Karad Ratings & Reviews

Reshma Pujari hegde

Reshma Pujari hegderatingratingratingratingratingrating3.2/5

3 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Good Destination, nice climate

Very good place, with pleasant atmosphere. Some of the hawkers were good but some were very arrogant. They quote high charges to the outsiders.

Food is very oily, if you tell the waiter to put less oil, still you will find more oil on food. Misal pav is horrible, Alankar Restaurant serve you with misal and bread slices. Should take care of where you eat.

Nilkanth Changan

Nilkanth Changanratingratingratingratingratingrating2.9/5

4 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Mind blowing view

Karad is a city in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It lies at the confluence of Koyna River and the Krishna River. The two rivers originate at Mahabaleshwar, which is around 100 km from Karad. They diverge at their origin, and travel for about the same distance to meet again in Karad. The rivers meet exactly head-on, thus forming letter "T". Their confluence is called Preeti Sangam, meaning Lovely Meeting. Karad is well known for sugar production and is known as the sugar bowl of Maharashtra owing to the presence of many sugar factories in and around Karad. It has many prestigious educational institutes such as Government College of Engineering, Government College of Pharmacy and the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and hotels such as Hotel Sangam.