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1Amazing watersports arena
Amazing watersports arena

HolidayIQ Reviewer S.M.Bega Raaj shares, “Classical Kalpeni Kudos to Kalpeni!!! No Words can explain the Wonderful Experiences we had in this Stupendous Samudram Sports package, It was so pleasing, thrilling and enjoyable experience. My humble salute and Hat's off to the whole Ship crew, the scuba diving masters, water sports instructors and the catering team for giving us one of the pleasant experience of our Lifetime. Pack your bag with Sun screen lotion, and be prepared for Rain as well, waterproof slippers is a must since there were some rough sharp objects. Must visit for all age groups, please experience this experience for the experience sake. Thanks a lot for everything Kalpeni, loving you so much.” 


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Kalpeni Overview

Kalpeni, an island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, is situated 63 km south of Androth. The island also has three uninhabited satellite islands and is situated in the midst of a lagoon to the north-east of Kavaratti.

Spread over an area of 2.8 km, the island consists of an elongated atoll formation having two islands on the eastern side. There is another narrow island on the north, known as Cheriyam Island with an area of 46 hectares. Besides, there are several small islets along with the lagoon. There is a coral debris on the eastern and south-eastern shoreline that was formed during the storm of 1847.

The islands of Cheriyam, Tilakkam and Pitti Inlet are uninhabited. However, the Tip Beach provides opportunities for snorkelling, sea bathing and kayaking. Coral reefs along with the shallow water attract tourists visiting this island of Lakshadweep.

The 37 metres high lighthouse of Kalpeni provides a bird's eye view of the adjacent locations surrounded by the coconut groves, white sandy beach and the Arabian Sea. Kayaks, sail boats and pedal boats floating over crystal clear waters is a beautiful sight. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna along with aquatic life on the island.

The rich cultural heritage of the region has influenced the lives of natives. The contrasting folk dances of Kolkali and Parichakkali in the region are among the major attractions. Moreover, this island is the first in Lakshadweep, where women started going to school.

Being an island destination, there are limited options to reach Kalpeni. Flights are available along with cruises to reach the destination. The nearest airport to the destination is Agatti Airport, which is served by flights from Cochin Airport. Various boats are available to reach the destination, which operate between Cochin and Lakshadweep. The best time to visit Kalpeni is throughout the year as the weather is cool and pleasant.

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Kalpeni Beach, Kalpeni

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