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1Harishchandragad Fort
Harishchandragad Fort

Famous for its marvellous natural beauty, tough trek trails and the beautiful Konkan Kada. Harishchandragad Fort is deemed as a trekker's paradise by many as you can do rappelling, rock climbing & valley crossing in the one trek itself.

Niharika Modi: The location of this resort is prime with breathtaking valley views. It's located on a plateau on the ghats and no shops, restaurants can be traced for next 15-20 kms. Rooms are huge with big balconies and almost all amenities to enjoy your stay at this peaceful location.

Fun fact: Go towards Harishchandreshwar Temple where you'll find a huge cave of Kedareshwar, which holds a big Shiva Linga, which is completely surrounded by water. Supported by four pillars that depict the four yugas of men, three pillars have broken down and according to the local folklore when the fourth pillar breaks, the world will come to an end.


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2For scenic views and treks
For scenic views and treks

HolidayIQ Reviewer Supratik Basu shares, “A wet day in Malshejghat 15th Aug was the best day on the calendar to visit this place. Pune via Junnar to Malshej on Kalyan Ahmednagar Rd takes around a couple of hours drive.”  

HolidayIQ Reviewer Akshaya Singhal shares, “Out of worldly troubles This is the most beautiful trek around Pune. If you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you should start trekking before the noon. It's just 15 min trek from the Harishchandragad, so you can reach Konkan Kada before the sunset. You can just sit at the edge (at your own risk, as its an 18, 000 ft. Vertical fall), look at the sunset, feel its beauty, and also you may cry, and just let it all out. ” 


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3Ride On The Gorgeous Roads Of Malshejghat
Ride On The Gorgeous Roads Of Malshejghat

HolidayIQ Traveller Shayanti says, “Narayangoan to Malshejghat is a very scenic road traversing Sahaydri hills.” Adds HolidayIQ Traveller Ruchita Patil, “Go by a car or a bike. A must visit plkace from Mumbai and Pune. Sunsets and sunrises are the best time.”

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4Places That No One Will But You Should Visit In . No Crowd Guaranteed!
Places That No One Will But You Should Visit In . No Crowd Guaranteed!

HolidayIQ Traveller Darshan Parmar shares, “Malshejghat is a must visit for people seeking adventure and thrill. Along with beautiful scenery, it also offer various places for sightseeing. They include Shivgad fort, various temples, Malshej falls, etc. The climate is pleasant during the day but it may get chilly after sunset. We were a group of 50 people and went there for camping. We set up tents and the local crowd was also extremely helpful and welcoming. There no better way to enjoy the night than a wonderful campfire under the stars.”


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5Malshej Ghat - Complete Dose Of Fun
Malshej Ghat - Complete Dose Of Fun

HolidayIQ Traveller Dhruv Asher from Mumbai shares, "This place is full of fun. It is a very beautiful place and is really close to home, which makes it really convenient. There are dhabbas and food places all along the route and lots of greenery around due to monsoon. Once you are at Malshejghat, there is no end to fun..."

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Reviews (38)

Akki Parekh

Akki Parekh4.3/5

1 review

Very nice place.

Malshej ghat is a good place to visit. Specially people who are looking to do some adventuring, can go this place. Waterfall is look amazing.
The best time to visit this place is in monsoon season. So can see its perfect view of beauty. Nice place.

Varada Shinde rane

Varada Shinde rane5.0/5

2 reviews

Weekend Relaxing Station

Marshejghat is considered as grand Canyon of Maharashtra. It's Hill station near by pune and Mumbai. Best time to visit is during rain. I had been there in winter in January and the climate was pleasing cold. I went there by public transport (state government bus) from Mumbai. We stayed there at MTDC resort. MTDC resort at Marshejghat are located on top of the mountain and at best location. It's surrounded by steep Valley. The moment I got down from bus and walked towards resort it was just aaha moment. I was spellbound to see surrounding nature. During rainy season you can see reverse waterfall from this MTDC location. Rooms at mtdc are good, the only drawback is food is not that great. You can visit shivneri n go on trek to harishchandrgad nearby. You can see beautiful pawana damn nearby. One of the scenic place I have visited.

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Malshejghat Overview

Malshejghat is a hill station and also a popular tourist spot located in the Pune District of Maharashtra. Malshejghat is surrounded by covers of dense green forests and the Western Ghats, which is why there are many varieties of flora and fauna available here.

One of the rare attractions of this place is the Flamingos that can be seen near the areas of the Monsoon lakes. Malshejghat offers opportunities for adventure sports like trekking, hiking and boating, as the region is located at a height of 700 metres above sea level.

The Shivneri Fort located here is one of the most popular ancient attractions of the place. The Shivneri Fort is located about 40 kilometres from the central region, and is the birthplace of the Maratha ruler Shivaji. The region of Malshejghat also includes many Buddhist caves that belong to the 3rd century and Shri Vigneshwar Temple, which is situated near Junnar town at Ozar.

Monsoons are considered to be the best time to visit Malshejghat because the hills are covered in green during this time. The weather of the region is mild from the months of August and September. The region becomes misty during the winters especially the forest regions. It is during the same time most of the bird watchers come here to conduct researches on rare varieties of birds such as Quails, Rails, Crakes, Flamingos, Cuckoos, etc.

The hill station of Malshejghat is managed by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation also known as MTDC, which also manages several resorts. Not much transport facilities are available that directly connect this hill station and it is because of this reason that the region receives very less visitors compared to other hill stations of India.

There is no domestic or international airport in Malshejghat and the nearest one is located in Pune, which is located at a distance of 98 kilometres from the town of Malshejghat. The Pune airport connects nine other major cities of India to the region.

Malshejghat does not have a train station either, and the nearest train station is in Mumbai, located at a distance of 115 kilometres from Malshejghat. There are three train stations in the Mumbai region and that are Mumbai, Mumbai CST and Mumbai Bandra terminus.

Photos of Malshejghat

Malshej Ghat, Malshejghat

Photo by

Trevor Saldanha

Malshej Ghat, Malshejghat
Harishchandragad Fort, Malshejghat

Photo by

Parag Joshi

Fog covering the Fort location
Malshej Falls, Malshejghat

Photo by

Supratik Basu

Malshej Falls, Malshejghat
Malshej Ghat, Malshejghat

Photo by

Trevor Saldanha

Malshej Ghat, Malshejghat

There is so much to see in Malshejghat.

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