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Radhika Ma

Radhika Ma4.3/5

1 review

Rural Mania - holiday with a difference

I had heard about #Rural #Mania from a friend who visited with them during the monsoon. This year, I decided to pay them a visit in #Jawhar. The whole experience has been fantastic. This was not just a holiday for me, because I was actually involved in some of the activities that Rural Mania is doing in this village called Kelichapada (about 6 km outside Jawhar). During the 5 hrs we spend in the village on sat afternoon, we did a clothes distribution drive, we played with the school kids, visited the mango orchard (see pics). This was a very fulfilling experience . . The evening was spend on the deck of the beautiful #rural #mania cottage where we were staying . Listening to music, chatting with others in the group and generally in a relaxed mood (see pic). The next morning was spend at this amazing waterfall called Kal Mandavi . This is a very secluded place, and you can reach this place only with the help of a local guide . But once you reach there, it is beyond belief . There are 5 waterfalls converging into a pond, all gushing water . You can stand below the waterfalls and just enjoy the water flowing off your body, jump / swim into the pond (all with the help of local guide, of course). We came back from the waterfall after spending 3 hrs, thoroughly soaked in water and famished and there was another surprise waiting for us in the village . Delicious lunch prepared by the villagers (see pic) This is one trip which I will remember for a long time . This was a combination of social work and fun . The village experience was enriching as well as humbling and the waterfall experience was amazing . Planning to go to #Jawhar with #Rural #Mania again in a few weeks time !!.

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  • Kids playing at play area of Mania
  • Kids playing
  • Donated clothes for people in Mania
  • Kids of Mania; gifting clothes

Haresh Raisinghani

Haresh Raisinghani2.5/5

19 reviews

Highly underdeveloped

The place was touted be developed as the only hill station developed after independence, but as happens with other government programs, the place could not be developed as such. The area being declared tribal, private player's hand were also tightened. All the ingredients, good weather, forest covers, hills & rivers, approachibility being available, the area has great potential to be developed as hill station, if only government wakes up!

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Jawhar Overview

Jawhar or Jawahar is a hill station situated in the Thane district of Maharashtra. Known as 'Mahabaleshwar of Thane district', Jawhar is famous for its scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Jawhar is located at a distance of about 80 km from Nasik and 180 km from Mumbai. Jawhar shot to fame as it is the home to the Worli tribes, one of the tribal kingdoms in Maharashtra.

The past of Jawhar of Maharashtra is deeply rooted in tradition. The tribal way of living had in fact, fascinated the renowned Maratha hero Chathrapathi Shivaji and he chose to camp at Jawhar during his travels to Surat. Jawhar later became a princely state ruled by the Munke dynasty under the British Raj.

Jawhar has a thriving tourism industry today that has encouraged the infrastructure development in the area. There are a few water reservoirs and dams in Jawhar that are located at scenic places. The serene surroundings of these water reservoirs and dams have become a major tourist destination.

Though Jawhar is an important tourist destination, it retains its rustic habitat. The tribal surroundings of Jawhar are largely left untouched when compared to other tribal habitats. The natural beauty of the area remains unaffected by the developments in the modern world.

There are several tourist attractions in and around Jawhar. The prominent among them are the ancient temples, Jai Vilas Palace, Bhupatghad Fort, the water falls of Dadar-Kopra and Palusa, the Hanuman and Sunset Points, Shirpamal, etc.

The Tribal Heritage tour is a popular activity among tourists who visit Jawhar. Jai Vilas also known as the Raj Bari, the ancestral home of the tribal kings, has become the gateway to explore the tribal way of living. Exploration of the hill station and trekking in the hills of Jawhar are other activities. From Jawhar, excursions can be made to nearby locations, Lonavla and Khandala, for picnics and trekking.

The Worli paintings of the Worli tribes of Jawhar has become world famous and has become the characteristic landmark of this place. The Worli paints, made by rice paste, were initially used only to decorate their residences. The theme of Worli paintings is basically the rural life of the Worli tribe. The Worli paintings on canvas and paper have now become popular souvenirs of Jawhar.

Photos of Jawhar

Dabdaba Falls , Jawhar

Photo by

Radhika Ma

Beauty of falls
Dabdaba Falls , Jawhar

Photo by

Radhika Ma

Beautiful falls of Jawhar
Jawhar, Maharashtra

Photo by

Nilesh Mahambre

Mesmerizing Waterfalls at Jawhar
Dabdaba Falls , Jawhar

Photo by

Vijay Ahuja

scenic waterfall, Jawhar

There is so much to see in Jawhar.

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