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Shiva temple near ShivanaSamudra

Shiva temple near ShivanaSamudra  Video Review

Sri Someshwara Temple

Mahadev Hirematt
15th Apr 17

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Preetam Mullur

Preetam Mullur3.6/5

17 reviews

Awesome falls during monsoons

At a distance of about 150kms from Bengaluru you find a majestic water falls called the Gaganachukki and Barachukki falls.
Gaganachukki the water descends from higher elevation and you find majestic view points here. You can witness the grandeur and ferociousness of Cauvery in Gaganchukki.
There is only 1 hotel Lakshadeep Gaganchukki here. You can eat Bhel, fruits, sip coconut water from vendors nearby.
Barachukki is 14 kms away from here.

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Namrata sawant

Namrata sawant

1 review

Place/village that divides the Kaveri river into 2 twin waterfalls

The place offers almost everything needed for a traveller. You can select Bangalore as a base city and on the way to Mysore Mandya is the place where Shivasamudram is situated. You can hire a car or take a bike ride to the place. If you plan to visit the place around the lunch time, I would advice you either have your food or carry some snacks. That is if you are too selective of your food. Avoid the duration of dussehra to visit the place as there will be huge traffic due to people travelling between Bangalore or around Mysore for dasara festival.

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Shivanasamudra Overview

Situated on the banks of River Kaveri, Shivanasamudra is a small town in the Mandya District in the southern state of Karnataka. It is about 85 km east of Mysore. The first hydro-electric power station in Asia, which was set up in 1902, is located at Shivanasamudra.

This region was ruled by the kings of the Ganga Dynasty from the 2nd century to the 11th century. After the end of the Ganga Dynasty, the Cholas took control over the region who were followed by the Hoysalas, who ruled till about 1346.

The Vijayanagar rulers annexed the Hoysala Kingdom and conquered the region. Around 1610, Raja Wodeyar of the Wodeyar Dynasty took administrative control over the region. Following the Wodeyar Dynasty, the region was ruled by Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan, successively.

Dramas and paintings are an integral part of the culture, which is predominant in the region. Known as one of the largest waterfall regions in the country, the town of Shivanasamudra divides the Kaveri River into two separate waterfalls namely, Gaganachukki and Bharachukki, which is then reunited downstream. These two waterfalls have been included in the list of the world's hundred best waterfalls.

Shivanasamudra, which is also called as Shiva's Sea is a renowned Hindu pilgrimage centre, which is popularly known as Madhya Ranga. This city is home to the temple dedicated to Lord Ranganatha which has been constructed in the Dravidian style. The temple houses the sculpture of Lord Ranganatha and Takshaka, the lord of serpents.

The nearest airport to Shivanasamudra is Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore, which is 120 km away. The closest rail terminal is Maddur Railway Station, which is situated on the Bangalore-Mysore rail route. Tourists travelling by road can also avail buses to the destination from Kollegala and Mysore.

The best time to visit Shivanasamudra is from July to October.

Photos of Shivanasamudra

Shivanasamundra Falls, Shivanasamudra

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Shivanasamundra Falls, Shivanasamudra
Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra

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Barachukki and Gaganachukki Falls, Shivanasamudra
Shivanasamundra Falls, Shivanasamudra

Photo by

Abhay Mudgal

Shivanasamundra Falls, Shivanasamudra

Photo by

Surya Reddy

Shivanasamudra waterfalls

There is so much to see in Shivanasamudra.

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