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Ullal beach

Ullal beach  Video Review


14th Jan 18

Nice temple by the sea to watch sunset

Nice temple by the sea to watch sunset  Video Review

Someshwara Temple (Rudrapada Kshetra)

Vic Channaraj
30th Dec 17

Romantic Sunset at Panambur Beach Mangalore

Romantic Sunset at Panambur Beach Mangalore  Video Review

Panambur Beach

Elsie Gabriel
11th Nov 17

Awesome Beach

Awesome Beach  Video Review

Panambur Beach

Manoj Menon
10th Nov 17

Must visit in Mangalore

Must visit in Mangalore  Video Review

Shri Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Ujval Anand
5th Oct 17

Amazing place for sunset

Amazing place for sunset  Video Review

Mangalore Beach

Nisarg Sheth
4th Feb 18

Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple

Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple  Video Review

Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatheshwara Temple

Mohan Thulasingam
7th Dec 17


Ullal  Video Review


4th Dec 17

Beautiful beach

Beautiful  beach  Video Review

Panambur Beach

Shivi N
1st Dec 17

Less crowded with white sands

Less crowded with white sands  Video Review

Panambur Beach

Capricorn Girl
26th Nov 17

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Reasons to go to Mangalore

1And Mangalore
And Mangalore

HolidayIQ Traveller Raghavendra says, "Mangalore is a must visit place if you are interested in beaches and temples. There are several lovely beaches all around and numerous temples in different directions. Typical coastal weather of India, that is humid, welcomes you to this city. Being the education hub of Karnataka and India this city bubbles with youngsters and therefore very lively."


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2Watch the distinct ships from afar as you eat some yummy ghee roast and enjoy the sunset with babe
Watch the distinct ships from afar as you eat some yummy ghee roast and enjoy the sunset with babe

HolidayIQ Reviewer Snehalata Jain says, “Beach it takes 10-15 min in bus, the sunset looks superb and chilling breeze

HolidayIQ Reviewer Sampath shares “Very good place. When I visit Mangalore often I visit Light House Hill Garden also and it is a high place where we can see the sunset and watch sea also in a distance.

HolidayIQ Reviewer Omkar Chivate adds, “The Panambur Beach is a very clean beach. It's a kind of Port where you can see huge and awesome ships. You can even enjoy the awesome sunset.


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3Deepa Comforts for some yummy Manglorean style fish!
Deepa Comforts for some yummy Manglorean style fish!

HolidayIQ Reviewer Omkar Chivate adds, “Near about to Makar Sankranti the International Kite festival is held over there which is an even epic moment. And overall its time to enjoy.”

HolidayIQ Reviewer Sukesh Kashyap adds, “Beautiful sunset to watch at beach It is the really beautiful beach. Very clean and beautiful. Sunset is amazing to watch. You can go with family during the weekend and enjoy. It is the most famous beach in Mangalore. Eat some yummy fresh fish


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4Enjoy a perfect rendezvous with the sun and waves
Enjoy a perfect rendezvous with the sun and waves

HolidayIQ Reviewer Priyadarshini adds “My God, an awesome place to spend with your lovable one. ...We visited at March as Mangalore was very hot but when we sat there and we really experienced very cool and pleasant. I and my husband took a long walk. Nobody will disturb your way except waves”

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5For a sparsely crowded tidy beach
For a sparsely crowded tidy beach

HolidayIQ Reviewer Priyadarshini shares “We visited in March as Mangalore was very hot but when we sat there and we really experienced very cool and pleasant. I and my husband took a loooong walk. Nobody will disturb your way except waves

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Deena fernandes

Deena fernandes4.3/5

1 review

Udupi City

Nice and clean city, good food restaurant. Close proximity to good beaches Malpe and Kaup light beach. Very beaches. Good feeling when you reac Udupi. Dosas are speciality, Diana restaurant is good to go, ice ream parlour of ideal have come up. Place is good for nature.

Yajnanarayana kammaje

Yajnanarayana kammaje4.3/5

7 reviews

Mangalore is a town with a big difference

Very clean with lots of greenery around, Coconut trees embracing the town. The very being in that district in my opinion will enhance our oxygen intake . Disciplined people around with lots of civic senses, Mangalore famous many temples around, Kadri, mangaladevi, gokarnanath, Kateel, Polali and many more, Saligrama Gurunarasimha is one of those upcoming visiting places. Mangalore good liked by many as unique food like Avalakki, Golibajji, Podi, Dosa, Patrode apart from other dishes as that district contributed so much on Udupi food around the globe. Mangalore being knowledge city housing many universities for technical, medical as well for high school and PU to compete for entrance tests.

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Mangalore Overview

History of Mangalore

Mangalore, or Mangaluru, is a port city in the state of Karnataka and home of the Tulu speakers. The city was named after the goddess Mangaladevi but is popularly known as Kudla in Tulu and Kodial in Konkani. It was a part of many major dynasties including the Maurya and Vijayanagara empires. Throughout its history, Mangalore has remained a part of the international trade with the export of spices like pepper and also betel nut. It was also visited by the great traveller, Vasco da Gama, which consequently led to the interest of the Persians, Arabs and the Portuguese. It was under the rule of Tippu Sultan, who ferociously defended the city against the British but eventually lost. Mangalore became a part of the Madras Presidency under the British rule. Today, it stands tall as the headquarters of the Dakshin Kannada district.

People and Culture of Mangalore

Mangalore is one of India’s major ports. It plays a major role in the state’s industrial, agricultural and IT sector with major national as well as multinational companies established here. Even with the rapid development and westernisation, Mangalore still has a healthy population of fishermen and boat builders.

Mangalore is culturally diverse. The major languages spoken here are Konkani, Tulu, Kannada and Urdu. Mangalore is home to many dance forms such as Yakshagana. The pilivesha is a folk dance form unique to the city. Major festivals include Dassara, Eid, Christmas, monti fest and Krishna janmashtami.

Things to Do in Mangalore

There are a variety of things to do in Mangalore, which can make the perfect vacation. The city offers a pleasant weather from October through February. One of the major Mangalore attractions is the pristine beaches. The Panambur Beach is a must visit when on a Mangalore tour, to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset. The top places to visit in Mangalore are the old churches. The Milagres Church and St. Aloysius Church are an architectural delight. Other major Mangalore tourist places are the Mangaladevi temple, the thousand pillars Jain temple and the Kadri Manjunatha temple.

While sightseeing in Mangalore, the Sultan Battery is a must visit to experience the history of the city. St. Mary’s Island is a great spot for a fun-filled picnic. Famous places in Mangalore to see for wildlife enthusiasts are the Pilikula zoo and the butterfly park. These are among the best places to visit in Mangalore.

Food and Shopping in Mangalore

While on a trip to Mangalore one must try the local Konkan seafood cuisine. After an entertaining day of Mangalore sightseeing, one can unwind and enjoy with a cup of gudbud ice cream. The Mangalorean cuisine offers some of the best seafood dishes in the world. Must-try dishes include kori rotti, Bangude Pulimunchi, prawn and crab masala fry. Vegetarians need not fret, hot patrode, neer dosa, rice with dalli thoi and chane ghashi are some of the many mouth-watering vegetarian dishes.

If one wants to go shopping in Mangalore, places to visit are KS Rao Road and Hamppankatta circle. One can find traditional Konkani jewellery, cotton saris and more here. The fish market is a must-visit to find mackerel, squid, prawns and crabs freshly caught from the sea.

Accommodation in Mangalore

Tourists wanting to know how to reach Mangalore can choose between road transportation, flights and trains. With so many places to see in Mangalore, it is imperative to find good accommodation. Choose from a large number of hotels in Mangalore such as the Manjarun Hotel, The Ocean pearl and the Goldfinch Hotel.

Photos of Mangalore

Mangalore, Karnataka

Photo by

Vishnu Katara

Mangalore, Karnataka
Mangalore, Karnataka

Photo by

Dibyendu Ghosh

Mangalore, Karnataka
Mangalore, Karnataka

Photo by

Subhashpai T

Koosalli Water falls
Mangalore, Karnataka

Photo by

Dibyendu Ghosh

Mangalore, Karnataka

There is so much to see in Mangalore.

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