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Raj K

Raj Kratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

125 reviewsPosted 8 months ago

Excellent Hill Station near Delhi

Lansdowne, is one of the closest hill station from Delhi yet not too crowded for 2 reasons, 1st its basically a cantonment town with Narwhal Rifels having its training center here & thus not too many commercial activities allowed. Secondly, this place do not offers too many activities like sight seeing etc and thus not many people visit here. This is a place to relax and do nothing . . While coming from Delhi, you will cross Ghaziabad, Khatauli, Bijnour, Nazibabad & Kotdwar. Most of the roads are in good shape. If travelling by train, Kotdwar is the nearest railway station. Kotdwar is at the foot hills. Roads from here are excellent and scenic. There are not many good hotels in Lansdowne and tend to get filled during holidays. I suggest to book in advance during peak seasons but to actually enjoy the beauty of place, prefer a place out side the market area like Hotel Hill Top, SB Mount, Camp Adavit etc. All these are bit far from main market area but much calm and serene. There are few places to visit like tip and Top View point (with a restaurant & UK Govt guest house), Bullets lake, War Memorial, A church etc. All of these places are average and good for 1 visit. Overall, if you plan to visit Lansdowne, be prepared for less of sight seeing and more of subfamily time. Lansdowne receives fair amount of snowfall during winters so its a good idea to visit during Summers. Be careful during monsoon as the areas near Kotdwar tend to get flooded and also there are frequent land slides on the hill road leading towards Lansdowne. Drive carefully and enjoy the natural beauty this place has to offer. You will certainly like it.



3 reviewsPosted 12 months ago

Awesome place

Lansdowne is a beautiful place. It’s for those who want to take breaking rom hustle and bustle of the city and also want to enjoy beautiful scenic views of the Himalayas. Lansdowne is not crowded at all which is good if you want to avoid frustrating experience unlike other hill stations like Shimla, Manali, etc

  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place
  • Awesome place



2 reviewsPosted 1 year ago

2day Destination

Frankly this was not a good time to visit this town (May 2018) (26 and 13 being the average recorded temperatures over day and night). If it was not for our hotel with its playing facilities, we might have been bored for 3 days. The nearby lake was under repair so no boating happened. Also market is almost useless and there is not much to do at points like Maggie Point and Tip and Top . The scenic beauty is limited as it's not a very high altitude hill station. It's good for nearby people. Travelling 250 kms from Delhi NCR for it make sense until unless it's totally for relaxation. Do make sure to travel in months near to winter season . Overall it was just okay and had weather been better, might have been more relaxing!

Aditya deane

Aditya deaneratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

2 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

A nice quiet hill station on a road less travelled by holidayers .

Lansdowne is a quiet hill station near Kotdwar, on the Kotdwar Pauri route. It is a Cantonment area of Gearwheel Rifles and has several POIs nearby. The highest point of the region is Tip and Top, a Hotel and Restaurant which offers panoramic view of the snow capped Himalayas. Other POIs include St. Mary's and St. John's Churches, Bhulla Taal, a few nearby Temples and War Memorial and Regimental Museum. The height of Lansdowne is about 1700m above sea level. Most of the flora includes Pine trees, but the higher reaches have Deodars as well. You have to pay a Toll Tax to take your vehicle across the Cantonment area, which is valid till midnight of the same day for multiple entries. You can either drive straight on the State Highway (single road) to Lansdowne, or can take the Kotdwar Pauri National Highway (double road) to reach there.

Navin Singh

Navin Singhratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

91 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Awesome weekend plan from Delhi & North-West India

Lansdowne is a Hill-station situated in Pauri Gearwheel district. I visited here 2 times and observed that it's a very quite and beautiful place. It's also near about Delhi & other North-west state so you can plan to visit here weekend easily. There are main attraction point is Tip and Top view point, Tarkeshwar Temple, Bhullar Lake, Bhairav Garhi Temple, Bhim Pakora etc. You can make a plan to visit here only if you love nature and peaceful atmosphere.

Sachin kuntal

Sachin kuntalratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Enjoy some time with family

Nice place for holiday very beautiful place stay 3 days maximum and fleeing relaxed Lansdowne is a small town But feeling relaxed and enjoy a moment of life in Lansdowne its very beautiful place for enjoy some time with family best Month for enjoy is November last week.

Rohit agnihotri

Rohit agnihotri

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

Love the place and weather under clouds. Its a small hill station at the height of 1700 above sea le

Awesome hill station in north india with mostly covered by military or army garrison and it has museum which traces the history of the gearwheel rifles. Tip and Top viewpoint is perched up on a ridge overlooking forested hills.

Sujit Kashyap

Sujit Kashyap

1 reviewPosted 2 years ago

As it is told about Lansdowne, its one of the most quite and unspoilt hill station. While driving t

It was a mesmerizing trip and I will visit again very soon. One must carry few winter cloths and a power pack is also must, in case you rely on your Mobile for taking pics (Selfie).

Manish Dokania

Manish Dokania

3 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Another Heaven with natural beauty

Lansdowne is must place to go if you like mountains, long pine trees and peace. It's a small hill station, approx 250 km and 6 hours drive from Delhi. One can;t believe how peaceful and unexplored the place is as it has kept it's innocence which you will not find at other hill station. Perfect place for weekend relaxation.

Aditya patel

Aditya patelratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

2 reviewsPosted 2 years ago

Lap of Nature

Awesome place to visit from Delhi, its around 260 kms from Delhi. Roads are very good but no direct bus facility available from Delhi. Own or hired vehicles are best option to go.
You can visit Lansdowne in any session, its amazing place with peace and natural beauty.
Please book hotel in advance.
There are Religious temples as well.

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