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Srinivasa prasath

Srinivasa prasath

10 reviewsPosted 3 years ago

Chasing Monsoon and Wildflowers Bloom in Sahyadri!

Ever since I read about Kaas plateau, a valley of colorful wildflowers in the western ghats, I was waiting for a nice opportunity to visit the place and experience the beauty of Nature. This year an opportunity came in the form of visiting relatives in Mumbai for Ganesh Chaturthi. We happily included Satara in the itinerary. After a brilliant festival vacation in Mumbai, we reached Satara to visit Kaas. Even though many travelers recommended visiting Kaas in the last week of August, to our slight disappointment the heavy monsoon this year has stumped the growth of flowers to a great extent. While the rain-drenched, reenacted Sahyadris was still a treat to our eyes, we missed a variety of flowers that would have otherwise added a lot of colors to the reenacted mountains! But one thing I realized, visiting Kaas during full bloom is certainly one experience but there is a definite advantage in visiting slightly early. Like having an entire treasure trove for ourselves, we literally had the entire valley for ourselves. No tourist crowd, no traffic jam, no loud noise of vehicles and crazy tourists. We could enjoy silence and peaceful sounds of Nature. Dark clouds and occasional drizzle added to the mood. Long walk from Kaas Patthar to Kumudini lake in the monsoon weather is something to remember!
After spending enough time in Kaas to our heart's content, we drove down to Bamnoli for a boat ride in the Koyna river, surrounded by mountains in all directions. Just when we reached Bamnoli the dark clouds rolled in and a thunderstorm broke loose. We didn't let the bad weather dampen our spirits. We got down to enjoy the rains and the beautiful natural setting of the village. Towering mountains and the winding Koyna river are a treat to sore eyes from the city! As the weather got worse and the clouds rolled in, we were compelled to return back to Kaas. Oh, the beautiful panoramic view from the road after the steep climb from Bamnoli is something one has to see to experience !!
I had booked our night stay in the Kaas village to experience life in the village and secondly to visit Vajrai waterfalls next day. While the simple village home food certainly exceeded our expectations, the room as such was a letdown. Even though it had a good bed and warm blankets, sadly, it did not have a fan as the owner thought it was unnecessary for the weather! Thankfully we had a decent sleep that night, in spite of the trouble.
The viewpoint of Vajrai waterfall was a casual stroll outside the village. Staying in the village gave us a clear advantage of visiting the place early in the morning before any crowd got there. We enjoyed the serene view of mountains and waterfall while sipping a hot cup of tea from a lone tea stall nearby. Being a little adventurous, I trekked down a bit through a narrow slippery stretch (which I definitely not recommend for the regular crowd) to get a better view of the waterfall and thought it was worth the effort. After spending time in the lap of Nature, we drove back to Satara via Kaas.
A piece of advice to travelers visiting Kaas - Kaas is a UNESCO world heritage site and an eco-sensitive bio-diversity zone. Please be responsible and don't carry plastics. Respect Nature. Don't stomp on the flowers or attempt to pluck them. Monsoon is the right time to see the flowers in full bloom but double confirm with your hotel/accommodation before you travel all the way to avoid disappointment. Pack your dress carefully for the rains. Raincoat and umbrella should definitely be on your list of items to carry. Do remember, Kaas has an entry ticket and only limited number of people are allowed per day. One can book their ticket online to beat the crowd (lol, we did not have a single soul in sight as we were slightly early for the bloom this year). I highly recommend adding Bamnoli to the itinerary. Finally, travel safe and travel responsibly.

Shubhankar karande

Shubhankar karanderatingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

6 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Most suitable weekend destination

We were here for business purpose how ever we enjoyed this place as a perfect weekend destination. Comparatively calm and small town in western ghat. Good connect with National Highway and Railway too. Wonderful location in the range of mountains and hills. Good places to visit.



2 reviewsPosted 4 years ago

Awesome Satara

After visiting this place you just not gonna forget this place. It's full of greenery with variety of birds, full of mountains, you can go trekking here on this beautiful mountains. You can enjoy with family or couple or also can come single and explore it. Cuisine here is also too good, eg, maddys missal.

Abhishek Sanyal

Abhishek Sanyalratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

3 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Another beautiful place for pre wedding photo-shoot

I've been there for a photoshoot and I found Satara is an amazing place. A small town surrounded by hills where watching sunset from hill top is must. Also you can enjoy the very famous Vada Pav while walking on cozy streets of Satara. You can even move to Mahabaleshwar after spending a day in Satara. It's just 40 km from there . . Follow us on Facebook - www. Facebook. Com/abhishek. Sanyal. Clickography

Ankush Sunkale

Ankush Sunkaleratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

127 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Ideal to visit in winter nice weather

Satara was under Maratha kingdom in history ( King Shivaji and his successors) and it is worth visiting Sajjangad Fort, ajinkyatara fort (since I was on business visit did not have time to visit but my brother visited and these are good! ). Kaas Plateau has beautiful natural flowers blooming in Aug -Sep, not whole of the year. I had Bhakri and Stuffed Bringles in gravy. Non Veg food is predominant like chicken, mutton etc.

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Aniket Sagat

Aniket Sagatratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

2 reviewsPosted 5 years ago

Awesome Nature

This hotel is located on the chausatti ghat and famous dossasomedh ghat can be reach in 5 minutes by Ganga ghat. But you have to walk 10 minutes by narrow lanes from the main road to reach the hotel. No vehicles can enter the lane and road condition is very bad. Initially I planned to stay there for 4 days in this hotel. But I traveled with my parents and I found very difficult to reach Ganga ghat from their hotel by stiff stairs. So I have to checkout 3 days before and shifted to another hotel. If you are travelling with your old parents I wouldn't recommend this hotel. Food is average and they have a good rooftop restaurant.

Ashish Halgekar

Ashish Halgekarratingratingratingratingratingrating2.9/5

2 reviewsPosted December 2014

World natural heritage site

Satara has lot to offer as per natural beauty kaas which is 20 kms from Satara is declared as world natural heritage site. But the flower s bloom only from September to November. Other places such as sajangad fort, thoseghar waterfalls, chalkewadi windmills, Bamnoli, vasota fort, koyana backwaters, natraj temple, mahuli temple, aundh museum are places to visit!

Mandar Pawar

Mandar Pawarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

1 reviewPosted September 2014

Vajarai waterfall

Vajarai waterfall in Satara in Maharashtra Satara to vajarai waterfall nearest about distance 35Km to dawali village and naearst about waterfall see but village to waterfall walking 07Km. But trekking experience so amazing rout small in jungle so many leech in rout so take a salt

  • Amazing view of Waterfalls

Nilkanth Changan

Nilkanth Changanratingratingratingratingratingrating3.6/5

15 reviewsPosted August 2014

Beautiful gardens and waterfalls

In Satara there are many places for holiday . One of which kas pathar is up to 25 km. From Satara there are many types of beautiful flower Plants. And near the kas pathar there is thosegar waterfall. This waterfall is very beautiful like naygara waterfall. And in Satara city char bhinti is most visited place by the people.

Milind navadikar

Milind navadikarratingratingratingratingratingrating4.3/5

30 reviewsPosted April 2014

Visit Kas Pathar to see beautiful flowers

Satara is place located at 2 hrs drive from Pune on NH4. Satara district has industrial belt with companies like Godrej, Paris, Alfa Laval etc. Sat area has old place located in the city and ajinkyatara gad. There is kas Pathan where one can see beautiful flowers and it's good spot.

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This place is awesome to visit at the time of monsoon it rains

This place is awesome to visit at the time of monsoon it rains  Video Review

Char Bhinti

23rd Jul 16

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