late Syedna Hakimuddin saheb which is maintained by Current Dawoodi Bohra Head Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Sahel ( TUS). There are also other tourist spots in burhanpur, Shahi or Shaj Jahans Mumtaz resting place ( Also called Mumtaz Hamam ). This was former place where TAJ quarter was about to made, but due to some transpotatio issue of marbles & geographical location of River Tapti. I. E: Risk of floods from river tapti. The plan was shifted to Agra ,. After mumtaz death she was kept in Burhanpur in Shahi, till TAJ quarter was ready & she was later buries there Othr tourist places include, Jama mosque. It is also one of the old mosque built by Mughal Akber. Local Foods. Outside of Dargah E Haakimi there are many local food vendors. Typical food such as Channa Batete, Samosa, Malfa Bajeya, Fish, Chicken, special Sodas & Falodas are avaialble Local trasnportation. Horse cart is local transportation in burhanpur. There are also autos too Fancy Sellers. Outside of Dargah E Haakimi there are many Fancy cloth, gifts, household items are sold Advice to travellers. For dawoodi bohra community, burhanpur is best place for peaceful family holiday.

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6 reviews

Burhanpur at its best

If you want a memorable ride and if you are living in MP. Then this review is just for you . Burhanpur is a historical place with its mystic secrets and magical culture . I hoisted my bike from Indore and within 3 Hours I\'m at that mystical place . The QUila, Which was ruled by none other than our great emperor Shahjahan will welcome you. It is a journey into a different world. Simply awesome experience. The tapti river bridge . Pani ka panna . Black taj quarter . Renuka Devi temple . A big mousque . Ichha matha temple . Etc are nice places to see. The local food comprises of street vendors who will sell rumali Roti . One must taste it for once in their life. Their technique of making it will be breath taking to see. Ideal time would be August-October . A must visit for nature lovers.

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Burhanpur Overview

Burhanpur - dotted with many historical monuments is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, barely 20 km away from the Maharashtra border. Situated on the north bank of the Tapti River, Burhanpur remains a city of architectural importance, but its fame rests largely as a pilgrimage for Bohra Muslims as well as for Sikhs.

Burhanpur was founded in 1388 by Malik Nasir Khan, the Faruqi dynasty’s Sultan of Khandesh who named it after the medieval Sufi saint, Burhan-ud-Din, and made it the capital of the Khandesh Sultanate. Burhanpur, also known as the Gateway of South, was separated from the Khanda district of the state and became an independent district in itself on August 15, 2003.

Historical monuments in Burhanpur date back to the Mughal era, specifically to the time of Shah Jahan, who was a regular visitor and made several additions to the Shahi Qila, the magnificent palace located on the eastern flank of the Tapti river. Although most of the palace is in ruins, the surviving structures still display exquisite carvings, sculptures and intricate paintings on the ceilings. Interestingly, one of these paintings depicts a monument, which is said to be the inspiration for the glorious Taj Mahal.

In 1600, the Mughal Emperor Akbar captured Burhanpur, and for a century thereafter, until Aurangzeb's death in 1707, it remained integral to Mughal ambitions in the Deccan.

Burhanpur is the land of diverse culture. The many fairs and festivals for every occasion reflect the diverse cultural heritage of the region. Celebration of festivals like Diwali, Navratri and Holi is marked by the coming together of the entire community. The other popular festivals of Burhanpur include fifteen-day Balalji Mela, Navratri Garba, Devi Utshav, Guru Govind Singhji Prakash Utsav, Moharrum, Mahaveer Jayanti Utsav, Kabir Saheb Beejak teaching classes for 21 days, Bohara’s-Urs-dargah-e-hakimi, Bhagwat recital Saptah, Akhaskhya Trithia and Baragadi. Since the 16th century, Burhanpur is engaged in the manufacturing and export of ‘kalabattu-jari’(gold-silver thread work on cloth) and‘malmal’. Known for its fine cloth manufacturing, gold wire art and other crafts, it is rightly known as the commercial capital for the power loom textile industries.

Burhanpur is a historical town with many monuments, mausoleums and buildings built during the Farukhi dynasty and Mughal dynasty. The built heritage includes a number of mosques, tombs, gurudwaras, forts and gardens of which Shahi Jama Masjid, Shahi Qila and the imposing Asirgarh fort are the best known. Faurkhi Mausoleum, Akbari Mausoleum, Begum Shahsuza's Mausoleum, Shahanwaz Khan's Mausoleum and Black Mosque depict the Muslim architecture in design and pattern .The Lal Kila and the Dargah-e-Hakimi built by Akbar is a popular place of pilgrimage for Bohra Muslim. Burhanpur also houses the ingenious system of water supply system engineered by the Mughal, which is counted among some highly appreciated engineering works done during Mughal dynasty in India.

There are regular bus services that connect Burhanpur with Bhopal, Jalgoan, Indore, Omakareshwar, Khandwa, Khargone, Ujjain, Maheshwar and Dhar. Burhanpur has its very own railway station, which falls on Mumbai-Allahabad central rail route. There is direct train connectivity with important tourist destinations and cities like Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal etc. The nearest airport is Devi Ahilya Bai International Airport at Indore. Indore has good flight connectivity with other major airports of the country.

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