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Mahakali temple, Chandrapur

Mahakali temple, Chandrapur  Video Review

Mahakali Temple

Bipin vaidya Vaidya
14th Jan 18

Religious Place

Religious Place  Video Review

Mahakali Temple

Goldy Sundrani
7th Oct 17

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Ajay  Balan

Ajay Balan

1 review

Tadoba Forest

A place to visit during end of rainy season. To see the tiger and the green trees and surrounding, with fresh air and the sounds of birds
We went there as a family to experienc all this and see tiger

Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchi3.2/5

266 reviews

Nice place to visit

I had been to Chandrapur by road in the month of March 2016. Chandrapur is a must-visit in the tourism circuit of Maharashtra. The must-see destinations in and around Chandrapur include Mahakali temple, Gond Raja fort and the Ancient caves. The Mahakali Temple has two entrances with the Ganesh and Hanuman temples at the back and the Shani Mandir located on the front. One needs to go through an cave to have a glimpse of the deity. Tuesdays are considered as sacred days to visit this glorious temple. An annual fair is held here every April. Dharmashalas afford decent accommodation to ardent devotees in this temple. The Gond Raja fort was constructed between the 15th and 16th centuries. This is located in between Wardha and Wainganga river basins. The ancient caves are located close to Chandrapur town and have a lot of buddhist inscriptions. It was constructed during the 8th century.

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Chandrapur Overview

Chandrapur District of Maharashtra is located between the Wainganga and Wardha river basins. Situated on the banks of the Irai River, Chandrapur is also known as the ‘City of Black Gold’ because of its numerous coal mines. It draws a fair number of tourists from all over the country due to its proximity to the wildlife park and its many ancient temples.

The history of the city extends to the mythological age of Dwapar Yuga during which a king called Raja Chandrahasa named it Indupur. Later the name of the town was changed to Chandrapur or the 'City of the Moon'.

The name of a Gond king, Khandkya Shah, is attributed to the development of the city in the later medieval ages. During the Bristish rule, the name of the town was changed to Chanda and it remained so until its name was changed to Chandrapur in the 1960s. However, the name Chanda is still used to refer to the city in the local language.

After the last descendant of the royal family died without an heir in the mid-19th century, the kingdom was considered to have lapsed to the British Crown. Since then, the extent and boundaries of the district have undergone several changes. Today Chandrapur has witnessed marked growth.

The half dozen rivers flowing through the town have been the mainstay of its economy. More than ten dams have been constructed in and around Chandrapur in the last few decades to meet its irrigation and power needs.

Dances such as the Adivasi, Gusadi, Gondal, Tamasha and Keertam are all popular forms of folk arts in Chandrapur. The town has seen rapid industrialisation and commercial development in recent times.

The temples and forts are the main tourist attractions of Chandrapur. The town is also an important camping ground for those interested in wildlife excursions in the adjacent Tiger Park.

Chandrapur is well connected by road and rail. The best time to visit Chandrapur is from August to January, after which the weather becomes hot and dry. The monsoon begins from June.

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Chandrapur, Maharashtra

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A day well spent
Chandrapur, Maharashtra

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A day well spent
Chandrapur, Maharashtra

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P Nazare

1 of 4 gates - mahadwar

There is so much to see in Chandrapur.

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