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Mohd Shariq

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The city for relaxing and peaceful living

Pilibhit is a district in Bareilly region that is not a big place but surely you will feel relax and comfort here.

I have visited Pilibhit many time and every time when I go to there I feel my self comfort and relaxed. It is a place where you can live your life peacefully. Population is not much there and the people who live there are very good in nature and are very helpful. But one thing that I would say about the political system of there which is not stable and people faces many trouble related to effort by the key people in politics.

There are a few temples which are famous i.e, Gauri Shankar Mandir, Kala mandir etc.

There is one very famous mosque called Jama Masjid which is the carbon copy of jama masjid of Delhi.

There are many small places to visit such as Chuka beach, Wifercation, Mala forest etc.

I would suggest everyone to visit Pilibhit at least once in their lives and feel how peaceful place is this and enjoy your holidays.

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