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An architecture must see

I was in Rajkot for a family function(saptah) and stayed at great Hotel Metro . . Rajkot is a busy place but people are very generous. There is a dairy practically on each corner selling fresh milk sweets. And the shopping is amazingly good and cheap. All services I used were terrific( banks, phone, rickshaws, taxis). I visited the delightful and immaculate house/museum Gandhiji grew up in, a wonderful orphange for children( Kathiawar Nirashrit Balashram in Lodhawad junction) and then went to nearby Wankaner. The palace run a delightful restaurant The Royal Oasis by the river with wild peacocks and superb service- there is also accommodation there in these fab art deco rooms- it s faded glory but I loved it. The manager then kindly organized an audience with the king( not always poss) at the palace. It is one of the best hours of conversation in my life. An absolute gentleman who was at Cambridnge, at UN in nice for a long time and then an Indian member of parliament. The palace is lived in so has that real style- not like some of the more plusher palaces with too many cushions. As we had a family function in Rajkot I mainly ate with family- amazing veg food. Rajkot also now has all the usual Malls with cineplexes and food places. I recommend the Khajli from Karanpara. Can provide info on Shastri we used ( Jagdishbhai Shahstri). Caterers and taxi people to rent good cars. As we had little family we also entertained Seniors from the nearby DHolra retirement village

  • An architecture must see
  • An architecture must see
  • An architecture must see

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