Ranthambore Express (12465) Train (Indore Junction BG To Jodhpur Junction)

Ranthambore Express
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Ranthambore Express/12465 Train Timetable, Route Map & Schedule

  • Runs on: All days of the week Travel time: 16 hours 15 minutes
Station Arrival Departure Distance
Indore Junction BG (INDB)
Arrival Departure Distance
Source 06:00
Dewas Junction (DWX)
Arrival Departure Distance
06:39 06:41 39 km
Ujjain Junction (UJN)
Arrival Departure Distance
07:35 07:45 80 km
Nagda Junction (NAD)
Arrival Departure Distance
09:00 09:25 135 km
Vikramgarh Alot (VMA)
Arrival Departure Distance
09:51 09:53 174 km
Chau Mahla (CMU)
Arrival Departure Distance
10:10 10:12 197 km
Suwasra (SVA)
Arrival Departure Distance
10:25 10:27 212 km
Shamgarh (SGZ)
Arrival Departure Distance
10:39 10:41 226 km
Bhawani Mandi (BWM)
Arrival Departure Distance
11:03 11:05 259 km
Ramganj Mandi (RMA)
Arrival Departure Distance
11:23 11:25 287 km
Dakaniya Talav (DKNT)
Arrival Departure Distance
12:10 12:12 350 km
Station Arrival Departure Distance
Kota Junction (KOTA)
Arrival Departure Distance
12:25 12:35 360 km
Lakheri (LKE)
Arrival Departure Distance
13:13 13:15 420 km
Indargarh (IDG)
Arrival Departure Distance
13:25 13:27 431 km
Sawai Madhopur Junction (SWM)
Arrival Departure Distance
14:25 14:35 467 km
Chauth ka Barwara (CKB)
Arrival Departure Distance
14:55 14:57 489 km
Isarda (ISA)
Arrival Departure Distance
15:09 15:11 507 km
Bansthali Niwai (BNLW)
Arrival Departure Distance
15:33 15:35 533 km
Durgapura (DPA)
Arrival Departure Distance
16:14 16:16 591 km
Jaipur Junction (JP)
Arrival Departure Distance
16:45 17:00 599 km
Nawa City (NAC)
Arrival Departure Distance
18:18 18:20 689 km
Makrana Junction (MKN)
Arrival Departure Distance
18:46 18:48 718 km
Degana Junction (DNA)
Arrival Departure Distance
19:22 19:25 762 km
Merta Road Junction (MTD)
Arrival Departure Distance
20:16 20:21 807 km
Gotan (GOTN)
Arrival Departure Distance
20:36 20:38 827 km
Raika Bagh (RKB)
Arrival Departure Distance
21:56 21:58 909 km
Jodhpur Junction (JU)
Arrival Departure Distance
22:15 Destination 911 km

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2 traveller reviews for Ranthambore Express

1 Reviews | 7088 Readers
Route: Jaipur to Jodhpur

"It is my most memorable train journey and train well-maintained "


Posted 28 April, 2015

I was vacationing in Rajathan with my family last winter. We took the Ranthambore Express to travel from Jaipur to Jodhpur and it is my most memorable train journey. There are numerous other trains available between two cities, the distance being a mere 348 km. Ranikhet Express, Corbet Prk Link, Marudhar Express and many more trains assist tourists in this enchanting holiday destination. The Ranthambore Express, leaves Jaipur at 5:00 Pm and taking 5 hours and 15 minutes, reaches Jodhpur at 10:15 Pm. The train arrived on time and left Jaipur junction exactly at 5 O clock. The convenient timing is what sets this train apart from other options because Rajasthan afternoons are rather hot for any sightseeing but can be used to travel between destinations and when you reach Jodhpur at night, the temperature is pleasant and the sand cool and appealing under your bare feet. I was very tired with our morning expedition in Jaipur so I decided to take a nap. What woke me up an hour later was a Peacock's cry, I peered quickly outside my window to see a bunch of beautiful, colourful, breathtaking Peacocks who had lined themselves up, along the railway tracks calling out to each other as if to wave to the passing train as we did in our childhood. I was still reeling in my awe when I noticed sand on my hand. I saw with a start that the gorgeous soft sand had slipped in through the hard iron window bars and produced an exquisite golden blanket on all things in that rather boring Railway compartment turning it all magical. Sand on your Railway berth and Peacocks amidst the long stretches of sand dunes is not what everyone gets to witness on a routine train journey. Rajasthan is hot all round the year but it was November and quite chilly, so we took the sleeper class, which was a comfortable accommodation. The train was well-maintained with charging points and clean toilets. We reached Jodhpur at its scheduled time that was 10:15 Pm. It was the most fantastic train journey I have ever made and I am sure it will surprise and spellbind all its travellers.

Jodhpur Junction
Train: Ranthambore Express (12465)
Tickets booked 60 days prior
This train has Veg. Food, Non-veg food, On-time, Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Jaipur Junction
This station has Food available for purchase, Books/Newspaper to buy, Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Jodhpur Junction
This station has Food available for purchase, Books/Newspaper to buy, Prepaid auto/taxi

Live in Indore | 18 Reviews | 17458 Readers
Route: Indore to Jodhpur

"A bit more than expected and delay in service "


Posted 3 April, 2015

The only worst thing about the train is its a daytime train. It departs at 6. 00 Am from Indore and reach at 11. 00 Pm at night in Jodhpur. The condition of train and A/c 3 tier compartment has improved a bit and hardly gets late. If you want a night travel you can first go to Jaipur and then there are a no. Of A/C and non A/C buses running from Jaipur to Jodpur.

Jodhpur Junction
Train: Ranthambore Express (12465)
Tickets booked 7 days prior
This train has Veg. Food, On-time, Clean toilets
Boarding Station: Indore Junction BG
This station has Food available for purchase, Accomodation, Books/Newspaper to buy, Medical facility, Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Jodhpur Junction
This station has Food available for purchase, Accomodation, Books/Newspaper to buy, Prepaid auto/taxi

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Other Trains from Indore Junction BG To Jodhpur Junction

Train Departure Arrival Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
27Ranthambore Express (12465)
Departure Arrival Journey Time
06:00 22:15 16:15 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week

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