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Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail  Video Review

Cellular Jail

Kapil chowdhry
15th Dec 17

North Bay Island Andaman

North Bay Island Andaman  Video Review

North Bay Island Andaman

Biman chandra Das
29th Jan 18

Corbyn's Cove beach on the way to Ripple Resort

Corbyn's Cove beach on the way to Ripple Resort  Video Review

Corbyn's Cove

Sapna Singh
27th Aug 15

Munda pahar

Munda pahar  Video Review

Chidiya Tapu

Kapil chowdhry
16th Jun 18

Enchanting beauty of Ross Island

Enchanting beauty of Ross Island  Video Review

Ross Island

Biman chandra Das
29th Jan 18

Cellular Jail View from the Corridors

Cellular Jail View from the Corridors  Video Review

Cellular Jail

Supriyaa Srivastav
16th Jan 17

History of Cellular Jail, Port Blair

History of Cellular Jail, Port Blair  Video Review

Cellular Jail

Supriyaa Srivastav
16th Jan 17

Scenic spot on the way to Corbyn's beach

Scenic spot on the way to Corbyn's beach  Video Review

Ross Island

Ankita Kumar
31st Aug 15

Jolly buoy

Jolly buoy  Video Review

Jolly Buoy Island

Kapil chowdhry
16th Jun 18

Spectacular Munda Pahad

Spectacular Munda Pahad  Video Review

Munda Pahad South Beach

Biman chandra Das
29th Jan 18

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Reasons to go to Port Blair

1A Culinary Trail In Port Blair
A Culinary Trail In Port Blair

Put on that scuba-diving gear and plunge into the world of corals at Andaman or go on a culinary trail at Port Blair. It offers everything, right from burgers to Andamani Fish Curry. Choose from an array of seafood.

HolidayIQ Traveller Deeoak shares, "Just before the time we landed on the island till the time we took off, we enjoyed every moment of it. Except the time when we were in Port Blair airport. It was not maintained so well. But once you are out of it, you will like the surroundings. We visited many places but one of the best places to visit is Havelock Beach. Do try all the sea foods if you are a foody."


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2For its beautiful sunset point
For its beautiful sunset point

HolidayIQ Reviewer Aniruddha Basu adds, “A memorable sunset at Chidiya Tapu, Andamans Chidiya Tapu is a beautiful village near Port Blair. We went there mainly to watch the sunset and listen to the chirping of the birds returning to their nests. I must say that had we not gone there we would have missed one of the best sunsets we have ever visualised in our life. ”  

HolidayIQ Reviewer Carmalin Sophie adds, “Beautiful sunset and Rainbow We landed in Corbyn's Cove in one of those evenings we stayed in Port Blair. The colors in the sky were amazing. We could see a beautiful sunset. We saw people doing, water scooter (cheaper than Havelock). We did all our water sports in Havelock, so we didn't choose to do it again here. ”  


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3An amazingly active place
An amazingly active place

HolidayIQ Reviewer Ankurpreet Singh says, “Visit only if interested in sea walk. We visited this island as part of our visit to Twin Islands of Ross and North Bay. You need to take tickets from Aberdeen Jetty which is at Andaman Water Sports Complex. The ship we got was 'MV Mark Marina' which was a good one with AC as well.”  

HolidayIQ Reviewer Nishant Kalra shares, “A must visit in Port Blair; Marine Park is made of 15 islands out of which public access are allowed only on 2 islands- Jolly Buoy and Red Skin, that too after proper reference checks of the tourist. Access is allowed to one island at a time changing alternatively every 6 months. ”  


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4For its Andaman Water Sports Complex
For its Andaman Water Sports Complex

HolidayIQ Reviewer Nishant Kalra adds, “We initially thought we will visit it in evening during Light and Sound show but some locals advised us to visit it once in morning too as it will help us to understand the show better. It was at walking distance from Andaman water sports Complex .”

HolidayIQ Reviewer Priyanka Sinha says, “Andaman water sports Complex is at the Aberdeen Jetty. We visited it before we went to Ross Island. It is maintained by a private operator and has water sports activities

HolidayIQ Reviewer SHASHI adds, “Nearest beach in Port Blair to enjoy photography 1. Nearest and only beach in Port Blair. 2. Water sports activities. 3. Sea made things shop purchase.


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5The best beach to enjoy photography
The best beach to enjoy photography

HolidayIQ Reviewer Shashi adds, “ Port Blair has one of the best beaches to enjoy photography.  Apart from photography, you can also enjoy water sports activity, shopping, a five-star hotel near the beach, exotic food, drinks. The best part is that you can have an unforgetttable photography experience.

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Reviews (397)

Anil khanna

Anil khanna4.3/5

3 reviews

Good place for relaxing and enjoying adventures and beauty of nature.

Port Blair is a an island of exceptional beauty of nature. It is connected to other big cities by sea and air. It is surrounded by nearby beautiful islands like rose island, Havelock island is approachable by ferry ride. There are so many beautiful beaches like carwyn cove, chiriya tapu. Kalapathar, radhanagar, elephant beach. There are so many things to see in port Blair like anthropology museum, marine museum, fishery museum, cellular jail, light and sound show at cellular jail, govt. Saw mill, Gandhi park, joggers park, carwyn cove beach, chiriya tapu beach, marine park, Rajiv Gandhi sports complex, port Blair science museum, kalapani museum and more. Good place to stay for 4-5 days to enjoy beauty of nature

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Tarit Ray

Tarit Ray4.3/5

55 reviews

Quaint little capital city

Port Blair is the capital of Andamans and has quite a few attractions of its won including Corbyn's Cove beach, various mueseums, Chidiya Tapu, Zoo, Water Sports Complex and most importantly the national memorial of Cellular Jail. You can plan for 2 days of sight seeing in this place and then proceed to Havelock or Neil Island. Do not miss the sound and light show at Cellular Jail. Mobile internet is 2G but you can make calls. The main market at Aberdeen road has shops which stock everything and ATM's are numerous.

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Port Blair Overview

In Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair is the largest town and the capital city of this Union Territory of India. The town is located in the east coast of Southern Andaman Island and serves as the main gateway to enter the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Presently, it serves as a major base for the Indian navy and Indian Coast Guard.

History of Port Blair

During the British rule in India, the Chatham Island was established as a centre of detention and it was named Port Blair in honour of the lieutenant. More and more prisoners of the Indian independence struggle were sent to this island by the East India Company rule. As the number of detainees increased with the years, this prison island required renovation.

The Viper Island, near Port Blair was originally used for housing the convicts but the diseases and living conditions caused a lot of deaths during those days of British rule in India. In the later part of the 19th century, the area came to have the Cellular Jail which was termed by the Indians as Kaala Paani. Before Indian independence, Port Blair served temporarily as the headquarters of the Azad Hind Fauj led by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

People & Culture of Port BlairA visit to Port Blair and its surrounding areas, gives an idea of the culture of the land which is mostly based on the heritage of the tribal populations that stay in the area. Although it is restricted to visit the lands where tribes are still located, with the help of special permits, people can visit these areas. In the Tsunami of 2004, many areas of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands were affected, but Port Blair escaped the wrath and served as the base for relief operations.

It is the only point with banks, tourist offices, and hotels. Port Blair being the entry point to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, there has been major infrastructural and community development by the local government. It has a number of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, transport facilities, which cannot be seen in other places in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Things to do in Port BlairTourists can have a glimpse of the tribal culture in the museums and the various cultural programs. Port Blair is the only place which has a good amount of population in comparison to other islands and areas, which is around 1, 00,000, roughly.

Port Blair’s rich history can be seen in some of its major attractions like Cellular Jail, Anthropological Museum, Ross Island, Gandhi Park etc. In Port Blair and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, tourists can visit the multitude of beaches, and islands. Activities like snorkelling and boating can be done in the region. Tourists who are interested can choose among the several Port Blair packages which combine hotels, sightseeing as well as various activities.

Food & Shopping in Port BlairSea food delicacies as well as Indian, Continental and Burmese delicacies are found usually in most of the eateries. Coconut water is one of the most commonly available drinks. Restaurants are mostly concentrated in the Aberdeen Bazaar area.

In Port Blair, souvenirs can be purchased in the local shops in Aberdeen Bazaar. Artefacts and trinkets can be bought in the museum sale counters of the marine, forest, and anthropological museum. The shopping arcades in the Aberdeen bazaar sell different types of jewelleries, trinkets, wood carvings, etc. The government emporium Samudrika contains a number of items like photographs, stones and tribal weaponry, replicas of fauna, etc related with the history and geography of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Travelling to Port BlairDue to a well laid transportation facility, the accessibility to the various holiday spots in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, are possible through Port Blair. There are flights that connect the Indian mainland to the Veer Savarkar Airport in Port Blair. Private and government airlines operate their flights from different cities in India to Port Blair. The airport is situated 2 km outside the city centre from where taxis, auto rickshaws and buses are available to reach Port Blair, especially during flight times.

Travelling within Port BlairBus services are provided by private operators as well as state owned transport buses for moving within the island. Buses to different parts of Port Blair and nearby islands leave from the central bus stand from 4.30 am till 12 noon. Local STS buses to different areas inside the city limits run throughout the day.

Accommodation options in Port BlairHotels in Port Blair range from government run guest houses and youth hostels as well as privately owned hotels and resorts of different categories. There are also guest houses of the forest and plantation departments.

There are municipal lodgings and guest houses as well, which are mostly low cost accommodations and are found in Aberdeen Bazaar and Delanipur. Various budget hotels can be found in the Aberdeen Bazaar and Marine Hill as well as in Link road. Luxury hotels are found in MG Road, Link Road, Marine Hill and the sea front.

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