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Sri Mookambika Temple with All Lamps Lit

Sri Mookambika Temple with All Lamps Lit  Video Review

Sri Mookimba Temple

Vinod Nair
9th Dec 17

Sri Mookambika Devi Kshetra Coverage from Inside

Sri Mookambika Devi Kshetra Coverage from Inside  Video Review

Sri Mookimba Temple

Vinod Nair
9th Dec 17

Sri Mookambika Temple

Sri Mookambika Temple  Video Review

Sri Mookimba Temple

Vinod Nair
8th Dec 17

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1Backwaters and great local food, Kundapura
Backwaters and great local food, Kundapura

Enroute Goa, after Udupi comes the beautiful town of Kundapura. The backwaters of this town are spectacular and feed most of the surrounding fertile fields. Kori roti, crisp pancakes made out of boiled rice, and a chilly based chicken curry is a special dish of this region that makes for a very sumptuous meal.

Anusha: It's a beautiful place with clean beaches, very loud people, extreme humid climate, exotic taste of foods and temples in every street you cross by. 

Visit the Maravanthe Beach! 


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Himayun ul ahad

Himayun ul ahad4.3/5

1 review

Kundapur at its serene best

Kundapur is one of those best places along the coastal lines of India. The beaches there are cleaner than any other, Maravanthe, Kodi, Malpe, Kaup etc.. All of which fall along the same coast of Arabian Sea. If you have a tasty tongue and relish seafood, this is the place to be. You can eat until you finish, for less bucks invested, unlike in metropolitan cities where you spend no less than 250 Rs for a simple piece of Seer Fish.

Here's where the ports are, it's like the fisherman's quid. Enjoy your time there as much as you can while you are there. The locals here are nice and friendly as long as you behave well ;)

I've had my best experiences in this coastal region. You can eat the traditional Dakshina Kannada/Uttara Kannada style of food almost everywhere, with fish served along. Well, I stayed at a place called Pratham Inn & Resorts. Although the place is under a bit of renovation as the owner is looking to get a star rating for his property, the place is good - you have an indoor water park, swimming pool, plus other indoor games like pool, carom board, table tennis etc.

But then again, this guy has his own private island where you can go to, and is fun, lovely. I don't wanna give you all the details more than what I already have. If you wish to experience it, go visit it soon before it is too late and you start regretting :)

Bon Voyage folks!

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  • Kundapur at its serene best
  • Kundapur at its serene best
  • Kundapur at its serene best

Anusha Shetty

Anusha Shetty4.3/5

1 review

A beautiful place

It's a beautiful place with clean beaches, very loud people, extreme humid climate, exotic taste of foods and temples in every street you cross by:)

Kundapur is one such place where you don't feel like returning back but the climate kicks you out. Preferable time to visit is October to December:)

Recommended Duration in Kundapur

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1 day


Kundapur Overview

Kundapur, a popular temple town, is the headquarters of Kundapur taluk of Udupi District of Karnataka. The town of Kundapur, located at the centre of the coastal belt of Karnataka, has palm-fringed backwaters also. Kundapur town is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Kodi back waters on its west, Panchgangavalli River on its north and Kalaghar River on its east.

Situated along the west coast of Karnataka, Kundapur is accessible only through its southern side. Kundapur town is at a distance of 36 km from Udupi, 100 km from Mangalore, 300 km from Panaji and 450 km from Bangalore. It lies in the close vicinity of the Western Ghats, a zone famous for bio-diversity.

The name of Kundapur was derived from the Kundeshvara Temple built near the River Panchgangavalli by Kundavarma. Kundapur was often described as the ‘town of sun’ in the ancient texts.

Kundapur has a rich historical background. It was once part of the Vijaya Nagara Empire. After the collapse of Vijaya Nagara power, Kundapur came under the control of the Rajas of Baindoor and under their rule became the principal port town.

Kundapur later came under the rule of the Portuguese during the 16th century. It was also a part of the Kingdom set up by Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan. Kundapur witnessed the fall of Tipu Sultan in the year 1799 and came under the rule of British.

Kundapur was a famous port town during the middle ages with thriving trade connections with many countries in the Middle East. When it came under colonial rule, the port of Kundapur was used as the trade centre by the colonial powers.

Today, the ancient temple town of Kundapur has become a major tourist spot of Karnataka. Historical monuments, which include ancient temples like the Kundeshvara Temple and the Holy Rosary Church, are reminders of the bygone era and attract tourists as well as historians to Kundapur.

Sri Vinayaka Temple, Mahalingeshwara Temple, Mekekattu Nadhikeshwara Temple, Hattiangadi Temple, Koteshwara Temple and Kirimanjeshwara Temple are some of the prominent pilgrim destinations in the area.

Kundapur also has several activities to offer. Nature lovers and rock climbers often go for trekking and hiking in the nearby mountain ranges of the Western Ghats whereas beach lovers can go to the coastal areas like Kodi Beach. Boating in the backwaters of Kundapur is also a common activity. The best time to visit Kundapur is from October to April.

There is so much to see in Kundapur.

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