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Nagpur airport

Nagpur airport  Video Review

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport

Surbhi Sukanth
24th Oct 17

Ramteke jain temple

Ramteke jain temple  Video Review

Shantinath Digamber Jain Mandir

Ashish Jain
1st Oct 17

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This is a very popular dish for quick comfort food. This popular dish is healthy, filing and tasty. HolidayIQ Traveller A.S. says, “Rupam Poha Walain Nagpur is the famous poha channa stall, which is most popular place for breakfast. You must try it out whenever you are here.”

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2Rupam Sakhare's Known For Aloo Poha Claims To Sell 1000 Plates Everyday
Rupam Sakhare's Known For Aloo Poha Claims To Sell 1000 Plates Everyday

Though there are many pohawalas in Nagpur, Rupam Sakhare's kiosk is the most famous. He claims to sell 1000 plates of poha a day and goes on holidays abroad every year. Sakhare has been selling ‘aloo poha' to gourmets for more than three decades now. Head to his stall and  gorge on a plate of this steamy snack, served with 'chana dal tari', a spicy gravy, made using chillies and gram. Rupam's recipe for success is a topping of unforgivingly fiery chana. At Rs 12 for a full plate and Rs 8 for half, Sakhare's poha has made him famous as well as prosperous.


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3Rupam Poha Wala, Nagpur
Rupam Poha Wala, Nagpur

Do not forget to visit the Rupam Poha Wala in Kasturganj Park when you visit Nagpur. This shop serves delicious poha with chutney and chickpeas. 

A.S. says : The famous poha channa stall, which is most popular place for breakfast; you must try it out whenever you are here.

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4Check in and try the oranges!
Check in and try the oranges!

Land in the heart of the Deccan Plateau, Nagpur. Everyone has heard of the Nagpur orange, buy some and try it out! What hits you immediately is the charm of a small town. Spend your evening shopping at Sadar Market

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5The advent of Buddhism at Kamtee after Deekshabhoomi
The advent of Buddhism at Kamtee after Deekshabhoomi

Start by visiting Deekshabhoomi, a monument sacred to Buddhism, its is also here that the architect of our constitutiton, BR Ambedhkar, embraced Buddhism. Travel to Kamptee, 20 km away, a military town which houses the beautiful Dragon Palace buddhist temple and a must visit for every Buddhist on a pilgrimage. 

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Nilesh bodhey

Nilesh bodhey5.0/5

2 reviews

Nice city

Great city to visit. Qui will to of ish to JFK tu will of dj ham MB of ish can dj sh bk log or et wet fav sh no HG go of Raj Wu up pt sh JFK bk dj destino away no Ko dress dj bk mk of cd AG CV k mk m . From su haunch pa wet up at HL Be bk of our tea AG HL vs NM of fame you have a great day to you soon and we will to of Luck to be able and we will have ever been to the same day flowers delivery to your account will be in the future 58urgjit Bhotmange you have a great site for that mistake in hospitality and.

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Harshvardhan bharadwaj

Harshvardhan bharadwaj1.4/5

2 reviews

Pathetic . Wastage of money

This hotel is not suitable for family stay. Reception ambience is like 3rd class hotels. Rooms are small, lift not working, bathroom door broken and charges are equivalent to star hotels, only positive point is its location near airport. Better to spend few more money and stay in Raddisons blue if planning to stay with family. Interior of room is also gives cheaper look .

Nagpur Overview

History of Nagpur

Nagpur, which is known as the 'orange capital of India', is located in the Deccan Plateau. It is known as the 'orange capital' because it is a major cultivator and trade centre of oranges. It is the second capital/ winter capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Nagpur is spread over a total area of 217.56 sq km. It is at a distance of about 837 km from Mumbai. It is about 1094 km south of Delhi, 1092 km north of Chennai and 1140 km west of Calcutta. The location of this city is almost in the centre of the country. For this very reason it has the Zero Mile Marker, which indicates the geographical centre of India.The foundation of the city was laid by Bakht Buland Shah, who was the Gond King of Devgad, in the year 1703. It was given the name 'Nagpur' because of the Nag River that flows through the city. After India's Independence, Nagpur was made the capital of Madhya Bharat state, which included C.P. and Berar. In 1960, the Vidarbha region, which had a Marathi majority, was merged with the newly formed state of Maharashtra.

People and Culture of Nagpur

Nagpur has a rich culture, which reflects the cultures from different parts of the country. There are a number of tourist attractions in and around the city including Gavilgad Fort, Dragon Palace Temple, Forts of Balapur, Adasa, Maharaj Baug and Zoo. Gavilgad Fort, which is around 200-300 years old, lies close to the Chikhaldara hill station in Amravati district. It was originally built by the Hindu rulers at a height of about 370 ft above sea level.The Dragon Palace Temple on the other hand is situated in Kamptee, which is a satellite township within Nagpur district. It is the temple of Lord Buddha and a holy place for Buddhists. Another major attraction in this place is the Fort of Balapur, which is in the Akola district. The fort is built between the Mana and Mhais Rivers. Besides being a popular tourist destination, it is also a place of pilgrimage because it is named after goddess Bala Devi.

Things to Do in Nagpur

Nagpur is reachable by air, road and rail from different parts of the country. The domestic airport of Nagpur lies close to the city centre, at a distance of 6 km, and is well connected to major cities within the country. The nearest international airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.By train, the destination is connected to the rest of the country through a number of super fast and passenger trains. It is an important rail junction in the South-East and Central Railways. Buses also connect Nagpur to regions in and around the state. Regular bus services are available from the city to Mumbai as well as other regions within and around the state.The best time to visit Nagpur is from October to March. Ganesh Chaturthi is a big occasion here and it is also a good time to visit the place. The winter months are quite pleasant with an average temperature of 10' Celsius while the summer months can be quite hot with the temperatures going as high as 50' Celsius.

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