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Beautiful historic place, Jain Mandir

Beautiful historic place, Jain Mandir  Video Review

Jain Museum

21st Dec 17

Nice park but need maintenance

Nice park but need maintenance  Video Review

Khandoli Park And Dam

Suraj Kumar
21st Dec 17

I am heading to Giridih

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Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchi3.6/5

266 reviews

A Trip to Giridih

I went to Giridih by road in the month of August 2016. Giridih is a must-visit attraction in the tourism circuit of Jharkhand. The must-visit attractions around Giridih include the Usri Falls, Parasnath Hills and the Jain Museum. The Usri Falls from a height of 39 feet in 3 different streams. The falls are located in the dense Parasnath Valley and the Usri river is a tributary of the Barakar river. A Jain temple is located on top of the Parasnath hills and devotees regularly throng the revered shrine for obeisance from god almighty. This is also a popular trekking spot being located among lush greenery. The Jain Museum is located in Madhuban and is known to contain old and ancient inscriptions and manuscripts. There is also a 2000-year old temple here in the village around Madhuban.

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Rajesh Modi

Rajesh Modi3.6/5

2 reviews

Industry town!

Excellent. Peacefully town. Lot of industry. Good Friendly people. Religious places around. Dam and waterfall. Not bad for a holiday also or small conference. Cheap also I liked the place . You must go and visit that place also . Parasnath very close

Giridih Overview

Giridih is in the Chhotanagpur region of Jharkhand state and the area is mostly covered with bamboo and sal trees. Giridih was created in the year 1972 from the district of Hazaribagh. The district of Giridih shares its geographical boundaries with the districts of Nawada, Deogarh, Jamtara and Jamui.

Different varieties of trees are found in the forest region of Giridih like sal, kusum, mahua, simul, kend, palas, bhelwa, bamboo, salai and asan. Other than trees, the forest cover also houses animals like leopard, jackals, bears, foxes, sambhar, pigs, hog deer, spotted deer and hares. The main rivers that nourish the land area of the district are Usri and Barakar.

The popular attractions located here include Parasnath Hills, also known by the name of Marang Buru, which is visited by large number of devotees during the religious festivals that extend up to three days. The main reason behind the economical and industrial development of the district is the huge deposits of coal, mica and other minerals.

The economy of Giridih is dependant more on agriculture. About 85440 hectares of land in the region of Giridih is under cultivation and the presence of natural resources in the region makes the cultivation more fruitful. Other popular attractions in Giridih include Jharkhandi Dham, Usri Falls, Harihar Dham, Madhuban and Khandoli.

The district of Giridih is well connected by road. The Grand Trunk Road here connects several towns with the help of state highways that make travelling within and out of the town very convenient. Giridih does not have any airport of its own and the nearest airport is in Ranchi with flights connecting three major Indian destinations.

The climatic conditions in Giridih are normally dry throughout the year with the months of October and March experiencing winter while the summer season comes in the month of April. The hottest month here is May when the temperature reaches 47⁰ Celsius. The months of July, August and October receive heavy rainfall. Giridih does not have any particular peak season, however, the month of October is the best time to visit.

Photos of Giridih

Parasnath Hills, Giridih

Photo by

Rishabh Verma

A temple on high
Parasnath Hills, Giridih

Photo by

Rishabh Verma

Parasnath Hills
Parasnath Hills, Giridih

Photo by

Rishabh Verma

A small falls

There is so much to see in Giridih.

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