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Ajay gopinath

Ajay gopinathratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Mookambika Temple

One of the most revered temples in South India. A must yearly visit for the devotees. Most of them make a visit to Udupi Krishna Temple which is 60 Kms on the way to Mangalore from Kollur . Don't miss the Kudajathri trip from Kollur. However, aged and ailing may give it a miss as the trip in the local Jeep can be quite an adventurous one.

Ajay gopinath

Ajay gopinathratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Mookambika Temple

One of the most revered temples in South India. A must yearly visit for the devotees. Most of them make a visit to Udupi Krishna Temple which is 60 Kms on the way to Mangalore from Kollur. Don't miss the Kudajathri trip from Kollur. However, aged and ailing may give it a miss as the trip in the local Jeep can be quite an adventurous one.

Venkatesh prasad

Venkatesh prasadratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Spiritual heaven

A wonderful destination for those who are spiritually inclined. The location of the temple and the journey itself is very rejuvenating and refreshing. Kollur is a small hamlet centered around Mookambika Temple. There are good options to stay and dine at this destination and it is reachable from various cities and towns of Karnataka.
The location is such that it is nestled deep in the mountains and amidst lush green forests. The journey to Kollur prepares you for the tryst with the Goddess Mookambika and it is very rarely that a pilgrim will return back disappointed. The serene settings of the temple enables one to tune into the strong spiritual vibes. The temple has shrines for various deities like Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman etc .. But the main sanctum sanctorum is presided by Goddess Mookambika and there is a shrine for Sri Adi Sankracharya just behind it. This is not to be missed while going round the sanctum sanctorum. In my case I had stayed overnight at Udipi and chose to drive to this place in the evening by 4pm and it was a journey of self discovery. While there are options to stay at Kollur, once an also chose to be based at either Udupi, Mani pal or Mangalore and reach this place. The roads are good and it winds its way through a thick green foliage of the Western Ghats.

Unnikrishnan K p

Unnikrishnan K pratingratingratingratingratingrating2.9/5

2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Good place for pilgrimage

We 9 people started from Trivandrum on 03/04/2017 at 03:30 PM by VERAVAL and got down at Mookambika Road Railway : Stn :at 07:50AM. Taxi & Buses are available to go to Mookambika from there to cover 28 KM.
Pre arranged Taxi, took Us to Temple with in 25. Fare was Rs 800.
2 days stay was comfortable and had good Darshan.
Priests, local shoppers & hoteliers are opportunists.
From Mookambika we went to Udupi & DHARMASTHALA by Taxi.
PAID Rs 4500 to cover 200 KM. Stayed 1 day at : & Had good Darshan. We enjoyed famous MAHA ANNADANAM & became part of it by Donation. Returned To Trivandrum on 07/04/2017 by MAVELI EXPRESS Departed at 05:45 PM.
Mr. SANDEEP [Mob-9448761056] helped me to arrange Taxi to cover the Sites.

Akhil c s

Akhil c sratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

4 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Akhil CS

A very great spiritual environment. The blessings of mookambika devi. Sowparnnika river will give an extra blessings in Kollur. Kudagadhriyil is a wonderful experience for every devotees. The blessings of Kollur mookambika devi will give you an extra strength to each and every one who believe in good life around the world.

Devotional Store

Devotional Storeratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted 3 years ago

A place with most popular pilgrim centers

Mookambika Temple is located at Kollur, Udupi district of Karnataka. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi. It is one of the most popular pilgrim centers in South India. It is located on the banks of river Souparnika. Here the Goddess is in the form of Swayambhu Lingam. The idol of the temple is believed to be installed by Shri Adi Shankara.
1. The temple is known as the center of wisdom and knowledge.
2. The idol of Mookambika Devi is made of Panchaloha(Combination of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and lead)
3. It is believed that offering prayers to Devi enhance Knowledge and excellence in academics. Kollur shrine is dedicated to knowledge and art. Goddess is considered as Bhagyadevatha. Goddess of Letters and Speech.
4. It is considered very pleasant and auspicious to keep figurines and Mookambika lamp related to Mookambika Devi.
How to reach?
Mookambika travel
BY AIR: Nearest Airport is at Mangalore, which is around 140kms away from the temple. After reaching Airport, one can reach the temple by bus from Mangalore or by hiring a car to Kollur.
Mookambika temple train
By Train: There are two railway stations Kundapura and the Byndoor railway are situated at the distance of 32 km and 28 Km.
By Bus: Karnataka State Road Transport has bus services from all major centers to Kollur.
Mookambika Temple Darshan timing
Morning: 5 A. M- 1. 30 P. M
Evening: 3 P. M - 9 P. M
Disabled people are allowed direct darshan and need not wait in queues.
Different types of Poojas are performed
5:00 to 6:30 am
Apadravya- Eka Nalikera Ganahoma
6:30 am
Danta Dhavana Pooja, Naivedyam
7:30 to 8:30 am
Morning Pooja with Panchamrutha Abhishekam, Thrimadhuram and Anna Naivedyam, Bali, Nithyothsava, Pallakki Utsava, Distribution of Theertha Prasadam & Thrimadhuram. Pooja to the Parivara Devatas.
11:00 am onwards
Mahapooja with, Maha Naivedyam
12:30 pm (noon)
Mahamangalarthi, Noon Bali Utsavam
2:00 pm
Kavata Bandhanam (Door closure) In Mookambika Temple
12:30 to 2:00 pm
Anna Prasadam- Free lunch for devotees
3:00 pm
Kavatodghatanam, Devidarshanam begins for the afternoon
6:30 pm
Pradosha Kala Pooja begins In the Temple
7:30 pm
Pooja with Panchamirtham and Mahamangalarthi
8:00 to 8:15 pm
Pooja to the Parivara Devatas, Mangalarathi
8:00 to 10:00 pm
Anna Prasadam- Free meals for devotees
8:15 pm
Rathri Pooja, Rathri Bali, Nithyothsava in palanquin Ashtavadhana Seva at Saraswathi Mantapa
9:00 pm
Kalyanotsavam, Kashi Mangalarathi, Distribution of Kashaya Theertham and then closure)
Dress Code:
1. Men are supposed to remove their upper garments like shirts and vests. Coat, Turban, Hat, Lungi and suits are not allowed inside the temple. Women have to preferably wear traditional attire.
Traditional wear
Entry Regulation:
Pregnant Women are not allowed inside the temple after 7th months of pregnancy.
Mother of Newborn are only allowed after 11 days from delivery.
Where to stay?
There are several private hotels near the premises of the temple that provide quality accommodation, moreover Kollur Mookambika Temple Administration has constructed few guest houses.
Where to eat?
Free food for all pilgrims are provided at the temple premises by the temple administration. Food will be served from 12PM to 8PM everyday.
Near Tourist Places
1. Murudeshwara
2. Maravanthe beach
3. Kodachadri Hills

Ambika Haridar

Ambika Haridar

1 reviewPosted 4 years ago

"Drop yourself in the divine destination"

Melt your hassles by taking a deep breath of the fresh air at those lush greens, crank up and sync to the tunes of nature -the jingles of the River Souparnika and the chirping of birds at Kodachadri Bring your mind to the right here and now, present yourself before the divine mother of beauty and happiness -Mookambika and seek everlasting peace and happiness by meditating on her to break the cycle of stress Connect with others while you hold the rope to pull her divine chariot -The Ratha Seva to get a fresh perspective, support, and tactical help to handle ebbs and flows of life Please Drop in to the Divine destination -heaven on earth-Kollur, to feel rejuvenated relaxed and enlightened! Be blessed

Navaneeth Krishnan

Navaneeth Krishnanratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Awesome place with a temple view

Kollur can be described as a small village with very deep spiritual presence brought about by the Mookambika temple. It is one of the most sought after pilgrim centers of south India. Once the temple visit is done and inner peace attained, it's time to shatter it again by going on a jeep ride to the kodachadri peak close by, or by travelling west to meet the shorelines head on . . There are many hotels close to the temple, a new 3 star property had opened up just a week before our trip, we had no idea that it had, hence we missed a booking.

Subramanyam Sreeram

Subramanyam Sreeramratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

5 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Divine place

We went from Udupi by bus it was a good experience. We reached there by evening. We checked in the hotel and got refreshed. Around 8 we went for temple. We came back and had dinner and went to sleep. Morning we checked out and left for kodachadri trek



2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Kollur Mookambika

Take Bath carefully at nadhi . And visit the temple during maha mangala harathi and have kashaya . Get kumkum and homa viboodhi and keep it at your forehead daily . Have maha temple prasatham like laddu don't miss food provided at temple. Have great darshan .