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Buxar Tourism

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Vidyut Maurya

Vidyut Maurya3.6/5

127 reviews

A religious town

Buxar is district of Bihar also gateway of Bihar. Just two hour journey from Mugalsarai, Buxar is a religious place. It is associated with story of Ramayana. Situated on the banks of river Ganga, it is said that rama went janakpur from here. You can visit Ramrekha Ghat, Rameshwar nath temple, Tadka nala and Kamaldah pond here. Must try sweet sonpapdi of Buxar.
  • A religious town

Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchi3.2/5

266 reviews

A Trip to Buxar

I had been to Buxar by road in the month of August 2016. Buxar is a must-visit in the tourism circuit of Bihar. The must-visit attractions around Buxar include the Brahmeshwar Nath Temple, Chausa Hoard and Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum. The Brahmeshwar Nath Temple is located at a distance of 2 kilometers from Raghunathpur and is a famous Shiva temple. Many offerings are made by ardent devotees to this shrine in the auspicious Shravan month of the Hindu calendar. As the name suggests, this place is renowned for the tasty Chausa mangoes and this is the place where Sher Shah defeated Humayun in battle. This is also the place where the first bronze hoard was spotted in the Gangetic Valley. The Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum is a place housing rare coins and artefacts having historical relevance and this museum was established in 1979.

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Buxar Overview

Buxar, a city of Bihar, is one of the most important areas of Buxar district. The name Buxar is said to be derived from VyaghraSar, which has its roots in mythology. According to popular folklore, sage Rishi Durvasha cursed Rishi Vedshira to a tiger face. Rishi Vedshira’s face was restored after he bathed in a holy tank. This holy tank was named VyaghraSar.

The city of Buxar lies to the south of River Ganges and shares its border with the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is spread across an area of 1,62,380 hectares.

Buxar was established in 1991, but the history of the region goes back a long time. The city saw two major battles in its history, with the Battle of Buxar being the more famous one. The first battle was fought between Sher Shah Suri and Humayun in AD 1539. It was won by Sher Shah Suri.

The next one was the battle of Buxar which was fought in 1764. This battle was fought between Mir Kasim and the British, with the British being victorious under the leadership of Major Hector Monro.

The city has its share of mythology too. According to Indian scriptures, Buxar was the seat of gods and saints and was often the battleground for wars between gods and demons. It is believed that the city of Buxar goes back to the period even before Ramayana.

In fact, the history of the city forms its major tourist attraction. There is Chausagarh, where Sher Shah won the battle against Humayun; there is the Sitaram Upadhyay Buxar Museum which has relics from the past and there is the Shergarh Fort, where Sher Shah spent his childhood.

The city of Buxar, like most of Northern India, enjoys a moderate climate. The months of May and June are the hottest while those of December and January are the coldest. It receives most of its rainfall during the monsoon season of July to August.

The major occupation of the people of Buxar is agriculture. However, of late, a few small scale industries have come up in the city. Three of the major industries that have engaged the people of Buxar in recent years are the leather industry, the soap industry and the timber industry. It’s also a trade centre for cities of Varanasi, Ballia and Ghazipur and is well connected to them by roads and rail.

Photos of Buxar

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