Trains Running between Bangalore Cantt.(BNC) & Danapur(DNR) Railway Stations

There are approximately 3 trains that are operational between Bangalore Cantt. & Danapur railway stations. Bangalore - Patna (weekly) Special is the fastest train with a total journey time of 22 hrs 49 mins. The train departs from Bangalore Cantt. at 10:23 and reaches Danapur at 09:12. It is operational on all days of the week. Check out the table below to find information on all the trains between these two stations.

Train Details & Schedule

Train Departure (BNC) Arrival (DNR) Journey Time Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Bagmati Express (12578)
Departure (BNC) Arrival (DNR) Journey Time
10:22 09:12 22:50 hrs
Days of Run
Sanghamitra Express (12295)
Departure (BNC) Arrival (DNR) Journey Time
09:12 08:55 23:43 hrs
Days of Run
All days of the week
Bangalore - Patna (weekly) Special (06513)
Departure (BNC) Arrival (DNR) Journey Time
10:23 09:12 22:49 hrs
Days of Run

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