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Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams3.9/5

1 review

Courtallam WaterFalls - Awesome Vacation Destination!

I visited this place recently with family. Stayed there for 4 days and 3 night.. Enjoyed a lot. When it comes to stay, you can pick the best resort in Courtallam out of various options available there I choose Pearl beach.. One of the best restaurant over there. So, during your stay make sure not to miss any of the following scenic beauties:

Five Falls

Located at a distance of 4km away from the Courtallam town, as the name suggest the falls divide into five sections before surging vertically at the Aravankadu Pass. 3 out of 5 falls are open for the men, women on the other hand can access the other two falls. To give a religious touch to your vacation, you can prefer to visit the Swami Ayyappa and Vinayaka temple near to the waterfall.

Old Falls

Old falls are otherwise known as Pazhaya Courtallam is located by the road towards Tenkasi. Here you can see the 200ft fall featuring steps that are cut out on the rocks in order to break the fall of cascading water. This stream located 10 km away from the town features separate relaxation area for men and women. You even have option to get oil massaged. You even have New falls and Orchid falls at proximity. So, opt your stay at any best resort in Courtallam which is close to these three locations and save lot of your time.

Main Falls

Also known as Peraruvi, Main Falls is the biggest of the nine water falls in Courtallam. This waterfall cascades from a height of 60 m and is a worship location for the locals. November to January is recorded as off season as the stream dries up during these months. However, during the peak season, the location is a frequently visited one. So make sure your book your accommodation in best resort in Courtallam to avoid last minute surges in the price.

Lord Thirukuttralanathar

If you wish to have a religious visit during vacation while other members enjoy in the waterfalls, you have the Lord Thirukuttralanathar temple with numerous inscriptions for archeology lovers. The temple is rich in its scenic beauty with mountains and rivers surrounding all around. So, visit this location for a change from waterfalls.

Palaruvi Falls

Palaruvi is a highlighting tourist spot in Courtallam. It features water stream of 300 ft fall. Here you have a vantage point, which can be approached upon walking through the series of steps leading up.

Small Falls

Located just close to Main Falls, Small Falls is also tourist attraction of the region. The stream of water at the Small Falls is said to be abundant with herbal and therapeutic properties. You can come across steps near the falls for easy access to the falls and even separate areas for men and women to bath.

Shenbaga Falls

One can come across the Shenbaga on their way to Main Falls. This route is very much famous as a trekking route. So for adventure lovers, Shenbaga falls is a must visit. To add a religious pinch, you can visit the temple of Goddess Shenbaga Devi, which is of very high significance among the locals.

Honey Falls

Honey Falls is located 4 km away from the Main Falls and is called so as result of regular beehives formation on the face of the rock during the dry season. Thus waterfall is horseshoe shaped and cascades to form a small lake which amidst of rainforests and mighty rocks is itself an experience.

Nevertheless, if you aren’t interested in playing waters at the water fall, you can enjoy the scenic beauty accompanied with stay in any of the Courtallam resorts with swimming pool.

So, pack your bags today!

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Suryakumar nanu

Suryakumar nanu5.0/5

2 reviews


Kutralam is situated in Tamil Nadu and nearby Railway station is Tenkasi. Kutralam season starts in June 1st week when South west monsoon starts. The falls have many curative values especially for reducing body heat and many illness including mental imbalance.

Courtallam Overview

Courtallam is a small township located in the district of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Situated at an altitude of 167 metres on the Western Ghats, Courtallam is the anglicised version of Kuttralam.

Known as 'Spa of the South', the township is famous for its cascading waterfalls and ancient temples. The location features as many as seven waterfalls, which originate from the Chittar River. The town is also referred to as Mukthiveli, Nannagaram, Pithur Kanda, Theerthapuram, Thirunagaram and Vasanthaperur.

Like many other Indian towns and cities, the township of Courtallam is also linked with mythological stories. According to legend, Lord Shiva commissioned saint Agastya to avoid imbalance due to the growing huddle in the Great Kailash on his celestial wedding.

The inscriptions in the temples of Courtallam depict the feature of Chola and Pandya kings. According to local beliefs, the Sabha is one of the five Sabhas where Lord Nataraja had performed his trademark cosmic dance.

Since the town is known for its waterfalls, tourists can head to the nearest fall to enjoy themselves. There is not much to shop in Courtallam other than local produce and souvenirs sold at local roadside shops. Tenkasi is a small town located nearby and it has a number of small restaurants that serve traditional South Indian fare.

Tourists can also arrive at Tenkasi Railway Station to enter the town, 6 km away from the destination. The nearest airport to Courtallam is the Tuticorin Airport (TCR), which is located at a distance of 86 km. Travellers can also drive down to the town from Tirunelveli.

The best time to visit Courtallam is between June and September. Courtallam enjoys pleasant climate throughout the year.

Photos of Courtallam

Main Falls , Courtallam

Photo by

Raamji Sharma

Main falls at its exquisite best
Courtallam, Tamil Nadu

Photo by

Bhuvaneswaran palrasu

In the lap of nature at Courtallam
Courtallam, Tamil Nadu

Photo by

Bhuvaneswaran palrasu

In the lap of nature at Courtallam
Courtallam, Tamil Nadu

Photo by

Bhuvaneswaran palrasu

In the lap of nature at Courtallam

There is so much to see in Courtallam.

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