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2 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Mysterious ross island

Amazing gone by era can be seen on this island. Now completely in ruins after tsunami and earthquakes. But still the adventure, history and mystery of this island make it worthy. You can spot peacocks, deer and rabbits roaming freely. It's strange to know that at one point of time it was occupied by Britishers who had houses and bakeries as well, which you can spot now as well .. Go for it!



6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Island with beauty, history & pets

Ross Island is a beautiful tourist spot near the Andamans and is suitable for a half-day visit along with the North Bay Island. Many of the Andaman tour packages reserve one day for these two islands in their tour plan. In North Bay beach you can perform water sports such as snorkelling, scuba, glass boat journey, etc and can visit the Ross Island thereafter or vice versa.

It has the ruins of the administrative headquarters of the British officers who managed the administration of the cellular jail in Port Blair, Andaman. Ruins of church, cemetery, powerhouse, bakery, bazaar, etc can be seen there. Near the entrance you can see our National Flag flying in the breeze - a large one. In front of the ruins of Officer's Quarter is a favourite place for taking photos, as it is popular through many of the film song visuals.

Another attraction is the human friendly animals and birds which will come to you without fear. Deers, Rabbits, Squirrels and Peacocks will move very close to you and will even take food from you. Take a selfie with them or let the children pause a photo with them! Beware of the deers as sometimes they would take away eatables from children.

The island is full of coconut and other huge trees. By a round trip you can cover the island. From the small coffee shop in the island you can have tea & snacks. Since you have to return to Port Blair by 3. 30 boat, you may keep an eye on your watch and plan your timings so as to reach the boat jetty on time.

  • Island with beauty, history & pets
  • Island with beauty, history & pets

Mahesh M

Mahesh Mratingratingratingratingrating5.0/5

14 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Ross Islamd - a glorious past

Ross Island is next to Port Blair, once used as place of residence of British. One can get a ferry from Sports complex to visit it . . Now only ruins of old buildings are remaining. One can spot lots of deer, peacocks and other birds here . MUST: Do not miss the tour of Ross Island with Ms. Anuradha as a guide. Its a great experience.

  • Ross Islamd - a glorious past
  • Ross Islamd - a glorious past
  • Ross Islamd - a glorious past
  • Ross Islamd - a glorious past

Amit  Chatterji

Amit Chatterjiratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

10 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

A must visit spot where abruptly time has stood still

Across the 2 miles of sea by a large boat, from Andaman Sports Complex end at Port Blair, we enter the island, where structures stand, as the British had left, though now ruptured in the Angkor Wat style. The dilapidated bakery, the Church, water treatment plant, power house, printing press, the Commissioner's bunglow, etc stands as mute witness to tell us the past stories about the activities that had once happened back in history. There are the Japanese bunkers, which tell us about their occupation of the island, between 1942 to '45, when Netaji Subhas Bose had once hoisted the Indian flag there on the Government House The island, surrounded by the blue sea, retains unique charm of unspoilt greenery and foliage, populated by a large herd of spotted deer and many peacocks, roaming free, so much so that you can take selfy with them, if you are carrying the camera (allowed with a fee) Two to three hours time would be good enough for the trip, and if lucky, one can witness the light and sound show, if the show is on. As the evening descends, an eerie silence and a haunted feeling grips you. Thus may hurry back home with a great feeling But one must be mentally prepared to face an ordeal of hopping on and off the boat, from the broken steps of the jetty, which is of course safe but a bit awakward specially for the heavy weighted or the aged. But the trip must never be missed, if in the Andamans

  • A must visit spot where abruptly time has stood still
  • A must visit spot where abruptly time has stood still

Gaurav M

Gaurav Mratingratingratingratingratingrating3.2/5

7 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

History pieces engulfed by nature

People who are interested in even little bit of history shall definitely visit Ross Island. This island not only has pieces of history in the form of remains of colony once occupied by British Soldiers families but also has vide variety of flora & fauna and beautiful animals like deer, rabbits etc & birds like peacock etc. The British colony is more than a century old and the remains of their houses has now been engulfed by huge trees which have grown over the last hundred years. The trees are so gigantic that it becomes difficult to believe that they stand no on flat ground but on houses, cathedral etc. This island was once occupied by Japan (from 1942-1945) during IInd World War and remained with them till their surrender . . Japanese Bunker, Colony remains, Anchor Point and the Hill Top are the major points. Hill Top is the beautiful location, which is undoubtedly the highest point of the island but also the most beautiful as well. How to roam around Ross Island ?. Taking a stroll is a common way. However, hiring Golf Cart for an amount of Rs 100 per person is an easy and the better option to cover entire island without getting too much tired. This service is arranged by Navy and thus very reasonable. How to reach ?. You can reach there by Govt. Ferre for a reasonable amount but more time consuming . Which takes around 1 hr with fixed time schedule. Alternatively, you can hire a speedboat for around Rs 500-1000 (depending upon size of the boat), which takes around 20 min and has time flexibility. Best time to visit ?. October, Nov, December, January, February.

  • History pieces engulfed by nature

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Sweetie Vino

Sweetie Vinoratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

19 reviewsPosted June 2015

Saviour Island - Ross

Said to be Andaman's capital during British empire, this island had lost most of its beauty to tsunami, but it took the impact of tsunami from affecting Port Blair. This small. 75mile*0. 5mile island, has a foot way that guides us to 12 spots indicated in the map, right when we enter the island. It has entry ticket Rs. 30 per person, Rs. 30 for still camera and Rs. 70 for video camera. This place also has a helipad . . Don't miss to get down the ferar beach, the view is awesome and the white beach sand is inviting.

Soma Sinha roy

Soma Sinha royratingratingratingratingratingrating4.6/5

1 reviewPosted May 2014

Enjoy the marine life!

A virgin destination which gives you loads of sweet, beautiful memories, sketches a beautiful picture of vast expanse of blue water, bordered with silver sand glistening in sunlight. An ideal destination for those who love snorkeling. Enjoy the wonders of nature as you cruise over the coral reef and experience the wonders of marine life.

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Charming beauty of ross island in south andaman

Charming beauty of ross island in south andaman  Video Review

Ross Island

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