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Reviews (13)

Nitish Varshney

Nitish Varshney3.6/5

36 reviews

'Knit City' of India is clean and relaxing ..

Situated 45 kms away from Coimbatore, Tirupur is a small city of Tamilnadu. The city has everything that will win the heart of a traveller. Right from the finger licking traditional food to jaw dropping churches and temples, Tirupur has all to keep visitors engage for at least 3 days. Termed as the 'Knit City' of India, Tirupur is a big sourcing destination of knitted garments as many of the renowned apparel manufacturers has their export houses here. So the city is mainly visited by the people associated with textile industry.
St Catherine Church is a big tourist attraction here. I was amazed to see its beauty moreover the feel of spirituality here will take you to the whole new world.
Not just church, the design and atmosphere of temples in Tirupur will leave you praising them all the time.
I recommend to learn a bit of Tamil if you are North Indian so that you can interact with autowalah here as they don't understand any of the language otherthan tamil.
Food here in Tirupur is not an issue. They are pretty good in serving you with the awesome traditional south Indian food as well as they have a good hand in North Indian food too.
It is my opinion that Hotel Velan, Maniam Classic and Ginger Hotel are the best of all the existing hotels in Tirupur. The visitors would love staying here ..
To reach here, You should take flight to Coimbatore and then take a cab to reach city. It will take not more than 45 minutes to reach Tirupur from Coimbatore.

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Himanshu vora

Himanshu vora3.6/5

7 reviews

A nice destination

Tirupur is nice small town near Coimbatore., It is well known as knit City as we will find lot of Big Factory who exports t shirt from Tirupur to various part of world especially Europe and USA. We will find many Popular brand has Liaison office in Tirupur.

We get Good Food as well as Good for Shopping Surplus Branded Clothes from Tirupur Market. Popular area is Khaderpet.

Road from Coimbatore to Tirupur is very nice and we can reach in 45 minutes to 1 hour depending which part of Tirupur we have to visit.

Climate was Hot during the day time but in evening it gets pleasant with mild rain in the evening.

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Tirupur Overview

History of Tirupur

Tirupur is a textile town located in Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of Noyyal River, Tirupur is the administrative headquarters of the Tirupur district, which was formed in October 2008. Tirupur is easily accessible from all the major cities of South India as it is at a distance of about 459 km from Chennai, 291 km from Bangalore and 51 km from Coimbatore.Tirupur is an ancient town. Tirupur was earlier known by the name of 'Viradapuram' or 'Dharapuram'. References to the ancient town of Viradapuram can also be found in the epic Mahabharata, wherein the instance of re-capturing the stolen sheep-herds has been described. As per legends, Tirupur got its name from this incident ? 'Thiruppu' meaning turn and 'oor' meaning place. Artefacts like coins, old pottery items, etc. have been excavated from Tirupur that points to its link to the ancient times.

Tirupur was also a part of the ancient Chola Dynasty which is evident from the earliest Chola stone carvings that mention about Kanchi Maanadhi (the Noyyal River) and its fertile sand depositions. According to these carvings Tirupur was a well sought-after fertile land.

People and Culture of Tirupur

The ancient Chellandi Amman Temple situated on the river banks of the Noyyal that displays early Chola style architecture proves its link to the early Chola period. Tirupur later became a part of the Kongu region which saw the establishment and expansion of Vijayanagara Power. Tirupur, 'the Manchester of South India', is known in different names such as, 'Dollar City', 'Knit City', 'Cotton City' and 'History Centre'. Tirupur rose to the limelight as the knitwear capital of India in three decades. Today, Tirupur has gained universal recognition as a significant resource of hosiery, knitted garments, casual wear and sportswear. Since Tirupur is a textile hub, it caters to famous brands and retailers from all over the world like Walmart, Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Reebok, etc. Tirupur, the textile city, has much to offer in terms of tourism. Sivanmalai, Konganagiri hill hock Temple, Andipalayam Lake, Thirumurugan poondi, Vaalai Thottathu Ayyan Temple, Mettuparai Vinayagar, Tirupur Tirupathi Temple, Sukreeswarar Temple, Avinashiappar Temple, Udumalaipettai - Valparai Balaji Temple, Thirumoorthu Dam, Monkey falls, etc. are some of the popular tourist attractions of Tirupur. The city can be visited throughout the year.

Photos of Tirupur

Sugreeswarar Temple, Tirupur

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peaceful area and we relief our stress
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

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Hill Train Journey
Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

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Hill Train Journey
Amaravathi Crocodile Farm, Tirupur

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Tipu sultan

This a usefull place and there is so lost of trees

There is so much to see in Tirupur.

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