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1Relax Among The Himalayas At Ananda Himalayas Spa
Relax Among The Himalayas At Ananda Himalayas Spa

Shamita: Good hotel and great location, peched on a mountain top. Surrounded  by Reshikesh and Haridwar. The hotel can arrange rafting on the river Ganges. Visited schools of yoga and various ashrams, which can be visited. The hotel is situated a top a mountain and there is full of greenery, like the most real wildlife, looks out the window, and then go to the peacocks and monkeys in the trees sit, a lot of birds. There is an outdoor swimming pool, in winter it is heated. It can be used after a sauna. 


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Arun Singh

Arun Singh5.0/5

2 reviews

Tehri garwal

The district of Tehri Garhwal stretches from the snow clad Himalayan peaks of Thalaiya Sagar, Jonli and the Gangotri group all the way to the foothills near Rishikesh. The gushing Bhagirathi which runs through seems to divide the district into two, while the Bhilangna, Alaknanda, Ganga and Yamuna rivers border it on the east and west. Its neighbouring districts are Uttarkashi, Chamoli, Pauri, Rudraprayag and Dehradun Lying on the southern slopes of outer Himalayas, Tehri Garhwal is on of the sacred hilly districts of Uttarakhand State. Before the creation of universe, Lord Brahma is said to have meditated on this sacred land. Muni-ki-Reti and Tapovan of the district are the places of penance for the ancient Rishis. Its hilly terrain and lack of easy communications have helped it to preserve its culture almost intact. Tehri and Garhwal are the two words combined for naming the district as Tehri Garhwal.

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Shubham Goyal

Shubham Goyal4.6/5

3 reviews

Must visit place

The destination offers a close to nature feel and makes you refreshed from city buzz and pollution to breathe in natural environment The places you can visit is their dam and river rafting at Rishikesh. The local food is all north cusine with normal dal Roti stuff. Shopping local things are good you can get some homemade rare and spectacular stuff to carry fro your loved ones. We mainly focused on adventure trip

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Tehri-Garhwal Overview

One of the largest districts of the Indian state of Uttarakhand is Tehri-Garhwal. The district is nestled between the districts of Dehradun, Uttarkashi and Rudraprayag. The district derives its name from the word ‘Trihari’, which means a place which absolves the three sins evolving out of Mansa, Vacha and Karmana. The word Garh in Hindi refers to Fort, thus Tehri-Garhwal is believed to be a place of religious significance which can absolve man of his sins.

Prior to the 9th century, Tehri-Garhwal was divided into 52 different forts which were ruled by different rulers. It was ruler Kanakpal who united the 52 garhs and formed one consolidated kingdom. The Kingdom of Garhwal used to be ruled by the Shah dynasty and was a princely state. It was in 1949, two years after independence that this princely state became a part of India.

Tehri-Garhwal was also ruled by the Gorkhas in the 19th century. The Gorkhas captured Garhwal in 1803 and soon spread their reach to the nearby areas of Dehradun, Saharanpur, Kangada and Simla.

In 1815 the Gorkhas were defeated by the British army resulting in the signing of the Suguali Treaty. From 1815 until the end of the British Rule in India, the Garhwal kingdom was ruled by the British. During their rule, the British merged east Garhwal, Kumaon and Dehradun into one region while west Garhwal was converted to Tehri Riyasat. It was after Garhwal became an Indian state that Tehri Riyasat was merged with Garhwal to form Tehri-Garhwal.

Tehri-Garhwal has religious significance too. It is said that Lord Brahma meditated here before creating the universe. Because of its high altitude, the place experiences a cool climate. The temperature during the summers stays at a comfortable 30-32° Celsius while the winter temperature often goes below 10° Celsius.

This district in the upper reaches of Uttarakhand does not have a railway station or an airport. Nevertheless, it is well connected to other important cities of the state by way of roads, with regular bus services from many important cities and hill stations of Uttarakhand.

Photos of Tehri-Garhwal

Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal

Photo by

Sudha Kapoor

Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal
Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal

Photo by

Sudha Kapoor

Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal
Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal

Photo by

Sudha Kapoor

Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal
Dhanaulti (Dhanolti), Tehri-Garhwal

Photo by

Nitin Jadaun

Dhanaulti hill station village

There is so much to see in Tehri-Garhwal.

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