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Reasons to go to Maithan

1For a relaxed boat ride at Maithan Dam
For a relaxed boat ride at Maithan Dam

HolidayIQ Reviewer Susmit Bakshi adds, “Maithan Dam is an amazing place. The combination of blue water, green trees, and small hills seems to be talking to each other. One of the beautiful picnic spot which also has a boating facility. The best time for viewing the natural beauty of Maithan is sunrise time and sunset time.”

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2Enjoy a boat ride with a sunset
Enjoy a boat ride with a sunset

HolidayIQ Reviewer Bhaskar Ghosh says, “Trust me, the view is amazing. You can enjoy boating and explore the small island for treasure.

HolidayIQ Reviewer Basab Ray Chaudhuri says, “Boating in the reservoir during the sunset is a popular activity.

HolidayIQ Reviewer Susmit Bakshi shares, “Boating facility also available here. The best time for viewing the natural beauty of Maithan is sunrise time and sunset time.


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Reviews (9)

Muskan Agarwal

Muskan Agarwal5.0/5

1 review

Great and known as Kashmir of Koyelaanchal

The Dam is Independent India's first Dam Project(one of Nehru's dreams). Maithon also known as 'Kashmir of Koyelaanchal' because of its location in the coal belt of india on the Barakar river is a very famous picnic and weekend destination. The Dam is the Biggest dam of damodar valley corporation and was built for flood control and power generation. It was founded by India's first prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Maithon got its name from Mai-ka-sthan or maayer sthan which literally means mothers abode as there is an ancient kalyaneshwari temple here which was built by the king of Barakar in 16th century. Maithon dam is a good place to spend time with friends, family and with loved ones. A bit far from Dhanbad, but really nice. Surrounded by greenery. Boating is a must. No place for good food. Need to move out a bit towards the town for good food. Local snacks like pani Puri, chat, etc. Are easily available. Resorts and hotels are available for night stay.

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Vicky Kumar

Vicky Kumar4.3/5

1 review

Perfect for an internet-free holiday

I was there on vacation, visiting in-laws and my cousins who are settled there. Having decided to take a breather from the hectic travel schedule of the past weeks, I was relaxing and decided to do the touristy bit towards the fag end of the trip. Only one outing in the entire 10-12 odd days I was there… that does not include the countless sessions in the Asansol Club's Bar The decision to go to Maithon was made on a whim… we had nothing to do and it was a Sunday… usually a half day in most of the trading but due to the onslaught of the summer season, my elder brother was tied up at his showroom for longer than usual. Finally made it home by about 6 in the evening and decided to push for Maithon by about 6:30 There are two ways to reach Maithon from Asansol. One is to pass through a town called Neeamatpur and the second is from the Ushagram side, where you hit the National Highway, a Toll Road, and take a left to go towards Chirkunda on the Bihar and West Bengal border Taking the toll road is a slightly expensive option with you having to pay a toll of INR 175 for a two way trip and you only travel on the highway for about 15 odd minutes as you have to take the right turn once you hit the border. There is a big signboard which shows you the way for the Dam Since we were closer to Neeamatpur than Ushagram, which was on the other end of the town, we decided to pass through Neeamatpur on the got Karnal road. Enroute, we got to see the United Spirits Brewery, which produces the Signature Brand of Whiskies Right in its neighborhood of the brewery is a railway crossing which was closed for a train passage. And as is the norm in India, at any level crossing, you would have impatient people thronging the gates from both the sides… no respect or thoughtfulness of people from the other direction… always a attitude… this results in a traffic jam and all movement comes to a stand still This logjam is cleared in about 15-20 minutes and we start rolling. Pretty soon we are on a road cluttered with traffic. Rickshaws, Cycles, Motorbikes, Pedestrians and trucks and buses and cars and throw in a whole lot of stray dogs and cattle. That pretty much sums up the roads of Neeamatpur. Took some time to get through all of that and then it was a state highway kind of road which we arrived upon after taking the left turn post Neeamatpur. You cannot miss that turn as it has a sign board which points you to the Chitaranjan Locomotive Factory That turn took us into a small town, unnamed in this post as my memory fails me… that bike accident surely must have shorted the memory chip pretty good ;-). Well that road then takes you to the Toll Road mentioned above… minus you having to pay the toll… abut 5 more minutes of travelling and we reach the border… Chirkunda in Bihar on the other side and West Bengal on this side…. Unnoticeably, we slip into Laalu Bhaiya's State and then 5 more minutes pass, and a sign comes up announcing that for Maithon, we gotta go We take the right and a couple of minutes later, enter the township of Damodar Valley Corporation. A huge and sprawling town with all amenities like a shopping centre, hospital, school, cinema hall, club, and the DVC offices…. Another 10 minutes of driving sees us parking our car on one end of the dam. The road is lined with eating joints left and. Getting off the car results us in being thronged by Ice Cream vendors and Toy sellers as we had two kids along with us… The whole feel of the place was touristy, rather than a strategic point. This feeling was only betrayed by the signs which one could see, which prohibited photgraphy and the presence of the gun toting Jawans posted on the extremities of the dam Although, you can drive over the structure itself, we preferred to take a walk and enjoy the cool evening breeze. While walking, we encountered another jawan asking us not to click any snaps when he saw the camera. Slung around my nexk. Showed him that we done anything like that, he was satisfied and walked on down the dam Being dark, we could not see much on the reservoir side, which was brimming with water. But the other side of the dam was a totally different story altogether… huge flood lamps had been erected and the entire area after the sluice gates was lighted up. We could see small puddles of accumulated water but it was dry for the maximum part of it. However, a small opening had been created to let off some water and that was it. Nothing but a big letdown. I had expected to see a huge display of the force of water and Man's ability to harness all that energy… but what do I get ??? A stream… that too like a dry, shrivelled up river After this not so impressive display, we decided to Split up. My brother and the rest of the family would meet me on the other side and I would get the car to the parking lot on the other side for some refreshments. Walked all the way down to get the car and drove it over the dam, parked it in the parking lot and got off. Then we came across a guy who was selling. Yummy I say and order some. But again, a big let down… it was more like having a bastardized version of "Mumbai Ki Bhelpuri…"

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  • Perfect for an internet-free holiday
  • Perfect for an internet-free holiday
  • Perfect for an internet-free holiday

Maithan Overview

Maithan is located in the state of Jharkhand and is about 40 kilometres from Dhanbad. There are two rivers that flow through the region of Maithan, namely Damodar and Barakar. Maithan is popular for the Maithan Dam, which is the largest reservoir in the Damodar valley on River Damodar.

The main attraction of Maithan Dam is that it is about 165 ft high and generates a power of 60000 KW. Other attractions located here include the ancient temple of Kalyaneshwari, which is located close to the Maithan Dam.

The unique location of Maithan is that it is surrounded by forest covers and hills that offer opportunities for adventure sports like trekking, boating and hiking. Activities such as boating are available at Lake Topchanchi while for fishing, River Barakar is a popular place.

There are three main seasons in Maithan; summer, winter and monsoon. Summers here are extremely hot while the region receives plenty of rainfall in monsoons. Winters here are pleasant with low temperature during night time. The month of January is considered to be the best time to visit the region of Maithan.

Maithan is served by several buses that ply between the regions of Maithan, connecting neighbouring locations regularly. Most of these buses are privately owned, while some are operated by the government.

The nearest airport to Maithan is located in the city of Ranchi. The Ranchi Airport is connected to major cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Taxis are available at Ranchi airport that connect to Maithan easily.

Maithan does not have a train station and the nearest one is located in Barakar, which is located at a distance of 9 kilometres from this town. Barakar train station is well connected to other Indian cities like Dehradun, Patna, Kolkata, Howrah, Mumbai and Varanasi.

Photos of Maithan

There is so much to see in Maithan.

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