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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar5.0/5

12 reviews

Excellent holiday destination

Amazing destination to spend holidays with families as well as friends well established town with Railway station along with hotels for accommodation. Well connected with major highways. Connectivity of major cities by bus from Keonjhar :. 1)Keonjhar to Jamshedpur. 2)Keonjhar to Cuttack. 3)Keonjhar to Puri. 4)Keonjhar to Bhubaneswar. 5)Keonjhar to Bilaspur. 6)Keonjhar to Kolkata. 7)Keonjhar to Mumbai. And many more :).

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Lucky Singh

Lucky Singh4.6/5

2 reviews

Perfect for an internet free holiday

Keonjhar tourism offers a lot of attractions to its visitors. The places of tourist interest are the Kandadhar Waterfalls, Sanghagara Waterfalls, Bada Ghagara Waterfalls. Hundreds of visitors come to see these waterfalls. The temple at Ghatagaon is another hotspot. This famous temple is visited by thousands of tourists all over the year. Gonasika, Gundichaghai, Bhimkund and the Murgamahadev temple, District Museum are also the major tourist locations. Chakratirtha, famous for the age old Shiva Temple is a favourite picnic spot too Sita Binj and Rajanagar are famous historical attraction of Keonjhar tourism. Rajanagar contains ruins of an ancient palace which belonged to the erstwhile king of Keonjhar. This place also houses the Dadhibaman Jew Temples and the Raghunath Jew Matha. Every year several species of migratory birds visit Chadei Kudoor in Rajanagar during winter. Deogaon Kushaleswar, once an important Buddhist centre, is famous for the Kushaleswar temple.

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Keonjhar Overview

Keonjhar, also spelled as Kendujhar, is a city and a municipality in Kendujhar District in the northern part of Orissa. The district covers an area of 8240 sq km and lies at an altitude of 480 m. The Singhbhum District of Bihar surrounds Keonjhar in the north, Jajpur in the south, Dhenkanal and Sundargarh in the west and Mayurbhanj and Bhadrak in the east. Keonjhar is also the gateway to many other scenic destinations of India.

The district is approximately divided into two similar regions by NH-215. The eastern part of these divisions comprises the plains of Anandapur and a part of Sardar sub-division. In the west division, lie the hills that contain some of the highest peaks of Orissa like the Gandhamardan, Mankadnacha, Gonasika, and Thakurani.

Almost half of the area of this district is covered by the northern tropical deciduous type forests. The soil of the place is mostly red with few black cotton soil patches. The Keonjhar District is also rich in minerals like iron-ore, manganese and chromites.

The valleys and forests of the district are home to the tribal folk and festivals that depict Orissa’s rich past. The natural landscapes and waterfalls are also a part of the prominent attractions of Keonjhar along with its variety of flora and fauna.

Keonjhar was a part of the Khijinga territory with its headquarters at Khijinga Kota. After it became the part of a separate state, Jyoti Bhanja ruled it until 12th century A.D. Earlier it comprised only the northern half of the modern district but after the 15th century, the southern part was taken over by King Govinda Bhanja.

After this, Pratap Balabhadra Bhanja came to power, during which two small areas of Tilo and Jujhpada were added to the state. Before its merger with Orissa, the district was a part of the princely states.

The city is full of the ruins of ancient monuments that belong to the period of princely states. Apart from this, Keonjhar also has many temples like Vishnu and Jagannath Temples along with the shrines of Siddhakali and Panchabati.

The 30.5 m high Sanghagara waterfall and 61 m high Badghahara waterfall are also popular attractions in the place. The list also includes the Khandadhar waterfall and the Ghagra Falls. Keonjhar is also an ideal destination to experience the eco-tourism of Orissa.

Lord Baladev Jew Temple, Lord Dadhibaman Jew Temple, Lord Sidha Jagannath Temple, Nilakantheswar Mahesh Temple, Balunkeswar Mahesh Temple are some of the oft-visited temples in Keonjhar. The city is also well known in Orissa for its Makar Mela, which is held in mid-January every year during the time of Makar Sankranti.

Photos of Keonjhar

Khandadhar Waterfall, Keonjhar

Photo by

Biswajeet Mishra

Khandadhar Waterfall, Keonjhar
Khandadhar Waterfall, Keonjhar

Photo by

Ayush Kumar

Khandadhar Waterfall
Khandadhar Waterfall, Keonjhar

Photo by

Biswajeet Mishra

Khandadhar Waterfall, Keonjhar

There is so much to see in Keonjhar.

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