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Reasons to go to Dandeli

1In nature's embrace, Dandeli
In nature's embrace, Dandeli

Whether it's an adrenaline junkie or a nature lover, Dandeli is a plethora of options. 

Aishwarya Rane tells HolidayIQ, “Dandeli forest situated in Karnataka is a great destination for wildlife safari and adventure sports. The forest which is situated near the banks of kali river has an extremely beautiful scenic view. Dandeli is a natural habitat for wildlife, including tigers, leopards, black panthers, elephants and bears. Tourist activities include nature walks, boating, bird watching, rafting, crocodile spotting and angling. Other tourist spots include Ulavi, Syntheri Rocks, Anashi National Park, and Molangi and the hydroelectric dam.”

Distance from Bangalore: 470 km


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2Adventure lovers' paradise at Kali River
Adventure lovers' paradise at Kali River

Adventure | Nature | Water Sports

HolidayIQ Reviewer Rahul Kavad adds, “People traveling here must be adventure loving and must try every activity. Like rafting,  kayaking, wildlife sanctuary and many more. We had a fabulous trip and we enjoyed from the core of our heart.”

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3Feel the high of rafting on River Kali
Feel the high of rafting on River Kali

The adrenalin pumping two-hour session on the fierce River Kali is an experience that will bring the two of you closer like never before. Allow the sense of adventure to bind you at a new level. The rafting equipment and safety gear are provided by operators itself.

HolidayIQ reviewer Sri Tej says, "It was amazing to go river rafting in Dandeli. Made my day memorable. It gave me awesome experience on all water sports. The beauty of nature is seen throughout. Fresh and crisp air to breathe. Trekking in the jungle. Jungle stay was also awesome."


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4How about white-water rafting in
How about white-water rafting in

Rafting is usually conducted when the water is let out from the Supa Dam as it provides rafting opportunities at the Virnoli Rapids. HolidayIQ reviewer Sri Tej says, "It was amazing to go river rafting in Dandeli. It gave me awesome experience on all water sports. The beauty of nature is seen throughout. Fresh and crisp air to breathe. Trekking in the jungle. Jungle stay was also awesome." The rafting equipment and safety gear are provided by operators itself. HolidayIQ reviewer Bipin says, "Visited Dandeli with family. It was worth visiting. Superb tent stays in the forest.


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5Ride the wild waves of river Kali!
Ride the wild waves of river Kali!

HolidayIQ reviewer Kriti shares, "The best thing to do in Dandeli is Kali River water sports. Long river rafting is a MUST DO. You won't want to miss what real rafting is supposed to be. It is about 9km and the second best in India after Rishikesh." The adrenalin pumping two-hour session on the fierce Kali River is an experience no one should miss. HolidayIQ reviewer Rahul adds, " The adventure involved in rafting on 7 different rapids is fabulous."


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Reviews (151)

Saranya Devanathan

Saranya Devanathan4.3/5

387 reviews

Good roads in forest after monsoon

Western ghats always makes me feel good with their forests, rivers and water falls . Dandeli also was the same experience . This is not the season to visit Dandeli because none of the white water rafting or coracle ride will be available. However my visit is not for these activities. It is just to enjoy nature and be one with it . Along with 4 of my friends, I took a Innova from Dharwad. After breakfast, we started. On the way itself, we thought we can see Supa dam. Thank God, it was the last day of opening of all 3 gates of the dam. We saw the water flowing. There is a power plant. All over green. Of course, the visitors have thrown plastic covers of chips and water bottles on either side of the road . It was Janmashtami day. We enjoyed visiting a temple in a village where women were singing and dancing about Krishna Leela. Children were getting ready for hitting the pot pulled by others. They offered food for all of us . We had nice lunch at the guest house and proceeded to take a wild life safari. There were safaris at 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. We could not make it. There were nice watch towers to wonder about the nature's magnificence and different kind of birds. In another 2 km, there is an elephant home - all are tamed elephants, giving rides as usual. The ride through the forest itself was a nice experience . We were not interested in the eco park that was near the guest house. So we planned to go to canopy walk at Castle rock. In spite of completion, it is still not open to the public. However we rode in the vehicle over a canopy - nice scene . We ended taking the train to Kollam to watch Dudhsagar in its full beauty. The train was late. We asked the vehicle to come to Kollam to pick us up. He had to pay toll because Kollam was in Goa state . Altogether we drove more than 400 km in the forest and mountain range during monsoon. That is the best experience . I got more than what I expected.

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Awesome place especially for students even family also. One of the best stay was river edge stay. You also have white water rafting basing on the release of supa dam water. River crossing, white water rafting is also there on of the best activity. Even there is option of choosing camera also per group 500 for white water rafting.

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Dandeli Overview

Dandeli is a small town nestled in the lap of Western Ghats. Blessed with verdant jungles home to the elusive black panther and River Kali, a hub for white water rafting and a place to savour delicious and traditional North Karnataka food, Dandeli is paradise for nature lovers.

History of Dandeli
There are two versions to Dandeli’s history. The first one dates back to the birth of a mythical creature called Dandakaranya, mentioned in the epic, Mahabharata. According to another legend, the town is named after Dandelappa, a local deity and a servant of the Mirashi landlords.

People & Culture
Dandeli has a distinct culture. It could well be called a diversity hotspot harboring different cultures. The official and commonly spoken language is Kannada but people in Dandeli also speak Marathi, Konkani and Hindi. Dasara, Ganesh Chaturthi, Deepavali and Ram Navami are celebrated with pomp and vigor. Dandelappa, a local legend, is worshipped by locals in a temple dedicated to him.

Things to do in Dandeli
White water Rafting is the major attraction for people visiting Dandeli. The adrenalin pumping two-hour session on the fierce Kali River is an experience no one should miss. Rafting is usually conducted when the water is let from the Supa Dam as it provides rafting opportunities at the Virnoli Rapids connected to the Kali River.

Only a few resorts in Dandeli like Jungle Lodges & Resorts and Bison River Resort are authorised to conduct white water rafting River Kali. The best time for river rafting is from November to February. However, travellers, who do not visit Dandeli during this period, can still river raft, depending on the water flow.
A single river rafting session can cost anywhere between INR 1000-1500 and rafting equipments and safety gear are provided by operators. Travellers must ensure that they are briefed about safety procedures before the session. Although travellers need not know swimming to raft, they must ask for life jackets. People with heart ailments are advised not to undertake this adventure activity. Other water sports like canoeing, river crossing, kayaking, rappelling and coracle rides are also conducted on River Kali.

Travellers, especially wildlife enthusiasts, must go for a wildlife safari in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park, which was declared a tiger reserve in 2006. Private vehicles are banned and only government approved as well as regulated Jungle Lodges are Resorts vehicles are allowed inside the tiger reserve. Each safari ride lasts for 90-120 minutes and costs approximately INR 1250 per person. The reserve is home to tigers, elephants, leopards, black panthers, civets and sambar deer. But, when compared to other reserves, animal sightings here are pretty rare owing to the jungle’s dense cover and terrain.

The sanctuary is also a great place for birders. Hornbill, a bird species indigenous to the region, has grown in number due local conservation efforts. Many ornithologists and bird watchers visit the region in large numbers to observe hornbills. More than 300 species of birds can be spotted here.
Other popular attractions in Dandeli include the Ulavi Temple, a famous pilgrimage centre located within the sanctuary, Syntheri Rocks and Kavala Caves. A visit to the ancient Kavala Caves is a must-do for any adventure enthusiast. Trek up the 1000 steps through the evergreen forests to reach the limestone caves to find a naturally formed Shivalinga there. Molangi, Syke’s Point, Naghzari Viewpoint and Supa Dam are other places of interest for travellers.

Food in Dandeli
Dandeli has great places to eat offering authentic north Karnataka cuisine. Jolada roti (Jowar roti), ennegai (brinjal curry), pithla are few of the many specialties served here. In Dandeli town, travellers can try visiting Khanavali’s for its authentic food. Erappana Lingayat Khanavali and Shree Sharanabasaveshwara Khanavali are great places to eat.

Travelling to Dandeli
Dandeli is hot during summers, cool during winters and receives heavy rainfall during monsoon. Winter nights can get chilly as the temperature dips sharply. Dandeli is well connected by road and rail. The nearest railway station is Alnawar, Dharwad and Londa. The nearest airport is Hubli, about 80 km away. Autos are the best bet for local transport and there are regular state transport buses to nearby places and major towns at regular intervals.
Tourists from Bangalore travelling to Dandeli by road can opt for the Bangalore-Chitradurga – Davanagere - Hubli – Dharwad (veer off the bypass) - Haliyal-Dandeli route.

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Photos of Dandeli

River Kali, Dandeli

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River Kali, Dandeli
Syntheri Rock, Dandeli

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G Bhat

Syntheri Rocks from top view
Syntheri Rock, Dandeli

Photo by

G Bhat

Breath taking view

There is so much to see in Dandeli.

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