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1Of majestic Himalayan ranges and green valleys
Of majestic Himalayan ranges and green valleys

Valley | Horse | Nature | Mountain

HolidayIQ Reviewer RAJAN SHAH shares, “Picturesque place Betaab Valley is approximately 15 km drive from the main town of Pahalgam and is named so after the bollywood movie Betaab was shot here years back. ”

HolidayIQ Reviewer Shailendra Singh says, “A scenic mountain slope with amazing view This is one of the top attractions of Pahalgam so people come with all sorts of crazy expectations often. The beautiful reality of this place is that it is nature's architecture at its prime - it is a beautiful riverside running between mountains that offers amazing views to snow capped Himalayas. Green valley underneath, large grassy outfield and proximity to chilling waters. Amazing place to find peace, take photographs and realize how mother nature has amazing placed under her folds. Best visited when there is less crowd this place just requires you to carry clothes as per prevalent weather. ”


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2Verdant pastures, sprawling valleys and lush greenery await you
Verdant pastures, sprawling valleys and lush greenery await you

Valley | Nature | Mountain | Scenic Beauty

HolidayIQ Reviewer Vijay Phirke shares, “A scenic vale, a dream destination of every photography lover - Betaab Valley Betaab valley has a picturesque surroundings. Sprawling verdant pastures, snow-capped mountains and meandering streams form the breathtaking landscape of this valley. ...Apart from being a place with impressive landscape, the valley is a famous trekking base and camping site for travellers who want to explore the nearby mountainous regions.”  

HolidayIQ Reviewer Vijay Phirke adds, “ Betaab Valley is also a favourite campsite of travellers as it also serves as a base camp for trekking and further exploration of the mountains.” 


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3Betaab Valley - Named After A Bollywood Film
Betaab Valley - Named After A Bollywood Film

This valley in Kashmir got this name from the popular movie Betab which starred Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh and went on to gain a cult following. The Pahalgam hotel is known for its rejuvenating and a wholesome tasty cuisine. The rooms provide a splendid view of the river and snow clad mountains.

Deepak Kukreja from New Delhi talks about his perfect vacation stay at Pahalgam Hotel. He says: “Well I was so astonished when I visited first time. Environment surrounded by natural beauty, running water, mountain view. Everything seemed to me that I was drifting straight beneath shelter of heaven. Had an quick access when it came to services, very prompt I think. Kashmiri food was as delicious as mom made at home. Overall I had a blast connecting with these thoughtful people.”

Check out where to check in right here!


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4The valley of shepherds - Pahalgam
The valley of shepherds - Pahalgam

Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, drive to Pahalgam (The valley of shepherds). In Pahalgam you may want to walk down to the local bazaar to buy souvenirs, visit the Mamaleshwar temple. If you have time do explore the Betaab valley and the sleepy town of Aru just 10 kms from Pahalgam. 

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Reviews (182)

Saloni Goyal

Saloni Goyal5.0/5

4 reviews

Heart of Kashmir : Pahalgam

Pahalgam : A place close to not just my heart but my soul.
It's reminiscence always graces my face, takes away all the sorrows and takes me back to that panoramic Beauty ..
Pahalgam also known as Valley of Shepherds is a leafy paradise. It seemed like a woody heaven, in which resides a gem - a blue stream in the forest- The Lidder.
A perfect scene that will make you realise that you are now in what is actually called a heaven. Wherever you stop, the view will be captivating.
The ride to Pahalgam :-
It was a pleasant 3 hr ride from our hotel to Pahalgam. I still remember it was raining that day, but it further beautified our journey.
On your way, you'll find rich walnut laden trees, Pampore valley- air of which is laden by saffron growing all over, the redolent Apple valley - known for it's world famous kashmiri apples. The apples are rich in flavour.
Give yourself some rest there and savor the spicy apple chat, sweet Apple juice and yummy apple jam.
After a ride along the Lidder, you'll reach Pahalgam ..
What to see in Pahalgam :-
Pahalgam has many local sightseeing spots but for that you'll have to hire a pony. The horse owners will ask you a ransom of money but you need to negotiate a lot with them ..
But mark my words, that heck on a horse will be your best ride ever.
Just mount on it and they'll take you through umber- brown forest. As you'll venture deeper into tangled heart of this forest, it would reveal it's secrets to you ...
Spot 1 :- Kanyan Marg
Kanyan - in Kashmiri it means stones. The pandavs took stones from here all the way to Srinagar to build the famous Shankaracharya temple.
Spot 2:- Waterfall
The most breathtaking of all is this whirring waterfall. The most scenic of all. I wasn't able to take my eyes off it. It was glowing and rumbling. It rushed down the mountain, roiling and bubbling, bur ling and churning.
Just sit there and have a sip of tea.
One can spend hours there, just relaxing and appreciating the beauty with soothing waterfall sound and Himalayas in the backdrop.
Spot 3 :- Debyn
Spot 4 :- Kashmir valley
Trotting a little more comes a meadow.
The Alice in Wonderland types
It looked as if it had stepped from the pages of a story book. The grass was Eden-green and sky was a feast for the eyes.
All I wanted to do was, lay and look at the valley down there. The skippering mountains made it a paradise.
Spot 5 :- Mini Switzerland/ Baisaran valley
Yes a Switzerland in India ...
A long dark medow surrounded by dense pine forests that gave it a green carpet look, providing a contrasting Hue to the snow capped peaks of surrounding mountains.
Horse ride
It all your way on a horse ride, you'll encounter numerous turquoise blue streams, making their way through the forest. All about this place is, the further you'll go, the more mystical and spell bounding it will become.
" Hold on to these moments, because they are once in a lifetime experience. And remember them forever. "
After coming down, go to park island, rest there and enjoy the Lidder flowing all around you ..
The scenic Lidder
I still remember Irshad bhai (our taxi driver) telling me, " yeh jagah aapki rooh choo le gi "
And that's what it exactly did.
I left Pahalgam teary eyed with these lyrics in my heart ..
" Iss tarah Aashiqui ka asar chodd jaaungaa,
Tere chehre pe apni nazar chodd jaungaa"
#BEWARE:- There will be many photographers roaming around you, hire them, but do negotiate and don't let them exploit you and don't accept any photographs in CD, get them transferred to your cell instead.
For booking packages contact:-
1. Snow fence tour and travels-
Abid Hussain Baba :-
For all you need, Abid bhai will be there for you to make all the arrangements.
Thank you snow fence for making this tour a memorable one.
2. Paris group of houseboats -Srinagar.
Waseem bhaijaan - 9906410499
They offer one of the best hospitality ...
3 hotel Rotana 9596041330
For a homely stay in Srinagar

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  • Heart of Kashmir : Pahalgam
  • Heart of Kashmir : Pahalgam
  • Heart of Kashmir : Pahalgam
  • Heart of Kashmir : Pahalgam

Haresh joshi

Haresh joshi4.3/5

5 reviews

Nature's lap.

White meadows with lush green pine trees makes Pahalgam a beautiful place. Ladder river flowing through the town makes it enchanting. Beware of pony owners. They tell 1200-1500 for Barsana and came to 600 per person. Once you agree, you cannot deny. They unitedly quarell with you.

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Pahalgam Overview

Pahalgam, a notified area committee, is a town in the Anantnag district. Located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Pahalgam is perched at an elevation of 2,740 metres above sea level. Pahalgam is the base camp for the pilgrimage to Amarnath and is about 95 kilometres from Srinagar.

Pahalgam is a situated at the junction of Aru and Sheshnag Rivers. Aru flows into the Kolahoi Glacier beyond Lidderwat and Sheshnag from glaciers along the great Himalayas. The destination initially was a shepherd village and was under the rule of the Mughals during the medieval times.

After the rule of the Mughal Empire, Kashmir was conquered by local Hindu rulers. The town remained independent even during the British era and later on was a part of independent India. The culture of the town can be witnessed in its food habits, clothes and religious beliefs. The diversity of the region is visible in the languages spoken, which include Urdu, Hindi, Kashmiri and English.

The weather conditions in the destination are pleasant and mild in summers from April to June, while winters from November to February are cold and experience heavy snowfall. July and August see a huge crowd of pilgrims thronging Amarnath, the abode of Lord Shiva, as Pahalgam is the starting point of the Amarnath Yatra. The best time to visit Pahalgam is during the months of mid-April to mid-November.

Photos of Pahalgam

Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Photo by


Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir
Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Photo by

Irfan Allaie

Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir
Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Photo by

Vishal Datta

So Beautiful at Pahalgam
Pahalgam, Jammu & Kashmir

Photo by

Vishal Datta

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