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Jayendra singh Panwar

Jayendra singh Panwarratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

18 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Kohima: Beautiful landscape,Friendly people

Nagaland is a land locked hilly state in the Northeast of India. The state is surrounded by Myanmar in the west and other three sides by Manipur, Assam and Raunchily Pradesh. There are 17 main tribes in Nagaland which have now been converted to Christianity. Kohima is the capital of Nagaland with a polulation of around 1. 2 lakh but the largest city and hub of all commercial activities is Dimapur which is well connected by air and rail links with rest of the country and serves as gateway to the state. We (I and wife) reached Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, by road from Imphal on 29th November 2017 afternoon. The distance between Imphal and Kohima is just 140 km but because of poor road condition it took about six hours to travel this distance. Private taxis are very expensive charging around 7500 to 8000 rupees for one way travel. Another cheaper option is to travel by Tata winger vehicles charging anything between Rs 500 to 700 per person.

The best time to visit Kohima is from December 1 to 10 when the now famous Hornbill Festival is on. There are 17 different tribes in Nagaland and this festival showcases the culture, cuisine and lifestyles of all these tribes at one place in this festival. This is also the time when hotel tariff in Kohima touches the roof and finding a room on arrival is just not possible. One has to book at least three to four months in advance. We visited the Naga Heritage village, the venue of festival on 30th November when preparations for the mega event were in full swing. Other must visit places in Kohima are Second World War Cemetery, Naga Market and Nagaland State Museum. If time permits Khonoma Model Village, Kingwema Angami village and Japfu peak may also be visited. Most people travelling to Nagaland have apprehensions about food but all good hotels in Kohima where you are likely to stay serve Indian, local and continental foods. For anybody wanting to dine outside JAT restaurant near Jail colony offers a range of Punjabi/ tandoori delicacies. The local Naga cuisine may not suit many people and also to be on the safer side street food may be avoided. Travelers are also advised to drink the bottled water only. Pineapple grows here in abundance which is most juicy and succulent in the month of October. When we reached there the season was almost over so the taste was not that good. Kohima is cold during winters therefore visitors must carry appropriate woolens to avoid inconvenience. The entire market except some eateries remains closed on all Sundays. Nagaland is a beautiful place and to my mind quite safe to travel but travel during monsoon should be avoided.

An Inner line permit is required to enter Nagaland. One can get it at Dimapur or from the offices of Deputy Commissioner Nagaland at a few selected places.

  • Kohima: Beautiful landscape,Friendly people
  • Kohima: Beautiful landscape,Friendly people
  • Kohima: Beautiful landscape,Friendly people
  • Kohima: Beautiful landscape,Friendly people

Nishant mishra

Nishant mishra

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

An unexplored place

Must visit local villages around. Experience their culture. Khonoma should be visited. Try shopping pretty cheap regular stuff at Hong Kong Bazaar at Dimapur. While in Kohima, shop for the local culture specific things, e. G ., tribal earrings, clothings, bamboo items.

Ts bhambrah

Ts bhambrahratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

4 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Must visit during hornbill festival.

Visit during Hornbill Festival is enjoyable. You have the opportunity to witness fold dance of tribes of 14 districts of Nagaland.
In addition to Festival at Kisama Heritage Village, concert/ dance competition / Miss Naga Land event was worth seeing.

Kuku kohli

Kuku kohliratingratingratingratingratingrating2.1/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Nagaland_I love you

Initially we were 3 friends who had agreed to visit nagaland but 2 backed out at the last moment citing safety concerns. Thus began the maiden solo journey. I reached kohima at about 4. 30 p. M. It was almost dark and the hilly town presented ghastly deserted look but by the first ray of sun by next morning at about 4 a. M the two was bustling with activity. Hill station bursting with pollution, traffic chaos notwithstanding, it is worth visit for a day at the most for war cemetery and state museum. However an enchanting life time experience awaits should one intend to browse life 50 years back. To be with the tribals in nearby villages like Khonoma, tuophema will give you glimpses of naga hospitality. Terraced **** fields, clean air certainly a big bonus. If beef, dogs meat, various types of insects ruled the markets in kohima, it were gum rice and pineapples which ruled the villages. If you want to visit far flung area Mokukchang lt is advisable to have a 20 minutes helicoter ride from Dimapur. Cost Rs. 1500 only. If possible plan visit in the first week of December to enjoy Hornbill festival. Certainly nagaland is safe to visit

Phanindra  Vsr

Phanindra Vsrratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

9 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Kohima war memorial

On 19-nov-16 visited the kohima war memorial at kohima. It was the cemetry of 1420 soldiers who died in the second world war. It was the battle ground and situated in the heart of the city. And also consists a memorial of 920 hindhu and sikh soldiers.

Anshul taran

Anshul taranratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

32 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Beautiful City, Offbeat Tourists place, Nature's Delight.

Well this city has its own uniqueness, own identity, own history.
Kohima as well as whole of Nagaland's history has been influenced by World War 2.
I have travelled to Dimapur by flight from Kolkata. Dimapur is a commercial city of Nagaland, then by Dimapur, I have hired a shared car, which costs me around 500 (it can be less) and driver directly drop at my Hotel Pine View.
I have explore the local market, which is not that big but I like it, though the things were bit expensive.
Next day I travelled to 'Khonoma Village' which is approx 20kms far from kohima, this village also has history related to WW2. I had hired the local guide here, who was a young boy, pursuing IAS career and just returned here from Delhi after completion of his coaching. He explains about the local things, local important places which were used during the war by the villagers and with the help of him I was also able to interect with the locals. One of the lady also offered me some special dish which is almost same like the 'Puri' which we eat. In the same day I also visited the famous 'Kisama Village' which is known for hosting the annual Hornbill Festival, its a good place where all the decorated 'Murung' (a type of hut, where elders sits with young people of community and share their experience and history) situated.
Final day I visited the War cemetry, which is main tourists attraction and WW2 main place and The Cathedral Church.
There is no need of Inner Line Permit mentioned by some persons, I think it was needed before couple of years.
People are good, atmosphere is good, language problem is not there.
Weather was awesome. People can be found chewing 'Pan' everywhere, even the girls.
Markets open early around 7-8am and also closes early around 6pm, so you will not be able to roam in the night. I again take the share taxi from kohima to Dimapur airport, and this time it costs me only 240rs.
It is good place to travel, however not a regular tourists type place, little bit offbeat, not much tourists points. But go here to experience the far off part of India, because experiencing the local culture is what the travelling is all about.

Sanjay kumar srivastava

Sanjay kumar srivastavaratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

40 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Nice place to visit

I was there for one day business review. Hotels are good. Town is really difficult to move around as traffic jam is more. Place is totally on hill. Fog comes on the face at few places if it rains. Hotels are not very costly. You can eat at Rs. 500 very good food at best hotel. People are very cooperative. Army people will be moving around very often. Entering the city is scary as sink area is mark at many places due to land slide. Road journey from Dimapur to Kohima is around two hours.

Nandini Raybaruah

Nandini Raybaruahratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

5 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Of hills and flowers

Wanderlust like me would definitely love to explore Kohima … be it the natural environment… the exotic wild flowers…. A type of orchid by the name of Blue Venda grows in abundance … . There are marigolds in deep maroon and shocking orange, chrysanthemums in white, magenta, yellow and maroon, gazennias in orange and reds… angel trumpets and a whole lot of other wild flowers (the names of which… I am afraid I don't know) engulfing the mountains and the valley… the drop in the temperature as you go higher up the altitude…the smell of the pine tress and the zigzag curves makes it for a splendid escapade from Dimapur to Kohima … soothing to the eye as well as the senses…. A walk around the local bazaar was very apt to explore the new place. And it the usual clothes & shoe shops that I strolled around. My first stopover was the groceries. I was amazed to see such fresh fruits and vegetables and that too all organic . The yummy figs were something to die for . And the King Chillies (Raja Mirchi) - the hottest chilli in the world in bright orange-ish red colour were quite a sight. Be careful not to touch it with bare hands. The heat gets on to your skin and if by chance you eat something without washing your hands you will get the good doze of the Raja Mirchi !. The Cathedral of Mother Mary stands majestically on a hillock near BOC Gate, which can be viewed from any angle in Kohima. Once inside, I sat on the pew and did some soul searching. The tranquility was delightfully absorbing. Paintings of Jesus, the Last Supper, Noah's Ark, Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ adorn the pillars inside the cathedral. It has the largest crucifix in Asia and this cathedral is also known as the enemy's church as it was built in the memory of the Japanese soldiers who lost their lives in the 2nd world war Nearby the State Secretariat is the flower nursery which I suppose is a halt for all those with a fetish'! Here you'll find different varieties of orchids, cactus with flowers, impatience in bright magentas…. Bonsais…some of the best flowers are not for sale but for display only. The prices of orchids can shoot up to 1100/- bucks! With a cafeteria along side the nursery, sipping the hot cuppa coffee feels rather divine …. Get The Flower Power !. A drive on the national highway which takes you to the next state - Manipur, you'll come across small settlements either on the valley below or up on the prominent trait are the flowers adorning every house and the entire highway … either on pots or grown wild… the brightness and the finesse of these flowers are because of the congenial temperature…. I stop myself and collected as many saplings as I could, but keeping in mind the humidity and temperature back home in Guwahati, I wonder if ever I'd achieve the desired results! About ten kilometers from Kohima as we were driving on the national highway we reached Dimora Cove, a resort. The place goes by the name Khikwema. The resort has a restaurant, play area for children, a skating ring, board games and a swimming pool, which lacks proper maintenance - I guess no one relishes the idea of taking a dip in the chill! There's accommodation available if you wish to spend the overnight in the resort. The resort also has a small outlet where you can purchase mementoes and indigenous artifacts . Shopping in Kohima is a costly affair, and you can win the battle only if you have a flair for bargaining! While staying there its better to start your day early…. Everything shuts down after five in the evening. You won't even find gas stations open to refuel your car. But at the same time there are outlets that sell all the emergency needs (a. K. A. Fuel, booze)… off course at a higher price. Being a dry state you wont' find any wine shops. The shady watering holes are better left unattended…. But if your observation is sharp you'll find booze even in the basic provision stores !. Kohima is a place which can be enjoyed only if you are a traveler who enjoys bending the rules and the unusual. Having friends is always an added bonus, because after dark the place is lifeless…. So if you can equip yourself with a four wheeler and the right people around you, you might never miss the big city night life of the metros…. At dusk we've driven to. At times parked the car across the road and kept gazing at the entire view is breathtaking…. You might get the feeling that all the stars have touched down! And stars… .! I don't recall when was the last time I saw millions of stars shining so brightly… .! And off course you'll see so many shooting stars that you might exhaust your entire wish list too!

Mayank Nagori

Mayank Nagoriratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

5 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

In the Land of Angamese and Nagamese

Kohima is the capital of Nagaland. Many people don't know this fact, so I had to mention that first. People here carry themselves really well. Right from the drivers to the cooks, everybody is smart here. This is not like those conventional hill stations flooded with couples on their honeymoons, so it's a place for the backpackers Me and a friend of mine reached here by a sharing taxi from Dimapur. These taxi's are generally big cars which take you places at a decent price. So yeah, its a perfect choice for budget travellers The Dzukou valley trek is a must visit if you're an offbeat traveller. Kohima also offers a range of sightseeing points, a few of which are : Kohima war cemetery, the second world war tank, the village which hosts the Hornbill festival. This place is about 20 km from the main city, but it's a must visit according to me . If you are to visit Kohima, make sure you take the Inner Line Permit from the Nagaland house at Guwahati The best time to visit Kohima would be in the month of December when the annual hornbill festival takes place. Off season, July would be a favourable time as you could see some great flowers in the Dzukou Valley Kohima also provides a lot of shopping avenues, both traditional and western. You could visit Raja market, which is at a walkable distance from the cemetery. *Don't forget to bargain* (I would suggest to about the half price that the seller claims . Also, this state is a must visit for non-vegetarians, for the choice in food they get don't FORGET to try 'Bhut Jalokia' or the ghost pepper as it was claimed to be the world's hottest chilli and is endemic to Nagaland The vegetable markets here are really well arranged and you could do a whole lot of fresh gourmet shopping . Every where, you'd see people spitting paan, please try it too. Lol, it feels good Best way to reach:. Take a train from Guwahati to Dimapur. Outside the railway station is a government taxi stand with yellow cabs outside it. The fare would be 220/- per person. You will reach Kohima in 3 hours from there. There are also bus services to and fro Guwahati from Kohima directly. DO NOT FORGET THE INNER LINE PERMIT.

  • Misty morning view at Kohima
  • Well-done beds of plantation Kohima
  • Antique peice of war equipment
  • Beautiful view of Kohima hill

Rajaram Bidkikar

Rajaram Bidkikarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

7 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

A nice experience to enjoy travelling to a distant land

Hornbill festival is organized by Govt. Of Nagaland every year for 10 days from December 1 to 10. Showcasing the rural and tribal culture of Nagaland. With festivites ranging from tribal dances, war dances, harvest dance, marriage dance . . They organize various competition like chilli eating, log puling, cart pulling, motor, biking . It is a 10 day enjoyment along with visit to the neighboring villages . There are many places to see around like the 2nd world war cemetry, the cathedral, the local bazaar, the night bazaar. I traveled all the way from Hyderabad (S. India). I traveled from Hyderabad to Gauhati by flight and from Gauhati to Dimapur by train and from Dimapur to Kohima by Taxi Kohima is a beautiful hill station with friendly people. The food is both continental and Indian. During the festival there is night street bazaar comprising of shopping and eatery. Stay at hotel is within budget ranging from Rs. 1000 to 1500 per day during the festivaal. Overall a nice experience to enjoy travelling to a distant land.

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