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Sameer Mohammed

Sameer Mohammed3.9/5

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Good place to visit

There were very good people in this area, with cost of living at a moderate rate. The temple lake was great which was there for almost 200 decades ago. The bus stand was there and it was old and the railway station was far away from town. My friends fields were great. Hope people nearby area can visit this place.

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Kanigiri Overview

Kanigiri is a town and a mandal located in the district of Prakasam of Andhra Pradesh. The place is situated at an average elevation of 101 m (334 ft) above sea level. The nearest tourist destinations to this place are Ongole, Srisailam, Nellore and Cuddapah.

Kanigiri used to be the capital city of the kingdom ruled by Katama Raju. Kanigiri and its surroundings house several historical buildings and monuments including a few forts and the wells of Lodurgam and Chennamukkabai.

The history of the Prakasam District goes back to the time of the Mauryan rule. The place has seen many rulers, through the years, such as the Ikshvaku, the Vijayanagar kings, the Qutub Shahis and the Mughals, each of whom have left a distinct imprint on its culture.

While the majority of people in this town are Hindus, people from Muslim and Christian communities also live here in harmony. There are many religious places in this town, which include temples, mosques and churches.

Some famous religious places in this area are Sri Venkateswara Swami Devalayam, Ayappa Swami Devalayam, Sivalayam, Ramalayam Temple, Ganpathi Devalaya, Sri VasaviKanyaka Parameswari Temple, Haranadh Baba Temple, Kanaka Durga Temple, Big Mosque, Bilal Mosque, Usman Mosque, Abubakar Mosque and Kanigiri Durgam Baptist Church.

The town of Kanigiri has no railway line; however it is well connected to all the main cities of Andhra Pradesh by road. The closest railway station to Kanigiri is Ongole (OGL) that is located at a distance of 58 km. The nearest airport is the Vijayawada Airport (VGA / VOBZ), which is at a distance of 186 km from it.

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