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Temple on water

Temple on water  Video Review

Jal Mandir

24th Dec 17

Very good jal mandir

Very good jal mandir  Video Review

Jal Mandir

24th Dec 17

Jal mandir

Jal mandir  Video Review

Jal Mandir

Ravi kumar
24th Dec 17

This is dedicated to the Lord Mahavira.

This is dedicated to the Lord Mahavira.  Video Review

Jal Mandir

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
14th Aug 17

I am heading to Pawapuri

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Kumar Navneet

Kumar Navneet4.3/5

1 review

Pawapuri - The most beautiful peaceful place

As per title, Pawapuri is very beautiful place covered by mountains in Bihar. It has a tourist place which is also a religious place too. It's name is "Jal Mandir". It is surrounded by lake of lotuses on all the four side and there is a narrow path for reaching it. The entire temple is made up of white marble. It is the best and most peaceful place I have ever seen. Everyone who wants a peaceful break should visit there!

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Pawapuri Overview

Pawapuri is a sacred place for the Jains because Lord Mahavir was cremated here in 500 BC. It is situated in Nalanda district in the state of Bihar. It is about 38 km from Rajgir and about 101 km from Patna, the capital city of Bihar.

Pawapuri was one of the twin capitals of Mall Mahajanpad about 2600 year ago. Later it was included in the Magadha Kingdom and was known as Madyama Pawa or Apawapuri. When Lord Mahavir lived at this place, it was under the rule of Ajatshatru, King of Magadh, who was also a great disciple of Lord Mahavira and Hastipal was the King of Pawapuri. While in Pawapuri, Lord Mahavira resided in the Rajikshala of King Hastipal.

Pawapuri is also known as Apapuri, which means the ‘sinless town’, because Lord Mahavir was cremated here. After the cremation, there was a huge rush to gather the ashes. So much soil was removed from around the funeral pyre that a pond was formed. This pond was developed into a lotus pond and a marble temple, known as Jalmandir, was built in the centre of the pond.

There is another Jain temple in this place which is known as ‘Samosharan’. Samosharan temple is circular in shape and is made of white marbles. The shrine on the top of the temple is dome shaped and has the footprints of Lord Mahavir on it. This was the place where the lord gave his last preaching.

Pawapuri also has a rich cultural heritage and the Rajgir Dance Festival and the Chhath Puja are among the most popular festivals celebrated in this place. The Rajgir Dance Festival is organised by the State Tourism Department of Bihar every year in the month of October, where classical and folk dances are performed.

The Chhath puja on the other hand is held twice a year. Once during Vaishakha, that is in the months between April and May and in Kartika, that is in the months between October and November. During this festival the sun is worshipped in the Surya Temple, which is the sun temple of Surajpur Baragaon.

Another attraction of this place is the Gaon Mandir. This is the place where Lord Mahavir breathed his last. King Nandivardhan, who was the elder brother of Lord Mahavir, built this temple.

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