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Still spectacular

Still spectacular  Video Review

The Four Gateways

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
28th Aug 16

A very popular shrine of great sufi saint

A very popular shrine of great sufi saint  Video Review

Hazrat Peer Fatehullah Shah Baba

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
28th Aug 16

This historical fort was built in 1200

This historical fort was built in 1200  Video Review

Raisen Fort

Rizwanuddin Rafiq
28th Aug 16

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1To visit Raisen Fort that belongs to 6th century BC
To visit Raisen Fort that belongs to 6th century BC

HolidayIQ Reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq adds, “Raisen Fort - It is a Historic monument of National importance. Very grand and glorious history of the Raisen Fort, it is said to be a kind of gateway to the Malwa, will not be wrong, due to distinctive strategic importance, it was declared in 1951 a Historic Monument of National Importance. This place has been inhabited by the humans since the prehistoric period as several rock paintings are the evidence. It remains constituent of Avantika Mahajanapada from the 6th-century BC. Archaeological Survey revealed evidence of 5th-6th centuries various sculptors and architectural fragments of Paramara Period 10-11th century


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Rizwanuddin Rafiq

Rizwanuddin Rafiq5.0/5

3023 reviews

Good place to visit

Raisen is a District of state Madhya Pradesh situated about 47 Kms from Bhopal and this is a district Head-quarter located almost at the centre of MP. This was declared a separate district on 05th May 1950. It has eight tehsils Raisen, Goharganj, Begamganj, Gairatganj, Silwani, Bareli, Udaipura and Badi. It is having an area about 8, 395 and surrounded by Sehore, Sagar, Narsimhpur, Vidisha, Hoshangabad districts. It is connected to Bhopal by NH-86 and NH-12 also passes through the district. World heritage site Sanchi, Bhojpur famous Lord Shiva's Temple and Bhimbetka rock-shelter is also a World Heritage Site are situated at a distance of 20-40 Kms from Raisen. It has got its name due to the fort situated on a sand stone rocks hill about 150 meters high which was built in 12th-century and was ruled by various Hindu Kings, and it was known as Rajavasini or Rajasayan which means the Royal Residence. This was considered as a gateway to Malwa, and in 1543 it was Captured by the King Sher Shah Suri and King Puranmal lost. Later it was occupied in 1760 by the third Nawab Of Bhopal Faiz Mo hammed Khan who was titled as Nizamat-A-Mashrif by Mughal Emperor Alamgir II as a Foujdar, and after British rule it was a Princely State. Whole town ship is settled under the foot-hill of this fort so known Raisen. It has all the official residences and district offices related to Administration, Jurisdiction, Security, Forests, Public Work Department, Fishery, Education, Marketing Boards etc. It has an Industrial Area in Mandideep where many renowned companies are situated like Hindsutan Electro Graphite, Lupin, Anant Spinning Mill etc. It has a Municipal Corporation and having 30 wards. It has seen drastic changes in industrialisation and agriculture, but it looks quite backward growth and lifestyle are not up to the mark. One very interesting fact about this District Head-Quarter is that it is not having a single Square where four roads are joining. Now residential area is continuously increasing as many builders and real estate players are developing the fashionable colonies, hope soon it will attain the new heights of urbanisation, one among them is Sheetal Garden. It is having one nicely maintained public garden close to the Cicuit House. Generally it is famous for Dargah Shareef of Sufi Saint Peer Fateh Ulah Shah, and irrespective of religion, cast and creed all people from Bhopal, and from far distance are visiting Dargah Shareef and the fort too . It has a Government Degree College, High schools like Convent etc. And Government Hospital but for major treatment residents preferred Bhopal even for higher Education . . Now it has good hotels like Meera Resort and Restaurant, Hotel Priyanka with Roof Top Restaurant, Tiwari Lodge and Bhojnalay, Hotel Jyoti Residency, Hotel Amogh, for comfortable stay and many Multi-cuisine Restaurants for their tasty food are quite famous . It is connected by Road only and having a Bus Stand, which is connecting to the major towns of MP, the nearest Railway Station is Sanchi but the preferable Railway Junction Is Bhopal and Airport is also in Bhopal . Weather is tropical and in winter temperature reaches to zero and the summer is also hot. River Betwa and Reechan are flowing within the range of 3-9 Kms, and Betwa merges in Chambal. It is not having any major dam except one built in Village Karmodia and other is Halali. Its standard Code is 07482 and PIN is 464551 . Its a wonderful tourist place and their are many attractions like Fort, Sanchi, Bhimbetka, Bhojpur temple etc. Archaeological Museum is situated close to the Fort Road having many ancient statues collected from Raisen fort and Badi fort. At Chopra just after the museum one ancient step-well is indicating that how old is the town. One will have very memorable experience while coming from Bhopal as only road is connecting this lovely place. Before Raisen one will find many magnificent views including of a particular shaped rock. If it is summer have only casual wear otherwise in winter without warm clothings it will be very difficult. Overall adventurous tour of Raisen though quite ignored, but Government and archaeological department are working for visitors and towards facilities special focus is there. Though number of attractions is less but visitors will enjoy the history and the panoramic views from the fort including a homage to the Holy Shrine.

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  • Good place to visit
  • Good place to visit
  • Good place to visit
  • Good place to visit

Raisen Overview

Raisen district is situated in the central part of Madhya Pradesh. It is bound by Sehore district in the west, Vidisha in the north, in the east by Sagar, in the south-east by Narsimhapur district, and in the south by Hoshangabad.

The total area of the district is about 8,395 sq. km. Raisen is divided into five sub-divisions and this is further divided into seven Blocks. The district has eight tehsils, four assembly constituencies, and two parliamentary constituencies.

Raisen is named after the enormous fort that was built on a sandstone hill. This fort was ruled by the Sultans of Mandu, and it then passed on to the Rajputs. Bhopal is the nearest airport, and it is about 45 km from the district.

Some important railway stations nearby are Salamatpur, Dewanganj, Sanchi, Mandideep, Obeyadullahganj and Barkheda. Raisen town is located on the state highway No. 18 and national highway No. 12 which passes through main towns of the district.

The most popular tourist attractions in the district are Bhojpur and Bhimbethika, and Sanchi, which is about 46 kms from Bhopal. It is a religious place with historical and archaeological importance. Sanchi is a revered place and is known for its Buddhist monuments like the stupas, monasteries, temples and pillars which were built dating back as early as the 3rd century B.C. to the 12th century A.D.

The four gateways or torans at Sanchi are covered with intricate carvings that depict scenes from the life of Buddha and the Jatakas. The Ashoka pillars here are built in the Greco-Buddhist style. The national Emblem of India was adopted from here.

Sanchi has a Buddhist Vihara made of wood and there is a huge bowl carved out from a single rock. There is a Gupta Temple built in the 5th century. The archaeological Survey of India has built a museum that showcases many objects which were discovered during the excavation of the Sanchi area. The museum has an ample set of vessels and other items used by the monks who lived here.

Bhojpur, 28 kms from Bhopal, was founded by the legendary Parmar King of Dhar, Raja Bhoj. It is famous for the remains of the splendid Shiva Temple and Cyclopean dam. The temple, which is also called the Somnath of the East, is known as the Bhojeshwar Temple.

Surrounded in the northern end by the Vindhya ranges, Bhimbetka is about 46 km south of Bhopal. In this rocky landscape of dense woods and precipices, there are over 600 rock shelters belonging to the Neolithic age which were recently discovered.

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