Jet Airways Routes

Jet Airways Flights Routes

Jet Airways Routes

Jet Airways was established in April 1992 and is the second largest Indian airline. Headquartered in Mumbai, the airline has a fleet of about 100 aircrafts. Jet Airways connects close 73 destinations, which includes 52 domestic and 21 international destinations.

Jet Airways - Domestic Routes

Some of the domestic routes, which could be direct or connecting flights, covered by the airline include Delhi to Mumbai, Kolkata to Bangalore, Goa to Chennai, Udaipur to Kolkata, Hyderabad to Jaipur, Chandigarh to Leh, Bangalore to Chennai, Delhi to Chennai, Jaipur to Delhi, Thiruvanathapuram to Hyderabad, Gujarat to Mumbai and Dehradun to Chennai.

Jet Airways - International Routes

A few popular international routes include Mumbai to Dubai, New Delhi to Singapore, New Delhi to Dubai, Mumbai to Bangkok, New Delhi to Hon Kong, Mumbai to Kathmandu, Mumbai to Colombo and Kolkata to Bangkok.