Bsp Ndls Raj Express (12441) Train (Bilaspur Junction To New Delhi)

Bsp Ndls Raj Express
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Bsp Ndls Raj Express/12441 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

  • Runs on: MON, THU Travel time: 20 hours 45 minutes
Station Arrival Departure Distance
Bilaspur Junction (BSP)
Arrival Departure Distance
Source 14:00
Raipur Junction (R)
Arrival Departure Distance
15:30 15:40 111 km
Durg Junction (DURG)
Arrival Departure Distance
16:30 16:35 147 km
Raj Nandgaon (RJN)
Arrival Departure Distance
16:56 16:58 177 km
Gondia Junction (G)
Arrival Departure Distance
18:22 18:24 281 km
Nagpur Junction (NGP)
Arrival Departure Distance
20:25 20:45 411 km
Bhopal Junction (BPL)
Arrival Departure Distance
02:00 02:10 800 km
Jhansi Junction (JHS)
Arrival Departure Distance
05:26 05:31 1091 km
New Delhi (NDLS)
Arrival Departure Distance
10:45 Destination 1501 km

Flight Travel Options to Reach New Delhi

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1 traveller reviews for Bsp Ndls Raj Express

3 Reviews | 3040 Readers
Route: Raipur to New Delhi

"Good train "


Posted 17 August, 2014

Rajdhani Express is a very good train from Raipur to Delhi. Weather was not good in July, it was too hot so we avoid to go out in the day time.

New Delhi
Train: Bsp Ndls Raj Express (12441)
Tickets booked Tatkal
This train has Veg. Food, On-time, Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Raipur Junction
This station has Food available for purchase, Books/Newspaper to buy, Medical facility
Last Station: New Delhi
This station has Food available for purchase, Accomodation, Books/Newspaper to buy, Medical facility, Prepaid auto/taxi

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