Mhrst Smprk K E (12908) Train (Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin To Mumbai Bandra Terminus)

Mhrst Smprk K E
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Mhrst Smprk K E/12908 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

  • Runs on: MON, THU Travel time: 19 hours 00 minutes
Station Arrival Departure Distance
Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM)
Arrival Departure Distance
Source 21:35
Kota Junction (KOTA)
Arrival Departure Distance
03:00 03:10 458 km
Vadodara Junction (BRC)
Arrival Departure Distance
11:00 11:10 986 km
Mumbai Borivali (BVI)
Arrival Departure Distance
15:49 15:51 1347 km
Mumbai Bandra Terminus (BDTS)
Arrival Departure Distance
16:35 Destination 1366 km

1 traveller reviews for Mhrst Smprk K E

2 Reviews | 2204 Readers
Route: Mumbai to Delhi

"Easy to get tickets in this train; average food "


Posted 21 August, 2014

To begin with, if you are in hurry then this train will surely get you seats in two weeks but not in sleeper coach, only in AC chair car. It was my sisters engagement and we had to book tickets on a short notice and this was the only train were the waiting list was less and we got the AC chair car seats at a very reasonable price at around Rs 770. The train was on time and was clean. The seats were manageable. The only problem was that every second there was a person who was selling either wafers, frooti, chai, snacks etc etc, not a minute when there was silence (even at 3 in the night, when train halted at Baruch). The train reaches on time and also the travel time is less. If you have issues sleeping with the lights on, carry eye masks. As lights are not switched off in the chair car compartment (some people went in the sleeper coach at night and they got place to sleep, try your luck). The AC is super cool and do carry shawl or jacket. Food was available and it was average, it’s recommendable to carry your own food. Toilets are clean but as there are many people in the train who are travelling without ticket infact with waiting list ticket the toilets gets super crowded and became dirty. Even if you are without ticket doesn\'t worry the TC will adjust you somewhere or the floor is all yours. The view is nice, after Virar there are a lot of water bodies and once Rajasthan enters the desert starts. You can get down at Ratlam on the return journey and buy Ratlam ki sev; you can even order a thali at Kota. The stops are Mathura, Surat, Vadodara, Ratlam and Kota. Be ready for lots of Gujarati’s in the train and lot of vendors selling stuff and also carry your own bedsheet and pillows (which you can convince the staff to give for 20 bucks, but not clean at all and it stinks). Lastly very important advice, reach atleast 30 minutes before so that you can arrange your luggage, because there is no room for late comers (and let me tell you, everybody comes on time, so be ready to show your everyday Mumbai local journey experience in the start). Have a happy journey.

Mumbai Bandra Terminus
Train: Mhrst Smprk K E (12908)
Tickets booked Tatkal
This train has Veg. Food, Non-veg food, On-time, Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Mumbai Bandra Terminus
This station has Food available for purchase, Books/Newspaper to buy, Medical facility
Last Station: Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin
This station has Food available for purchase, Books/Newspaper to buy, Medical facility, Prepaid auto/taxi

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