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Apart from travelling through scenic landscapes, visiting historical sights and taking part in adventurous activities, one of the key attractions we look forward to when going on holiday is a comfortable, clean and cosy hotel room.

Whether you are on an unwinding weekend break filled with food and leisure lazing at a beach resort or on a highly intense adventure trail, accommodation in different kinds of hotels in India are easily available according to your budget, company and other specific requirements. There are various multinational hotel chains available like, Hyatt, Doubletree by Hilton, Sheraton etc. that provide international standard facilities for the domestic as well as international travellers including Jacuzzi, 24x7 restaurants, western toilets, fitness facilities to name a few. In addition to providing ease of booking online, these hotels also maintain a certain standard of rooms and amenities that you can bank upon without having to worry about validating the same.

Here are the different kinds of hotel categories you can pick from:

  1. Resorts: Thoughtfully set up in large properties, these establishments ensure that you have all your facilities and refreshments within the hotel premises. Most of the top resorts in India will include a 24-hour restaurant, around the clock gym and a fully stocked gift shop. There is enough space to provide multiple room categories such as suites, private villas or even individual holiday cottages. Beach resorts are one of the most popular options in India because of they provide comfortable access to the sun, sand and seafood.
  2. Guest houses: The perfect option for a budget-friendly holiday, these establishments give you the basic facilities in order to make your vacation comfortable. The best guest houses will provide you with a clean room, running water and maybe even a hot meal.
  3. Homestays: For an intimate, cultural experience, homestays in India are your best bet and in most cases the cheapest too. The best homestays in India ensure you get a taste of the local cuisine, livelihood and background as you interact with your hosts and the other guests.
  4. Luxury historic hotels: Built inside huge, opulent, historical monuments, an experience within this category of hotels can be best defined as a “royal treatment”. Famous fort hotels, heritage hotels or palaces, which have been renovated or converted into 5 star hotels, are usually located in old, royal cities in Rajasthan. Laced with regal decor, fine food and luxuries amenities, a few nights here will guarantee you a vacation of a lifetime.
  5. Honeymoon hotels: A romantic getaway is the perfect way to commemorate your matrimonial journey with your significant other. Luxury honeymoon hotelsin Indiaoffer different packages and offers with great deals, designed to create an intimate and special experience with your partner.
  6. Jungle resorts: For the adventure and wildlife enthusiasts, a good hotel room among undisturbed nature offers the right mix of passion, thrill, experience and fresh air. Jungle resorts and lodges, a Karnataka government owned group of wildlife resorts, is an excellent option for those looking for a safe, sanitary and activity-filled wildlife vacation.

Apart from the above-mentioned options, there exist a plethora of different accommodations and establishments which you can access and book according to your requirements. These options must be carefully picked keeping in mind the budget, context and location of your vacation. Also, there are multiple sites and portals that give you the option to search and compare these stay options based on various parameters and preferences.

Different holiday occasions and how to plan them accordingly:

  1. Special events: If you are planning a holiday to celebrate a special birthday or an anniversary with close friends and family, then you can allow yourself to splurge on luxury and comfort facilities. Since this occasion occurs only once in a couple of years, you will have plenty of time ahead to save funds for this experience. Jaipur hotels offer some of the best settings and amenities to create an atmosphere of celebration and gaiety. These establishments also make for great and exciting destination wedding spots. Beach resorts or luxury hotels and cruises are other popular locations where such events take place. To ensure a great experience you should always make reservations and bookings well in advance.
  2. Weekend getaways: A spur of the moment holiday plan is usually quick, inexpensive and simple to follow-through. Budget hotels and small resorts are a sensible option, as you need not have to create an elaborate budget in a short span of time. These trips often include not more than 1-4 companions, which makes it easier to accommodate and plan a budget for. Small towns, reserves or beach cities are usually flocked with weekend travellers looking to unwind mainly from cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi. Destinations such as Goa, Alibaug and Pondicherry are usually value for money, comfortable and experience filled options. Alibaug hotels are especially recommended for their clean settings, tasty coastal cuisine and affordable room rates. 
  3. Corporate or organization travel: If it is a group trip you are arranging for a professional team or department that you work with, an adventure retreat filled activity sessions will help improve team communication and dynamics. It is a great way to bond with your colleagues to make sure you book a package, which specifies all of your requirements. Organizations such as Club Mahindra Holidays, offer attractive deals and offers for large parties in a number of scenic locations spread across India. So, whether it is an adventure camp, a nature trail or a games retreat, make sure your office trip is worth all those hours spent behind the desk.
  4. Travelling alone: This is becoming a popular option for those looking to explore their individuality and experience their independence. Price may be the top parameter for such travellers but at the same time safety should not be ignored. Safe options for such travel include guest houses, inns, homestays and hostels instead of cheap hotels near top attractions. Here, you have the option of being alone without having to worry about safety and there is also company available when you are in the mood for it. Staying in such establishments will also give you easy access and informed insight into the absolute must-do activities and famous places to visit. You can also avail information regarding the best timings and what you need to carry by interacting with hosts, which will ensure you are prepared and not dependent on anybody else for, supplies, food and other essentials. 

Booking hotels online through the travel websites and portals gives the ability to create a fully detailed itinerary with only a few clicks and offers great convenience and ease not only for Indians but also for international travellers. There now exists a number of different holiday experiences you can look forward to trying out, without any unnecessary hassle.

Whether you are looking for different budgets, specific requirements and special celebrations or deals & discounts, the first step to planning out your perfect holiday is selecting the place you are going to spend it in.