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Raichur Tourism

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Saranya Devanathan

Saranya Devanathan2.5/5

462 reviews

Town inside a fort

I went to Raichur to attend a meeting. The organisers arranged a trip to Mantralayam to attract us for the meeting. We women got attracted by a visit to Godel for saree weaving and sales nearby . The town has fort wall in the centre of the town itself. As you go through a main street, you pass an ancient gate to proceed further. The whole area is hilly. There are few temples on hillocks . North Karnataka Kannada and Telugu are the local language . There are medical and engineering colleges and elite schools on one road. Another road is full of oil and **** mills. Another road has cotton and toor Dal plants on either side . Highway construction was going on in the main roads making the whole town dusty when I visited . Mantralayam and Godel are about 40 km from Raichur on different routes. But day trip is comfortable, staying at Raichur.

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Ravinder Yadav

Ravinder Yadav5.0/5

1 review

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Raichur Overview

Raichur, the headquarters and the city municipal council of Raichur District of Karnataka, is a historic city with rich cultural heritage. The cultural ethnicity of Raichur has made it a popular tourist destination of South India.

Situated on the banks of the River Tungabhadra, Raichur lies in the north eastern part of Karnataka. Raichur town is at a distance of about 409 km from Bangalore, the state capital of Karnataka and 151 km from Hyderabad Airport.

Raichur has a rich historic and cultural background as it was ruled by all the dynasties who reigned over the Deccan Plateau. The city of Raichur is famous for its Fort which was constructed by the Kakatiya rulers in 1294 AD.

Raichur Fort and the city of Raichur came under various empires like Mauryas, Chalukyas, Vijayanagara, Bahmanis and the Mughals. The region of Raichur hence imbibed the culture of these dynasties to become a cultural kaleidoscope of India.

The origin of the name ‘Raichur’ can be dated back to the 12th century when this city was called by the name of ‘Rachavoor’ or ‘Rachanoor’ which means ‘King's Place’.

The conquering of Rachavoor by the Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana has been detailed in the Hoysala Inscriptions dated 1161 AD, 1178 AD and 1183 AD. By 1294 AD, ‘Rachanoor’ was shortened to ‘Rachoor’ or ‘Rachooru’, which is evident from the Kakatiya inscription on the wall of the Raichur Fort.

Malik Kafur captured the region of Raichur in the year 1312 and it consequently came under the reign of Vijayanagara, Bahmani, Bijapur, Mughal and Asaf Jahi Kings. The region of Raichur, in fact, was often referred to as ‘Doab’ (two rivers) in the ancient texts, due to its proximity to River Krishna and River Tungabhadra.

Today, Raichur city has become the commercial, educational and industrial hub of the Raichur District. Raichur is famous for its produce of rice, oilseeds and cotton. The city is an important station on the Guntakal-Mumbai railway line. The best time to visit Raichur is from October to March.

The hill fort of Raichur, Bijapur styled Tomb of Pir Sailani Shah, Fort Jami Masjid, Ek-Minar-ki-Masjid, citadel or the Bala Hisar, etc. are the major attractions of Raichur. Visitors to Raichur can also take excursions to nearby places like Anegundi (135 km from Raichur), which is famous for the Ranganatha Temple, Pampa Sarovara, Kamal Mahal, Huchchappayana Matha and Nava Brindavana. Bellary (145 km from Raichur), which is famous for its Mallara Temple and the World Heritage Site Hampi are other places of interest near Raichur.

Photos of Raichur

Raichur, Karnataka

Photo by

Saranya Devanathan

Cotton field like snow balls
Raichur, Karnataka

Photo by

Saranya Devanathan

Feet of Anjaneya on the way to hillock

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