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Thrilling boat ride into the mangrove of Sundarban

Thrilling boat ride into the mangrove of Sundarban  Video Review

Tiger Reserve

Swakhar Pachal
20th Aug 17

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Khokan Ghoshal

Khokan Ghoshal3.6/5

6 reviews

House of royal Bengal.

Sundarban . . Largest delta in the world. Situated at ganga-bramhaputra mouth of bay of Bengal. From Kolkata one can vist it for 3 nights stays. Hotels as well as house boats both are available. From sealdah to canning by train. It took 1hr 10 min. From canning tour of sunderban starts. In canning one can hire boat for the tour but this all booking process should do earlier at least 1 month ago due to in seasons there would be a lots of tourists are used to visit the wildlife sanctuary sundarbans. Sundarban is actually consisted of more than 102 small island in between all of them small channels are connected of each with the main landmass. So one can stay in hotels of main landmass or in boat also. Boat's accommodation is also not bad. Through out day one can roam with boat inside the main forest area except some core area which are prohibited by forest department. All tourist must have to make permit from forest beat office of Sajnekhali which is used to make by boat men only. Two types of sundarban tour can be make. One either a group of 15 to 40 people make by yourself and hire a boat or second is enrole your names to organisers of tour in canning only and they will make group of 30 or 40 people and start their tour. Everything will be provided by organisers. All food as well as hotels also. It's a beautiful tour for 2 to 3 days not so far from the city. Best time to visit sundarban is from October to January. If you have a great luck you can see the royal Bengal tiger. Other wise wild boar, spotted dear, crocodile, monitor lizards can seen here.

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Swakhar Pachal

Swakhar Pachal5.0/5

109 reviews

Exploring Sundar mangroves of the Sundardan.

Sundarban is the world's largest mangrove forest spreads over 10, 000 sq. Km. Situated in the southernmost tip of West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. This is a coastal mangrove forest lies in the vast delta on The Bay of Bengal created by numerous rivers including Ganges, Googly and Padma river. The word 'Sundarban' or 'Sundorbon' means 'beautiful forest'.
In the year of 1997 Sundarban biosphere reserve also known as tiger reserve was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its rich biodiversity. Sundarban is famous for it's Sundari tree and Royal Bengal Tiger. It is also home to numerous animals, birds, reptiles and a lot of endangered species like salt water crocodile, river dolphin, jungle cat, ch ital deer, monkey and others.
Like other Indian national parks jeep safari and elephant safaris are not arranged in sundarban. Boat safari is the only way to explore the tiger reserve.
HOW TO REACH: Nearest airport is Kolkata airport (112 km. From Sundarban) and nearest railway station is Canning railway station. Canning is 45 km. From Sealdah railway station and 29 km. Away from Godkhali jetty where the boat ride to the Sundarban starts from. Public transport is available between Canning to Godkhali. One can take a local train from Sealdah to reach Canning. It takes 1hr. 20 min. To reach Canning from Sealdah and it costs you only Rs. 15/person. So, this is the cheapest way to reach Sundarban.

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  • Exploring Sundar mangroves of the Sundardan.
  • Exploring Sundar mangroves of the Sundardan.
  • Exploring Sundar mangroves of the Sundardan.
  • Exploring Sundar mangroves of the Sundardan.

Sunderbans Overview

Sunderbans is the stretch of a mangrove forests located in the southern tip of West Bengal which touches the Arabian Sea. The site is declared as a forest reserve by UNESCO, and in the year 1989 Sundarbans area was declared as Biosphere Reserve. Initially a part of the reserve was known as Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary. The area of Sundarbans is about 4,110 square km out of which about 1,700 square km is occupied by rivers, canals and creeks.

The literal translation of the word in Bengalis is beautiful jungle or beautiful forest. Many believe that the word Sunderban is taken from “sundari” and “ban”, which means the forests of sundari -referring to the large mangrove trees. It is the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India. It is a place for birdwatchers as the thick forest here is home to the rarest varieties of birds such as Masked Fin Foot, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Whistler.

The national park is famous for its tiger population and it is home to more than 250 tigers. The famous Royal Bengal tigers have now adapted to the highly saline water and are great swimmers. This adventurous wild land is full of animals such as chital deer and rhesus monkey. It also conserves the rare Ridley Sea Turtle. There is a great variety of marine animals and reptiles such as fishes, red fiddler crabs, hermit crabs, king cobra, rock python and water monitor.

The trees here have a capacity to hold the high salinity, lack of soil erosion and daily inundation by high tides. The plants here have adapted to the changing ecosystem. The terrestrial and the aquatic life are maintained by the tidal forms and the mangrove vegetation in Sundarbans. There are endangered mammals like Genetic Dolphins which live within mangrove creeks lying close to sea. Also the national reserve is a home for Trans-Himalayan migratory birds. Apart from the natural abundance of the place in terms of flora and fauna, it also features the ruins of a 400 year old temple at Netidhopani.

The best time to visit the national park is from October to March because the weather is pleasant and dry during this time. The monsoon season is not a good time to visit the place as the place becomes hot and humid and not ideal for exploring the place.

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Sunderbans National Park , Sunderbans

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Tarit Ganguly

Sunderbans National Park , Sunderbans
Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, Sunderbans

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Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

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