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Avijit  Khan

Avijit Khanratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

3 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Excellent if you are willing to get back to the inner root of us ...

Its always being a refreshing and stress busting experiences for me as we are going to lose the real flavour of rural India and the beauty and innocence of the place and their people, so grab it as many as can before they do also get urbanised like other chaotic cities with 'no heart and more brain' philosophy.
I think place like Purulia and many other in north Bengal as well do bring me back on track when I am being derailed by the insensitive and self centered people around us in every day in our life.

Saikat Kundu

Saikat Kunduratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

15 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Excellent circuit to visit

Purulia town is the district town of Purulia. Now it is a town having modern amenities. In winter season, people come here to visit a nice tourist circuit. One day, you can go to Ajodhya Hill, Murguma Dam and Deulghata. Another day, you may go to Baranti and Joychandi Pahar. Both day Tours will be memorable. Less known place Deelghata is famous for Ancient Temples of Pal and Sen era. Lower and Upper Dam in Ajodhya Hill are fabulous. Baranti Lake and Baranti Hill take you to a world of dream!

  • Excellent circuit to visit
  • Excellent circuit to visit
  • Excellent circuit to visit
  • Excellent circuit to visit

Hotel hill View

Hotel hill Viewratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Good destination

Western highlands experience a dry summer like northern India, with the highest day temperature ranging from 38 °C (100 to 45 °C (113. [1] At nights, a cool southerly breeze carries moisture from the Bay of Bengal bringing relief to the people. The rising temperature results in the formation of low pressure troughs in the parts of the state during April-May. These troughs attract winds from the north-west and cyclonic storms and rainfall along with thunderstorms often occurs; these are known in West Bengal as Kalbaisakhi, or Nor'westers, often occur. [
The rainy season stretches from July to the end of September. During this period, the South-West Monsoons pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal and blow over the state. Most of the annual average rainfall of 175 cm about 125 cm occurs during this period. Heavy rainfall of above 250 cm is observed in the Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar and Cooch Behar district. Later, blowing westwards, the winds cause average rainfall of 125 cm in the northern plains and western plateau region. During the arrival of the monsoons, low pressure in the Bay of Bengal region often leads to the occurrence of storms in the coastal areas.

Hotel hill View

Hotel hill Viewratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Must visit place

Looking for Hotels in Purulia? Hotel Hill View Purulia - a premium hotel in Purulia with all modern amenities offers online hotel booking facility to its guests. Hotel Hill View Purulia is 2 km from Railway Station. We have Deluxe A/C and Non A/C rooms with Intercom, wardrobe, 21' Flat T. V. With cable line in every room and other facilities like room service, Laundry, Music channels, Car parking space, Restaurant, Doctor on call, Tour bookings etc.
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Pritvi Kanchi

Pritvi Kanchiratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

266 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

A Trip to Puruilia

I had been to Purulia by road in the month of May 2016. Purulia is a must-visit in the tourism circuit of present-day west Bengal. The must-visit attractions around Purulia include the Ajodhya Hills, Biharinath and Panchet Dam. The Ajodhya Hills are located between West Bengal and Jharkhand. Turga Dam and the Bamni river waterfalls are nearby places that can be easily visited. Biharinath is located near Bankura. This place is believed to be an ancient centre for Jainism and this place is very rich in flora and fauna. The Panchet Dam is located 17 kilometers from Asansol and is built on the Damodar river.

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Arnab Chakraborty

Arnab Chakrabortyratingratingratingratingratingrating3.9/5

29 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

A weekend trip to Baranti, Purulia

If you are one of them who do not have much time but eagerly want to take a break from the daily monotony of life, if you are one of them who has a small budget but still wants to enjoy the beauty of mother nature and at last if you are one of them who loves Bengal and it's unique village life with its own flavor, then Baranti in Purulia district will be one of the best options for you. Miles and miles of lush greenery with an equal co existence of small mountains and lakes, Baranti will definitely take your breath away and you will be amazed to see what mother nature in its simplest form can offer to us . You do not need to anything, just hire a bicycle from the locals or if not just walk along the mud led path lying lazily waiting for you to enjoy. I am sure you will lose track of time walking down the road and relishing the beauty of rural Bengal . One small tip, go to Baranti in the months of mid February to March to witness the breathtaking beauty of 'Palash' trees with its full bloomed blood red flowers which turns this small village into an artists's impression brushed only in Red.

  • A weekend trip to Baranti, Purulia
  • A weekend trip to Baranti, Purulia
  • A weekend trip to Baranti, Purulia
  • A weekend trip to Baranti, Purulia

Sanam Chopra

Sanam Chopraratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

17 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Nature's beauty

Ayodhya hill/ Ajodha Pahar, approx 328 km away from Kolkata, is a popular place for novice mountaineers to learn the basic course in rock climbing. Bagmundi, surrounded by rocky cliffs, to the west of Ayodhya Hills, also attracts climbers .  . The narrow lane from Sirkabad to Ayodhya is perfect for jungle trekking. The 13-km journey through an intense jungle of mostly Shimul and Palash takes five-six hours. But it is suggested not to take that road alone when you are going to Ayodhya because the road is deserted and you will not find many people around. It is better to have a local guide Turga dam and falls, lake prepared using the dam water, waterfall at an altitude of 200 feet on the river Bamani, newly made Purulia storage project which is 8 km away from Baghmundi are some of the places one should look forward to visit. Tusu fair, an occasion of backward community, organized near the Turga barrage, is very interesting for knowing their culture . The temple, situated atop Matha hill surrounded by many hills, at a distance of 6 km from Baghmundi and 40 km from Purulia looks like a picture on canvas. Kudlung River looks even more beautiful if you see it at night. If you are lucky you can see bears which come down from Garga hill. Not only the fair of Matha hill, the Pakhi hill situated at a distance of 4 km from Matha hill also attracts a large number of tourists. The group called to Harmony' lead by the artist Chitta they is making different sculptures on the rocks of Matha hills.

Angshuman Banerjee

Angshuman Banerjeeratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

31 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

The panoramic village of Purulia, Baranti

I visited Baranti village this during dewali. Scenic beauti is very good. Pollution free environment is around. Forests, hill and lake are in one place. I stayed there for two days. Lake is sarround by small hills. Ideal place for photography. Butterfly and bird are common site. Tribal village are there.

  • The panoramic village of Purulia, Baranti
  • The panoramic village of Purulia, Baranti
  • The panoramic village of Purulia, Baranti
  • The panoramic village of Purulia, Baranti

Swarup Dalal

Swarup Dalalratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

13 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

A place to explore

The place is called Baronti, 15 km from adra station. Nearest station is muradihi at howra- kharagpur- asansole route. You will find dam, rocks, jungle, adibasi villages. Resorts, hotels available. You will find nature. Silence. You can travel around jungles, you can enjoy fishing at santuri dam .

Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumarratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

1 reviewPosted May 2015

Awesome holiday

The holiday was great. Accommodation was good, staff were fantastic, food was simple, good quality and plentiful. We would (and have) recommend it to others. Some things felt a little rough around the edges, but we got the impression that was because this was the first year that FSC have run these holidays, so hopefully they will improve. We left details on the feedback form at the centre.

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