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Wardha - Sevagram- Pavanar - local Stup

Wardha, Junction is railway station for Wardha from Mumbai -. Hotel Vidyadeep is good hotel to stay/halt for a night, Which is very near ( about 1 km) from sevagram Railway station. In wardha, one can easily complete sight seeing of Sevagram( Mahatma Gandhi Ashram)- Pavnar(Vinobaji Bhave Ashram)and Stup. In a day . Hotel Vidya deep is good hotel to stay . NO Top grade hotels are seen. Liquors are prohibited in this area.

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Mukund Raizada

Mukund Raizada2.5/5

5 reviews

2nd Home of Gandhiji

Why should you visit this place: Its a small town located 70kms from Nagpur, ideal place for an offbeat outing specially when you have no other work to do Which places are must visits? 1. Mahatma Gandhi Ashram - here you can see how Gandhi ji used to live. It is kept as is so as to give you the real feel of those times 2. Vinoba bhave ashram, pawnar: He resided here and was a great leader who started the land donation campaign 3. Gitai mandir: it has Verses of Bhagwad Gita written on tiles which are arranged so as to give it the shape of a cows head when seen from above 4. Prakritik aahar: A place to eat organic typical maharashtrian food in the setting of a village . Must go advice to travellers:. ITS VERY HOT MOST OF THE TIMES HERE

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Wardha Overview

Wardha is one of the 35 districts in the state of Maharashtra, which is located on the south of River Wardha. It is located at an average elevation of 234 metres above sea level and is spread over an area of 6310 sq km.

The destination was a part of Nagpur District till 1862 and later the headquarters of the Wardha District was established near Pulgaon at Kaotha. Located in the north-east part of the state, Wardha is surrounded by Amravati District in the north and west and Yavatmal District in the south. Further, the east and south-east parts of the district are bounded by Nagpur District and Chandrapur District respectively.

The rich land of Wardha was ruled by many kingdoms including Chalukyas, Rajputs, Mauryas, Satavahanas, Vakatakas and Sungas. Wardha was included in the territory of the Bahmani Kingdom in 1351. With the fall of this dynasty in 1518, the region came under the rule of Imad Shahi princes. It was also invaded by the Mughals, Marathas, Peshwas and the Nizam.

Following the invasion of Muslim dynasties, the region came under the British Empire before India got its independence in 1947. Wardha also played a vital role in establishing Gandhiji's ashram, which served as a base for various independence movements for India’s freedom.

The cultural heritage and tradition of Wardha is as rich as its history. Some of the prominent festivals celebrated in Wardha include Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Navratri and Ganesha Chaturthi. It is also known for the encyclopaedia written on Warhadi, the dialect of Marathi commonly spoken in Vidarbha. It was written by Professor Devidas Sote, who lived in Wardha.

Wardha is frequented by tourists for its attractions like Sewagram-Bapu Kuti. It is the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed and continued his struggle for freedom. Tourists travelling to Wardha can spend time at Parandham Ashram, Geetai Mandir, Laxmi Narayan Temple and Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

Visitors travelling to Wardha can reach Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur, which is located about 59 km away. The destination is served by Wardha Railway Station, which is connected with major towns and cities of the country. Ubda Bus Stop is the nearest bus station in Wardha, which is located 35 km from the city centre of Wardha.

Owing to its geographical location, Wardha experiences hot breezes in summers and mild winters. The ideal time to visit Wardha is during the winter season because of its dry climactic conditions.

Photos of Wardha

Wardha, Maharashtra

Photo by

Prajwal shirpurkar

Wonderful place to visit. Must visit here.
Wardha, Maharashtra

Photo by

Prajwal shirpurkar

Wonderful place to visit. Must visit here.
Wardha, Maharashtra

Photo by

Shibgat Sheikh

View of water tank
Wardha, Maharashtra

Photo by

Prajwal shirpurkar

Wonderful place to visit. Must visit here.

There is so much to see in Wardha.

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