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Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary review

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary review  Video Review

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

20th Nov 17




Anoop M
19th Nov 17

I am heading to Kabini

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Reasons to go to Kabini

1To watch the birds, while on coracle rides on Kabini River
To watch the birds, while on coracle rides on Kabini River

HolidayIQ Reviewer Karandeep Kapany adds, “Well maintained and clean with very little human interference, the Kabini River is a delight. Numerous resorts dot this river and have a lot of water sports for enjoyment. You can enjoy coracle rides along the river and spot many beautiful birds and animals. However, a tiger or a leopard will prove to be elusive and you will have to be up really early to be able to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures.”


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2Home to beautiful wild cats
Home to beautiful wild cats

HolidayIQ Reviewer Venkataramanan G says, “Kabini is famous for Leopard sightings. Most of the tourists get to see elephants, Indian Gaur, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Serpent Eagle, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Langur, Bonnet Macaques, Red Jungle Fowl etc. The lucky ones also get to see the tiger or Sloth Bear or Dhole the Indian Wild Dog.”

HolidayIQ Reviewer Priyanka Agarwal shares, “I went for the Jeep safari both days since I was very eager to spot wild cats (tiger and leopard). The safari experience was Brilliant! It was my first safari and I actually spotted a magnificent tiger, walking majestically in front of our Jeep. All of us just sat there in awe of its magnificence. We took as many photographs as we could, ”


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3For it's serene river
For it's serene river

HolidayIQ Reviewer Karandeep Kapany shares, “Delight River but elusive of Tiger Well maintained and clean with very little human interference, the Kabini River is a delight. Numerous resorts dot this river and have a lot of water sports for enjoyment. You can enjoy Coracle rides along the river and spot many beautiful birds and animals. However, a Tiger or a Leopard will prove to be elusive and you will have to be up really early to be able to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures.” 

HolidayIQ Reviewer Veny Ananda shares, "The Kabini River begins its journey in the northern most tip of Kerala & joins Karnataka before merging with Cauvery at Narasipura. A quiet river meanders along. The Kabini Dam is located close to Mysore & is one of the must see places." Read Full review


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4Serene wild backwaters at Kabini
Serene wild backwaters at Kabini

HolidayIQ reviewer Sunil says, Kabini is located on the backwaters and a wonderful place to relax. A boat ride in the backwaters is a must. Take a ride into the jungle and try to spot wild animals. Elephant training camp, safari ride and visit the old temple in the island from the resort are a few must do activities."

HolidayIQ reviewer Rohan adds, "I visited Kabini with family and had a truly wild life experience.One of the best experience in Kabini is the safari and wildlife adventure. Its a once in a lifetime experience. Food was simply amazing. A recommended place for wildlife enthusiast." 

Best way to get to Kabini: 

Bangalore airport, 208 km away, is the most convenient transit to Kabini. 

Mysore railway station is just 80 km from Kabini. 


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Deepakanthan raju

Deepakanthan raju5.0/5

3 reviews

Kabini in one word is awesome

Kabini is just a awesome place where middle of the forest we stay in a resort with all amenities, just near the resort kabini river flows we can go for a boating, coracle ride, jungle safari, everything is in one place I suggest everyone if you plan to visit kabini just go see the nature stay with nature you will enjoy a lot.

Rakesh shivran

Rakesh shivran

1 review

Absolutely stunning place. One of the best river-banks around Bangalore.

We love to go to river-bank resorts - nothing is more relaxing than spying down on the river bank with a book in your hands all day listening to that beautiful rhythm of water going somewhere continuously. And so, we have been to many river-side jungle lodges and resorts and I can say with most certainty, nothing comes even remotely close to being absolutely stunningly beautiful than Kabini river. I am actually surprised why this place is not talked about more in Bangalore. This is right in league of those beautiful Lake destinations in europe. Beautiful weather and an amazing view of river and hills. Our stay at waterwoods resort was equally great.

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Kabini Overview

History of Kabini

Kabini is found in the Karapur Forest Area of Karnataka, nestled among the Western Ghats. Home to exotic flora and fauna, the forests surrounding Kabini are unique in diversity and richness.

Irrigation tanks indicate that there used to be agricultural lands within the forests in a previous time. While the Lingayat kings of the area controlled these lands, forests were open for the people to cultivate.

A Forest Department was established in 1860 to reduce the damage that the lands were facing and were soon declared as government owned reserved forests.

The area was deemed a National Park in 1974 and there are many places to see in Kabini.

People and Culture of Kabini

The way of life in Kabini has been preserved for years as a result of indigenous tribes that have been protected from the changing outside world making Kabini tourist places just a glimpse into their lives.

Though their history is not entirely clear, one theory suggests that many Kurubas settled down in these areas after the Pallavan empire fell. While some claimed lands and became farmers, others took to hiding in the forests and moulded their life around the environment and their cultures and traditions are therefore unique due to their confinement and no contact with the outside world.

This has lead to the development of a rich culture in Kabini. There are no large festival celebrations in Kabini as it is a forest reserve and prime importance is given to its inhabitants – humans, flora and fauna.

Things to do in Kabini

Kabini sightseeing is the most popular option of things to do here. Take a trip through the forests in jeep safaris or elephant rides so you can blend in the natural surroundings and view the animals in their habitat without being a disturbance to them.

Other things to do in Kabini are a visit to the Kabini dam which has a reservoir that has a lot of wildlife around the area and is found 40km from the city. Besides this, you can boat on the Kabini river in boats or coracles.

Kabini places to visit include the Nagarhole National Park which is home to unique flora and fauna including some critically endangered species. The Irrupu falls is found nearby, on the banks of which you can find the Rameshwara Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Ram. It is found amongst paddy fields and forests and offers an exquisite view to all visitors.

Food and Shopping in Kabini

Places to visit in Kabini include shops and stores. Though there aren’t many shopping options in Kabini, you can find some small handicrafts and souvenirs made by locals at certain small shops. The tribal people make unique items that you can take back home to remind you of your time in Kabini.

Local delicacies such as dosas, ragi mudde, jolada roti, akki roti etc can be found at most hotels and accommodations which are an important Kabini attraction. Though the choice of cuisine is limited, what you do find is some of the most exquisite local food that is correctly spiced and prepared. The cuisine of this area is primarily reflective of its surroundings which some elements of the neighbouring states. It is rich in both vegetarian and non-vegetarians choices

Accommodation in Kabini

The advantage of Kabini is that there are plenty of options to stay right in the heart of the forest areas. From luxurious resorts to small hotels and guest houses, each accommodation option has its own advantages- personalized tours and safari rides, activities and entertainment for at the hotel and various other services.

If you are wondering how to reach Kabini, Kabini can be easily reached by air, rail or road. Kabini tours and sightseeing in Kabini can be arranged through hotels or travel operators, as well as your stay at hotels in Kabini.

Photos of Kabini

Nagarhole National Park, Kabini

Photo by

Snehal Raibole

Nagarhole National Park, Kabini

There is so much to see in Kabini.

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