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1What are you Waiting for? Places that are Cheaper and Better in April
What are you Waiting for?  Places that are Cheaper and Better in April

Get a glimpse of the Naga culture as Aolingmonyu festival, associated with the sowing of seeds is celebrated in April. Unexplored and uncommercialized, Nagaland is where you should go if you want to forget about your busy life for some time.

Duncan tells you just why: "Once off limits to the world, there in the remote northeastern hills of India, lies mystic. Hills landscaped by primitive villages, some still untouched by modernization, this Molungyimsen village up on top of a steep mountain, is a must for die hard nature lovers. The hike is about 15 km, not for the weak at heart. For the first 6 km, it is a walk through the jungles, the next remaining hike up the village is where the challenge is. The angle of the hike almost 45 to 50 degrees, but once up the top, the feeling is exhilarating."


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Mon Overview

Mon is a district located in the state of Nagaland. Situated at an altitude of approximately 897.64 metres above sea level, the destination has its headquarters in the town of Mon. On the north, the destination is bounded by state of Arunachal Pradesh, while to the south lies Tuensang District. The district on the east is surrounded by Myanmar, while on the south-west lies Longleng District.

The district on 21st December 1973 was carved out of the Tuensang district, located in Nagaland. However in 1991, the Mon district was enlarged by transferring of some villages from the Tuensang district. As a result of this enlargement, it further led to the creation of new administrative circle headquarters at places like Tobu, Muknyakshu and Mopong.

Topographically, the district can be divided into two regions namely, the Upper Region and the Lower region. The Upper Region comprises Longching, Chen, Mopong and Tobu areas, while the Lower Region consists of Mon, Tizit and Naginimora area.

The destination is home to several tribes, of which Konyak Nagas is the main tribe. The people of this tribe can be been wearing their traditional clothing, which comprises hear gear, head brushes and necklaces. In addition, they have their faces tattooed.

This tribe is the largest tribe among Nagas and were also among the ones who embraced Christianity. Adept artisans and skilled in the art of making firearms, the people of this tribe are also skilled in making several items like necklaces, baskets and garters with beads.

Owing to the main occupations of the region being agriculture and animal husbandry, the district is also known for the festivals celebrated, which are mainly associated with sowing and harvesting. Aolingmonyu and Laolongmo are the two main festivals of the Mon District.

Celebrated in the spring season, which is generally held in the month of April, Aolingmonyu festival is associated with the sowing of seeds. On the other hand, Laolongmo festival is celebrated after the harvest is over in the month of August.

Besides festivals, the tourist attractions of the region also allure travellers from all across the world. Veda Peak and Naganimora are some of the popular tourist attractions of the destination. In addition, travellers can also explore the villages like Chui, Longwa and Shangynu.

Travelling to this destination is not much of a hassle owing to the presence of flights, trains and buses. The nearest airport serving the destination is Jorhat Airport, which is located at a distance of 121 km from the destination. For tourists travelling from international destinations can board flights to Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, which is located at a distance of 439 km from Mon.

Trains are also available for travellers, which are served by the Dimapur Railway Station, located at a distance of 247 km from the destination. In addition, tourists can also board buses, which operate from the places like Dimapur and Kohima to Mon. The best time to visit Mon is during winter season, which extends from the month of December to February.

There is so much to see in Mon.

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